Monster Hunter Rise: how to equip Layered Armor & full list

While a big part of the grind in this series is getting better gear, sometimes you want the look more than anything else - and in some cases, that's where the Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise comes in, allowing you to go for a specific look with ease. It can even be used on your buddies, so long as you understand how to equip layered armor.

In Monster Hunter Rise, Layered Armor has no stats, so it's all about the cosmetic nature of it rather than the battle benefits. It typically arrives via DLC and the like, but thanks to collector's editions and pre-order bonuses, there's already a decent handful of this armor available at launch. On this page, we explain:


How to get Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise

Layered Armor can be found in a number of ways - including from things like the official MH Rise tie-in amiibo, the deluxe edition of the game, pre-order DLC, and more. The Layered Armor list available in the game so far is as follows:

Hunter Layered Armor:

  • Kamurai Armor Set - Deluxe Collector's Edition
  • Sinister Seal Armor Set - Magnamalo Amiibo

Buddy Layered Armor:

  • Forest Cat Armor Set (Palico) - pre-order bonus
  • Palamute Retriever Armor Set (Palamute) - pre-order bonus
  • Sinister Seal Palico Armor Set - Palico Amiibo 
  • Sinister Seal Palamute Armor Set - Palamute Amiibo
  • Fish Collar Armor Piece (Palico) - Deluxe Collector's Editon
  • Shuriken Collar Armor Piece (Palamute) - Deluxe Collector's Editon

Presumably future updates will bring even more layered armor options to the game, too - we all know how Monster Hunter loves its tie-in updates and DLC!

How to equip Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise 

If you want to equip your hard-earned Layered Armor, first head either to a Buddy Board or to an Item Box. Which place you go to will depend on which type of layered armor item you want to equip; for your character it's the item box, while for your Palico or Palamute it'll of course be the buddy board.

Regardless of which menu you're using, the outcome will be the same: there's an option lower down in the menu that crops up with you interact with the item box or buddy board that says 'Layered Armor Settings'. Pick this and then you can choose to change Layered Armor or mess with Layered Armor load-outs. 

Inside the menu it's easy enough to then mess with the layered armor equipment - it's the same as equipping other armor once you get inside this menu, with various slots and the like.


The 'Layered Armor' options in these menus only appear in your box or buddy board if you've actually got some stuff to equip - so if the option isn't there for you, be sure to speak to the Courier Palico in the village - they have an Add-On content menu where you'll need to redeem your DLCs, including Layered Armor. After that, the menu options to equip it should appear.

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