Pokemon Legends Arceus The Taste of Honey - Combee catching

The Taste of Honey is another of the available side quests in Pokemon Legends Arceus, available right after you beat the lord Pokemon Arcanine in the Coastlands. This quest is built around a single Pokemon, Combee, which isn't unusual - but it's unique in what it asks you to do.

This quest doesn't just have you catch one of the target Pokemon, and nor does it have you complete Combee's Pokedex entry - common themes among the Requests in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Instead you need to catch a bunch - from different places. We explain where to catch them - and another interesting wrinkle - below.


The Taste of Honey - catching Combee in Pokemon Legends Arceus

This quest is handed over by Galaxy Agriculture Corps member Almous, who is thinking all about food - specifically, the honey that's produced by Combee, the bee-type Pokemon that is just basically made up of a few great big honeycombs. To start the quest, you need to go speak to Almous, so just follow the waypoint and chat to him in his house in Jubilife Village for more information.

Almous wants to find out if the Honey from Combee tastes different depending on where it's from. Your task, therefore, is to catch and bring him Combee from a few different areas across the Hisui region. This is a little easier said than done.

Here's where to catch the Combee for The Taste of Honey: 

  • In the Obsidian Fieldlands, go to the Gruelling Grove area. Combee spawn in the open here, in the daytime. 
  • In the Cobalt Coastlands, head to the Aipom Hill area. Again, you'll find Combee spawning out in the open in the daytime.
  • Finally, go to the Obsidian Fieldlands. Once you have the ability to surf and corss water, or fly, cross the water to Ramanas Island - an area you couldn't access when you first came to this area. Now, here's the catch: Combee spawn on this island, but only from shaking trees. Hit the tree with your Pokemon when shaking to make it fall loose, and if you're lucky a Combee will appear. Catch it.

Once you have all three Combee, return to Almous and show them to him. He'll take a look, take a taste, and the quest will be completed.

For finishing The Taste of Honey, you'll be given a reward of 3x King's Leaf, a useful ingredient for crafting recipes, and appropriately 3x Dazzling Honey, a great lure for catching Pokemon.

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