Genshin Impact: Qingxin farming guide

Qingxin is another Genshin Impact Local Speciality, taking Travelers to Liyue to gather the material. Xiao, Shenhe, and Ganyu, all of which are valuable five-stars, use Qingxin for ascending, and you'll also find it in a couple of other recipes. 

While you can grab Qingxin from one shop in Liyue by speaking to Herbalist Gui, his supply won't be enough to keep your Genshin Impact party going. Below, you'll find tips on how to quickly amass a bigger supply of Qingxin along with locations that see the most flower growth. 

A Liyue Speciality item, Qingxin, that is used for ascending characters like Xiao, Shenhe, and Ganyu.

 Tips for Gathering Qingxin in Genshin Impact

The upside to gathering materials like Qingxin is that they don't require any special skills or elements to access them; you can simply run up to the flower and grab it. However, there are faster ways to travel around Liyue, and we'll go over them, as usual, to make sure you're making the most of your time.

Try to use the Anemo Elemental Resonance when exploring the open world. I always use Venti with one other Anemo character and even did so when he was under-geared and under-leveled. You don't need him for his powerful abilities; you just need him for the elemental Anemo swirl he uses to give you a boost while exploring. Venti's kit can save you a lot of time climbing, and the double Anemo buff to your party makes characters move faster and use less stamina.

If you're having trouble finding the tiny flowers from their map location below, use Qiqi or Yanfei. When looking for Liyue specialty items to farm like the Qingxi, I always bring my Qiqi into the group. She and Yanfei both have a skill that allows them to highlight nearby objects on the mini-map that count as Liyue Specialities. It feels especially helpful for Qingxi because the flowers' affinity for mountainsides can make their exact location a little confusing. 

 Genshin Impact | Qingxin Locations

Qingxin is a specialty item, so that means their reset timer should take around two days before you can find the flower again at the same location. Outlined below are some of the routes we suggest when looking for Qingxin - there are 99 flowers in Liyue. 

The locations for Qingxin flowers near Wuwang Hill in Liyue.

Wuwang Hill

This northern part of Liyue is probably the easiest place to score Qingxin, and you'll get 18 for sweeping the whole area. Teleport to the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula; there's 2 Qingxin you'll want to grab to the south and east. Climb up the slope to the west, you'll find 5 flowers on the path up with two more on the slope down. 

To the south of this area (Qingce Village and Wuwang) use the heigh advantage to glide down and sweep up the 6 flowers in the area. Since they're easy to grab, I typically use the Wuwang Hill area teleport to the south and grab the 2 flowers in the ruins there.  The climbing and back-and-forth in this northern part of Liyue isn't bad, so I often sweep the area clean. 

Locations for Qingxin ascension materials in Qingyun Peak, Mt. Hulao, and Mt. Aocang.

Mt. Aocang, Mt. Hulao, and Qingyun Peak

Qingxin are quite scattered through Liyue, but the west side of the map above holds one of the biggest deposits of the material. You should find a little over 20 Qingxin here, so begin by taking the Mt. Aocang teleport and circling the mountain to find 3. There is a sky bridge area nearby with a collection of flowers on each platform, visit each of those before moving on. 

Mt. Hulao's teleport has 3 Qingxin nearby, all of which are accessible by using height to your gliding advantage. Gliding to the south flower, then north, and then finally east will get you all of them. Head to Qingyun Peak's teleport next, there are 2 flowers north, and then you can quickly go to the Statue of the Seven on the same mountain for 3 nearby and one just to the southeast. 

There are 20 more flowers scattered far apart between Jueyun Karst and the Cuijue Slope. I recommend using the Jueyun Pass teleport to make a sweep on the south end of the area, then take the Minilin Ruins teleport to cover the north area and nearby ruins. 

Places to farm Qingxin ascension materials in Genshin Impact, included circled locations for Lisha, Lingju Pass, and Guyun Stone Forest.

Lisha, Lingju Pass, and the Guyun Stone Forest

The southern part of Liyue holds fewer Qingxin flowers spread out over a larger area and should be lower on the priority list if pressed for time. The map above shows locations for 18 flowers, and two areas hold bigger stashes. The Lisha teleport is near 6 Qingxin, one right beside the Waypoint with 3 flowers on a peak within gliding distance to the northwest. Glide down to retrieve the 2 to the south on high peaks too, and then move to the next area. 

The island area at the Domain of Guyun holds 6 flowers around the spread-out islands. There are enemies worth farming in the area, in addition to other materials like Cor Lapis. I usually go for one big sweep around the islands. 

Remaining Qingxin are quite spread out in single rewards, but you can glide down to Qingxu Pool from the area from a nearby Waypoint for 2 flowers. 

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