Genshin Impact White Iron Chunk: Best farming locations and routes

Genshin Impact's new areas continue to provide us with places for finding White Iron Chunk - valuable ore that's used in a ton of crafting recipes. It's important to keep a steady supply so you'll have it on hand for making new weapons or enhancing what you've already got. 

Right now, you can find White Iron Chunks in every area, including Enkanomiya. We're all in constant need of Enhancement Ore, but there's a long list of furnishings you can make for your Serenitea Pot, too. Regardless of your objective, here's the rundown on the best ways to mine White Iron Chunks, the locations you can find it, and route suggestions. 

Zhongli hitting a White Iron Chunk, who also happens to be one of the best characters for farming Ore in Genshin Impact.

 Tips for Quick White Iron Chunk Farming in Genshin Impact

Plenty of Genshin Impact materials don't require any special character for farming, but there is a handful that makes the process just a little faster. Things you can easily pick up, like Glaze Lilies, can be acquired by anyone, but White Iron Chunks are ore for mining, so you'll need characters that can break the nodes open.

Anyone who hits heavy with a Claymore or explosive skill can quickly farm mining nodes in Genshin Impact, but I love bringing Zhongli. The Lord of Geo's elemental skill is great for immediately busting open rocks and revealing large caches of White Iron Chunks all at once. He's my go-to pick when it comes to farming just about anything, but especially for these items I need a lot of. 

Venti and another Anemo user are always in my party for open-world exploration. Venti is worth investing in anyway if you have him, but he and the Anemo Traveler work just fine - even at level one. You'll get a nice bump to movement speed, and the Elemental Resonance from double Anemo makes you lose less Stamina when running around. It's nice and makes climbing less of a nightmare. 

My party for exploring (when I'm not worried about particular battle content) is usually Zhongli, Venti, Jean, and a character that has map specialties if needed. Zhongli and Venti are both early banners from Genshin Impact and are an option in MiHoYo's future banner reruns. If you're worried about saving for them, keep up with your event tasks in Teyvat, and refer to our Genshin Impact Code list to save up Primogems. 

 Where are White Iron Chunks in Genshin Impact? 

There are 228 White Iron Chunk nodes throughout Liyue, Mondstadt, Dragonspine, and Inazuma. You can hit another 21 White Iron Chunks nodes in Enkanomiya, too, bringing your total haul to 249 nodes in a day. It takes about two days for them to reset, and white limited time, I usually go for farming half one day and a half on another to keep them rotating as needed. The nodes don't always give you the same amount, but you should get one to three pieces from each. 

Below, you'll find suggestions on prioritizing the biggest stashes of White Iron Chunks. Not every route is worth your time if you can't play for long, so pay special attention to Waypoint recommendations. 

Mt. Aocang, Jueyun Karst, and the surrounding area on the map. These are the best places for White Iron Chunks.

Liyue: Mt. Aocang and Surrounding Area

The Mt. Aocang teleport is still my go-to first stop in collecting White Iron Chunks. The mountain in the northwest part of the map above has 21 nodes, and they're easy to hit since you can teleport to a high-up area and work your way down. I typically start there, go in a circle around the mountain, and hit every node along the side as I make my way down. 

Liyue's surrounding area here doesn't even have as many as the mountain, but Jueyun Karst is the next best area if you're trying to be thorough. There's also a nice handful near the Dihua Marsh area, but it requires a bit of walking from the Statue of the Seven from the east.  It's not one I recommend unless absolutely needed, but suggest instead teleporting to the next easy-to-hit area in Liyue. 

Lingju Pass and Lisha on the map, with 10 locations for White Iron Chunks.

Liyue: Lingju Pass and Lisha

There are 10 White Iron Chunk nodes that are easy to break open near Lingju Pass. I always look for the Waypoint with the highest elevation, and the nearby Lisha or Qingxu Pool are good places to start. Lisha's teleport will put about 8 nodes of White Iron Chunks between you and the stash at Lingju Pass, so start there and work your way west. 

A map showing 8 nodes for White Ore Chunks at Musk Reef.

Mondstadt: Musk Reef

Musk Reef is home to 8 nodes of White Ore Chunks, and while that doesn't seem like a ton, it's one of the best places to easily score a haul. Using the teleport at Cape Oath, head to Musk Reef and mine the clusters of ore across from each other on the inner arch of the island. If you need White Ore Chunks fast, this is a great start. 

