Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis - All Ryuker Device, Cocoon, Tower, Region Mag, and Battledia Locations | Retem Region

During your exploration of Retem in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, you'll once again be seeking out a lot of the same key locations that you were in the Aelio Region. You'll have Ryuker Devices that allow you to teleport across the map, and Cocoons which will earn you valuable Skill Points, essential for increasing your Battle Power. You'll also want to know where Towers are for the same reason. Lastly, Region Mags can net you and your group valuable buffs across a wide area so they're essential to seek out as well. Here we've got a nice map you can cross-check in-game to see which ones you may be missing.

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Since these items are all clearly marked on the World Map and there's only a couple per region (if any), it's easy enough to combine them into a single image here. 

Tip: To check how many locations you've found in a regionopen up the World Map from the main menu, mouse over which region you want to check, and press Tab. This will let you see how many Ryuker devices, Cocoons, etc. you've found in that region (as well as the number of Red Item Containers and Datapods).


PSO2: New Genesis - All Ryuker Device Locations | Retem Region

Ryuker Devices are basically waypoints that allow for fast travel across the map. Once you've unlocked one, you'll be able to travel to it any time by simply selecting it on the World Map.


Retem City

  • Retem City - Near Retem City's west exit, guaranteed to unlock it during the Main Task To Retem City

Central Aelio

  • Oasis - Directly to the west of the text 'Central Retem' on the map, northwest of Retem City
  • Trinites - To the northwest of Central Retem, north of the big mechanical pyramid marked as Trinites on the map

South Retem

  • Galner Coast: West - On the very south of the map, southwest of Retem City
  • Galner Coast: East - On the coast directly South of Retem City

West Retem

  • Sagan Mountain Road: West - Thee first Ryuker you're guaranteed to unlock in the Retem Region
  • Sagan Mountain Road: East - At the very north of the map, elevated above Sagan Mountain Road
  • Stetchkin Lowlands - In the south part of West Retem, overlooking the vast Central Retem desert

North Retem

  • Murabba Canyon - There's no good landmark to identify this one by. It's at the mid-level of North Retem near a lot of bridges and ramps, with one leading to a nearby cocoon.
  • Cape Keenlad - Far northeast of the map, facing the long peninsula that leads to Retem's only Tower.

Retem Alnothe

  • Retem Alnothe - The only Ryuker Device in this area can be found directly west of Retem City.

Rwh Maqead

  • Rwh Maqead - You won't be able to access this area of Retem until the Main Task The Battle of Rwh Maqead. This Ryuker is to the north of the area.

Maqead Lower Level

  • Maqead Lower Level - After clearing the boss fight against Renus Retem, you can return to the giant hole/crater in Rwh Maqead to access Maqead Lower Level to find this last Ryuker far below the surface

PSO2: New Genesis - All Cocoon Locations | Retem Region

Cocoons are going to be a major source of Skill Points, needed to unlock Class Skills and improve your Battle Power. Most of them are very easy and with generous time limits. You'll earn 1 Skill Point upon your first clear of any Cocoon. You don't need to clear the Side Missions for the Skill Point. You'll need to clear all of these to complete the Side Task Exploring More Cocoons.


Central Retem

Dyna Assault

  • Location - Found just northwest of Retem City. 
  • Objective - You'll be pitted against a single Lizentos.

South Retem

Parkour Master

  • Location - Found at the far southwest of the entire map.
  • Objective - This is an obstacle course where you'll have to reach a finish line while avoiding falls, bombs, and gliding if you're attempting the Side Mission.

Runway II

West Retem

Vanishing Path

  • Location - Located near the entrance to the entire Retem region, just over a cliff from the Sagan Mountain Road: West Ryuker Device. 
  • Objective - A straightforward Cocoon where you'll have to do some basic timed platforming, then defeat a Fortos Laser at the end.

North Retem

Narrow Cage

  • Location - Just across from the Murabba Canyon Ryuker Device.
  • Objective - A battle gauntlet Cocoon, where you'll fight waves of enemies, ending with a Kelkundo.

Buddy Attack

  • Location - Far northeast of the map, at the start of the peninsula leading up to the region's only Tower.
  • Objective - A straightforward cocoon where you'll progress from room to room with the help of an allied drone.

PSO2: New Genesis - All Tower Locations | Retem Region

Towers are basically more difficult versions of Cocoons. You'll earn a whopping 4 Skill Points upon your first clear of any Tower. Surprisingly enough, the Side Missions are just for completion's sake and don't affect your Skill Point reward. Unfortunately, the Retem Region only has one Tower.


North Retem

DOLLS Burrow

  • Location - Far northeast of the entire map, located at the end of the long winding peninsula, you can't miss it.
  • Objective - Another 'dungeon-like' tower. You'll have to clear through a few rooms of random assortments of enemies, while opening color-coded forcefields to open the central room. You'll end the tower with a fight against a Destragras.

PSO2: New Genesis - All Region Mag Locations | Retem Region

Region Mags are landmarks that can give boosts in exchange for materials such as Trinite or Dualomite. Each Region mag has a ship-wide meter marked [All] that will give all players a boost to EXP Earned, Rare Drop Rate, or Attack Potency, depending on the Mag in the region. There is also a [Personal] Boost that will give players that feed the Mag additional Rare Drop Rate % for up to 2 hours at a time. As before, there are three Region Mags in Retem.


West Retem - Invincible Region Mag

  • Sagan Mountain Road - On the east side of West Retem, just follow the path south of the Sagan Mountain Road: East Ryuker Device.

North Retem - Expert Region Mag

  • Cape Keenlad - On a high ledge in North Retem. You can use the updrafter near the Cape Keenlad Ryuker Device to reach the Mag.

South Retem - Priceless Region Mag

  • Galner Coast - Off of the south coast on the east side of the area. It's on some rocky outcroppings out at sea.

PSO2: New Genesis - All Battledia Locations | Retem Region


Central Retem

  • Yellow Portal: Retem - Of the coast on the east side of the area, near Tiarm Coast.

South Retem

  • Purple Portal: Retem - Located in the central part of South Retem, up on a rocky ledge.