Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis - All Ryuker Device, Cocoon, Tower, Region Mag, and Battledia Locations | Stia Region

During your exploration of Stia in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, you'll once again be seeking out a lot of the same key locations that you were in Aelio, Retem, and Kvaris. As always, you'll have Ryuker Devices that allow you to teleport across the map, and Cocoons which will earn you valuable Skill Points, essential for increasing your Battle Power. You'll also want to know where Towers are for the same reason. Region Mags can net you and your group valuable buffs across a wide area so they're essential to seek out as well. Finally, Battledia Trigger Portals offer combat challenges that can reward good items for enhancing or augmenting gear. Here we've got a nice map you can cross-check in-game to see which ones you may be missing.

All Aelio Region Key Locations
All Retem Region Key Locations
All Kvaris Region Key Locations

Since these items are all clearly marked on the World Map and there are only a couple per region (if any), it's easy enough to combine them into a single image here. 

Tip: To check how many locations you've found in a regionopen up the World Map from the main menu, mouse over which region you want to check, and press Tab. This will let you see how many Ryuker devices, Cocoons, etc. you've found in that region (as well as the number of Red Item Containers and Datapods).


PSO2: New Genesis - All Ryuker Device Locations | Stia Region

Ryuker Devices are basically waypoints that allow for fast travel across the map. Once you've unlocked one, you'll be able to travel to it any time by simply selecting it on the World Map.


Stia Outskirts

  • Grainne Coast - Near the end of the bridge right at the entrance to the region.

Stia Camp

  • Stia Camp - The main Ryuker near the area's campsite.

Dreisen Plant

  • Dreisen Plant 1 - Near the entrance of the plant, on the upper lever.
  • Dreisen Plant 2 - On the west side of the plant, on the upper level.

Mediola Outer Area 1

  • Felusa Ridge 2 - Just to the northeast of the volcano's peak.

Mediola Outer Area 2

  • Felusa Ridge 1 - South side of the area, near the start of the stairs leading to the top of the volcano.
  • Alterra Base - In the center of the area, near the Quarterstaff Cocoon.

Dext Base

  • Dext Base 1 - Near the entrance to the base from Mediola Outer Area 2.
  • Dext Base 2 - On the east side of the base, near the large warehouse-like buildings.

Neusen Plant

  • Neusen Plant - There's only one Ryuker down here, in the south part of the area.

PSO2: New Genesis - All Cocoon Locations | Stia Region

Cocoons are going to be a major source of Skill Points, needed to unlock Class Skills and improve your Battle Power. Most of them are very easy and with generous time limits. You'll earn 1 Skill Point upon your first clear of any Cocoon. You don't need to clear the Side Missions for the Skill Point.You'll need to complete all of these to finish the Side Task Unexplored Trainia I. There are only 3 cocoons in the Stia Region.


Dreisen Plant

Face The Darkness

  • Location - On the east side of Dreisen Plant, fairly high up.
  • Objective - This is a battle objective to defeat Dark Lemnas.

Mediola Outer Area 1

Helical Line

  • Location - Just west of center of the volcano peak.
  • Objective - This is an obstacle course where you'll have to make your way to the top of a tower while avoiding obstacles and gathering Point Cubes.

Mediola Outer Area 2


  • Location - Just west of Alterra Base.
  • Objective - This is a battle objective to defeat Engouku.

PSO2: New Genesis - All Tower Locations | Stia Region

Towers are basically more difficult versions of Cocoons. You'll earn a whopping 4 Skill Points upon your first clear of any Tower. Surprisingly enough, the Side Missions are just for completion's sake and don't affect your Skill Point reward. Just as in the previous couple regions, there is only one Tower.


Stia Outskirts

Broken Works

  • Location - Located on an island east of the Stia Outskirts.
  • Objective - You'll have to navigate through a few rooms to gather point cubes before ending in a fight with the Dark Magilz.

PSO2: New Genesis - All Region Mag Locations | Stia Region

Region Mags are landmarks that can give boosts in exchange for materials. Each Region mag has a ship-wide meter marked [All] that will give all players a boost to EXP Earned, Rare Drop Rate, or Attack Potency, depending on the Mag in the region. There is also a [Personal] Boost that will give players that feed the Mag additional Rare Drop Rate % for up to 2 hours at a time. As in previous regions, there are three Region Mags in Stia, one for each type of boost.


Stia Outskirts

  • Strobol Isle - On the small island west of the Stia Outskirts.

Dreisen Plan

  • Dreisen Plant - In the southern part of the plant, on the upper ledge.

Mediola Outer Area 2

  • Alterra Base - Southern part of the area, south of Alterra Base.

PSO2: New Genesis - All Battledia Locations | Stia Region


Dreisen Plant

  • Yellow Portal: Stia - In the very, very far east corner of Dreisen Plant.

Mediola Outer Area 1

  • Purple Portal: Stia- On a ledge just south of the volcano's peak.