Mondstadt's Brightcrown Canyon, which has tons of White Iron Chunk node markers to farm at.

Mondstadt: Brightcrown Canyon

This is Mondstadt's biggest stash, and you should be able to hit 14 White Iron Chunk nodes here. Take the Brightcrown Canyon Waypoint and run north, combing along the sides of the canyon's rocky walls. There are a few in the gorge across from you here, but these nodes don't take long at all to find and mine.

The rest of Mondstadt is incredibly spread out, so I don't prioritize those on my runs, but you can snoop around the rocky formations at Wolvendom Highlands for more nodes. 

Tsurumi Island's map showing White Iron Chunk farming locations.

Inazuma: Tsurumi Island

Your biggest yield from Inazuma comes from Tsurumi Island with 33 White Ore Chunk nodes, and it's an easy area to farm. I typically begin at the southernmost area teleport (south of Wakukau Shoal), and work in a C-shape to collect all 6 nodes around the island's rocky sides. 

Mt. Kanna is home to 3 nodes, but you'll have to do some climbing around the sides to reach them. Instead, teleport west of Wakukau Shoal and run along the outskirts of the island, you can hit 9 White Iron Ore deposits by running a route just past the Autake Plains.  Teleporting to the mountain at Shirikokoro Peak also nets you around 5 deposits, but there's one further out in the water I recommend skipping. 

Inazuma: Seirai Island

Seirai holds 17 White Iron Ore Chunks, but the biggest stashes around teleports are consolidated to the north. Teleporting to Koseki Village yields 7 nodes in a small radius, while you can score 2 more by going to Fort Hiraumi's southern teleport and flying lower to the east of the cliffside. There's 2 nodes there. 

Amakumo Peak is where you'll find the remainder, but they're more pain than they're worth. They're clustered together on the southernmost island, with another small cluster just to the west. 

Inazuma's Yoshiori Island on the map, with circled locations to check for White Iron Ore nodes.

Inazuma: Yashiori Island Area

There are 41 White Iron Ore nodes stretching from Yashiori Island to the Kujou Encampment area, but like everywhere else, they aren't all worth chasing when pressed for time. You'll find nodes easily accessible from Momiji-Dyed Court or the southern teleport. 3 are against the east side of the mountain, while 4 are even further east along the coastal rock walls. You can pick up 2 more in the Musoujin Gorge. Teleport to the Formation Estate to move just south and hit 3 more nodes

There are 2 deposits worth moving on to in the middle Tatarasuna area. Use the Tatarasuna State of the Seven teleport to fly down east and hit 4 White Iron Chunk nodes. There's also the Mikage Furnace area waypoint that gives you access to 4 more southeast. 

Tatarasuna is another easy waypoint to hit and fly north over the water. Run north until you've hit 5 node clusters. There are 3 easiest to access from the Kujou Encampment teleport, but you'll have to do some climbing if you want them. East of the encampment, you can find them along a rocky mountainside. 

Narukami Island on the map, which is easy to reach from Inazuma City for White Iron Chunks.

Inazuma: Narukami Island

This area is home to 18 White Iron Ore Chunk nodes, with an easy deposit to reach from Inazuma City. Taking the central teleport to Inazuma will get you 7 deposits through the city and just outside to its southeast. Teleporting near the Byakko Plains gives you access to 4 more without having to run far, too. 

While the remainder of Narukami is scattered, hitting up the area east of Chinju Forest is an easy run for 5 more nodes. 

A map of Genshin Impact's 2.4 area, Enkanomiya, and where to find Whire Iron Chunks.


Genshin Impact's new location in 2.4 is home to 21 White Iron Chunks. They're a little spread out, so it's not my first choice, but you can score all of them between four islands. Dainichi Mikoshi holds 8 nodes, so use the teleport to one of the higher areas in the central part of the island and work your way to the southeast corner - that's where all of them are. 

There's another 8 nodes at the southernmost Evernight Temple teleport, you can find all of them clustered around the mountains there. The Serpent's Heart southernmost teleport also has 3 nodes nearby, with another 3 deposits of ore in the ruins just to the north. There's also 3 at The Narrows, but they're spread across the island and not worth it unless you're looking to be extremely thorough. 

While we cover tips and fast routes for finding Genshin Impact resources, it's always worth noting you can also use MiHoYo's official map tool to help your journey if you're having trouble. The Interactive Map of Teyvat even includes new areas, so it's updated for Enkanomiya. 

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