Genshin Impact Ascension Materials: Where to find Glaze Lily

Genshin Impact is packed with unique cities and towns, and several of those locations even have their own unique materials. The Glaze Lily is one such Liyue Speciality material, and you'll need plenty of them if you want to ascend characters like Ningguang and Yun Jin. 

These shy flowers only bloom at night around Liyue, but you can farm even the closed-off blossoms at any time. They only have one recipe use in alchemy (the Geoculus Resonance Stone), and those two four-star characters are the only ones that require Glazy Lily for ascension. That's likely why these flowers aren't as abundant throughout Teyvat, but this guide will outline the few locations to find them. 

Ningguang, who uses Glaze Lily for her ascension in Genshin Impact.

 Genshin Impact Tips | Quickly Getting Glaze Lilies

Thankfully, Glaze Lilies are easy to grab, so there's no need to worry about bringing a character with unique abilities that make harvesting easier. Regardless, you can still use the usual tricks to make things faster. 

Qiqi and Yan Fei are still useful for farming items considered a special material from Liyue. You just need one of them to get the passive talent that shows nearby items, like the Glaze Lily, on your minimap. They show everything nearby, so sometimes it can make things a little confusing, but it's still far more helpful for those instances of locating that one last flower you can't seem to find. 

Two Anemo characters are still fantastic to make quick work of open-world exploration. It's especially useful here, looking for the Glaze Lily, as you don't really encounter any monsters. They can be any level, you just want the Elemental Resonance for the 15% stamina use reduction and 10% more movement speed. 

Characters like Ningguang and Yun Jin will need this limited resource, both becoming higher in demand since their recent banners. If you're still trying to pull for one or both of them, try using our Genshin Impact Code list to line your pockets with enough gems for one more Wish. 

 Locations | Where to find Glaze Lilies in Genshin Impact

You won't find many areas around Liyue with Glaze Lily flowers, but there are 39 of them in total. Like other specialty items, you'll need to wait around two days for them to respawn, so make sure you stay on top of farming the two locations below if you need them.

Qingce Village on the map, with locations to find Glaze Lily outlined

Qingce Village

You'll get 20 Glaze Lilies for your visit here, so take the Qingce Outskirts teleport to start working your way down east from the highest teleport, picking up flowers along the way. You can also use the Qingce Village teleport to nab a few flowers nearby quickly, but your biggest bounty is on the hill across from the village. 

Liyue Harbor, a city in Genshin Impact that has specialty items like the Glaze Lily.

Liyue Harbor

Your second Glazy Lily stop is at Liyue Harbor; it's worth just trying to keep these rolling if you have nearby commissions in the area or other business to attend here. It doesn't take long to grab most of them by taking the Liyue Harbor Downtown teleport and moving north through the city. I usually don't take the actual Liyue Harbor teleport, even though it's close to others, just because it probably takes the same amount of time to run there. There's also one pesky flower a little further out of Liyue, but you can use the Mt. Tianheng North teleport to glide south and grab it quickly. 

These are the only two routes for farming Glaze Lily flowers in Genshin Impact, but if you're struggling with either location, I always recommend the official Interactive Map from MiHoYo. It doesn't explain the fastest locations to hit up first, but it's a brilliant tool that's tied to your account, allowing you to customize markers and set your own goals. 

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