Monster Hunter Rise Sub-Camps: all sub-camp locations and unlocks

Monster Hunter Rise brings back several returning features from Monster Hunter World despite being a smaller-scale game, and one of the most important returning elements are sub-camps. These sub-camps are scattered across MHR's many locations for players to discover and establish - and having access to sub-camps can make your life a whole lot easier and more convenient.

On this page, we detail how to unlock sub-camps and then detail the locations of every single sub-camp in Monster Hunter Rise - so you can quickly track them down, get them unlocked, and master each of the locations in the game. Simple!

Monster Hunter Rise sub-camp locations & how to unlock subcamps

In order to unlock a sub-camp in Monster Hunter Rise, you'll first have to actually locate it, of course. This guide will help with that a little further down, but once you get there, what do you do? Well, first off, it's important to note that you can kick off the process of founding a sub-camp in any sort of quest - though the easiest way to do it is probably during an Expedition Tour, as you can then unlock the sub-camp and head back to base right away if that's your main goal.

When you first locate a sub-camp, you'll then get a request from Kagero the Merchant upon returning to the village. This quest will ask you to do something or another (we list the exact requirements for each camp below), and once you complete that request, you'll unlock the sub-camp for full use.

You can fast-travel to sub-camps simply by holding down the minus button and pressing A to get to the fast travel menu. Most of the zones in Monster Hunbter Rise have a couple of subcamps, which can save you a lot of time in getting around. The main camp is still important, however - that's where you have to deliver key items, and where you must always pick up free quest items. 

Shrine Ruins Sub-camp Location

  • Completion Conditions: Slay 8 Izuchi in the Shrine Ruins
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Izuchi, not to be confused with Great Izuchi, are the little minions that the latter might summon to help fight with him. You can find them all around the southern portion of the Shrine Ruins map. The Sub-camp itself, as per the above screenshot, can be found in the Northern portion of the map.

Flooded Forest Sub-camp Location

  • Completion Conditions: Slay 8 Wroggi in the Flooded Forest

Similar to the above, Wroggi - not Great Wroggi - can be found all across the Flooded Forest, and will occasionally fight alongside Great Wroggi during hunts. You can find the Flooded Forest Sub-camp to the east of Zone 11 on the map.

Frost Islands Sub-camp Locations

  • Completion Conditions (Sub-camp 1): Slay 8 Zamite in the Frost Islands
  • Completion Conditions (Sub-camp 2): 2x Warm Pelt (Carved from Anteka in the Frost Islands), 4x Monster Bone S

Frost Islands is the first location in the game to feature 2 Sub-camps instead of one. Zamite currently do not have their "Boss" monster, Zamtrios, in the game - but you can find them in the shallows all across the map, anyway. They look like little amphibious sharks! As for Sub-camp 1's location - you can find it wedged between Zones 6 and 7. The other Sub-camp requires 2 Warm Pelts, carved from Anteka (the deer/moose type animal you'll find around the snow-covered plains in the Frost Islands), and 4 Monster Bone S. Monster Bone S can be received as rewards or carved from killing small monsters. Great Izuchi has a chance of rewarding Monster Bone S, as well.

Sandy Plains Sub-camp Locations

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  • Completion Conditions (Sub-camp 1): Slay 8 Kestodon in the Sandy Plains
  • Completion Conditions (Sub-camp 2): 1x Lagombi Pelt, 2x Monster Bone M

The Sandy Plains is a bit odd with its Establishment requirements - while Sub-camp 1's request to slay 8 Kestodon is straightforward enough, Sub-camp 2 requires a single Lagombi Pelt, as well as 2 Monster Bone Ms. Lagombi can be fought in the Frost Islands, and (naturally), their pelt can be carved off of their corpse. Monster Bone M are received for killing some of the game's "weaker" large monsters found in Low Rank - like Great Baggi, Great Wroggi, Barroth, etc. Please keep in mind that you won't receive any for killing Great Izuchi! Sub-camp 1 can be found nestled between Zones 2, 3 and 7. Sub-camp 2 can be found between Zones 5, 8 and 9.

Lava Caverns Sub-camp Locations

  • Completion Conditions (Sub-camp 1): Slay 8 Uroktor in the Lava Caverns
  • Completion Conditions (Sub-camp 2): 1x Tetranadon Hide, 2x Monster Bone L

Finally, we come to the Lava Caverns! Much like the Frost Islands, Uroktor currently lack their "Boss", but you can kill them for the requirements for Sub-camp 1 regardless - you'll find them on and around the volcano areas in the map, such as in Zone 14. Sub-camp 2 continues the head-scratching requirements from the Sandy Plains - Tetranadon can be fought in the Lava Caverns, but you're much more likely to face it in either the Shrine Ruins or the Frost Islands. Either way, kill a Low Rank one to receive the Tetranadon Hide required to establish the camp; you'll need to gather the 2 Monster Bone L from killing a Low Rank Pukei-Pukei.

With all of the sub-camps unlocked and secured, turn your attention to some of our other MH Rise guides for more help with every aspect of your hunting:

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