Octopath Traveler II: Inventor Job & Skill Unlock location guide

The Inventor Job Class is one of the ultimate, top-secret classes available in Octopath Traveler II - and it has some complexities that mean that unlocking this job and its abilities isn't as simple as just finding it on the Eastern Continent - you'll have to actually undertake a number of steps to unlock the Inventor and its abilities.

The Inventor is likely the first of the hidden classes you'll encounter, as depending on who your starting character is you might begin the game with it right on your doorstep. Once that happens, you'll unlock it quite quickly - but then faced with further quests to make it viable. This guide covers all that, from unlock to having one of the best jobs in the game.

Octopath Traveler 2 Inventor Job guide & Unlock

This guide exists to help you through the trials and tribulations associated with the Inventor in Octopath Traveler 2 - which does get rather testing. The test starts out with Arkar, a top-hatted steampunky NPC you'll find in a dilapidated building at the New Delsta Highroad, not far from the Eastern exit of New Delstra city itself.

It's important to remember that unlike the Secondary Jobs, the Inventor is like the other Octopath 2 Secret Jobs in that there's no indication on the map until you actually discover it - you'll need to enter this random building and talk to the NPC, and that'll kick off the storyline, which takes the form of the A Genius Inventor side quest.

Here's the location for the Octopath Traveler 2 Inventor Job unlock.
Here's the location for the Octopath Traveler 2 Inventor Job unlock.

That's complicated enough in itself... but then things get more so - which is where this guide really kicks in.

Upgrading and Improving the Inventor Job Class

Okay, so - the Inventor is an entirely unique job class in Octopath Traveler 2. Unlike the rest of the jobs in the game including two of the other secret jobs (the Arcanist, and Conjurer), the Inventor does not require JP to learn new abilities, but requires a completely different method. This is similar to only one other job, the Armsmaster.

By examining the glass showcase of Arkar's building, you will find that each invention requires a set of materials to build. Once the invention is invented, you will obtain new abilities for the inventor related to that invention. The starting abilities for the inventor might seem a bit lackluster, but once you get a good amount of abilities, you will find this job to be extremely strong

Arkar is the Inventor, and will help you to turn that same job into a powerful fighting tool.

Inventor Abilities List

Inventor Passive Abilities

  • A Step Ahead: The equipping character will act first in battle
  • Upgraded Accessories: Raises the attributes of the equipping character’s accessories
  • BP in Adversity: Grants the equipping character 2 BP when near death
  • Fruits of Labor: Raises the physical defense an elemental defense of the equipping character by 1 for every job skill learned.

Inventor Skill unlocks: How to get Inventor Class Abilities

As you might imagine, every single ability of the Inventor class requires you to unlock it in a specific way - no need for JP, but instead a requirement to do other things. This is busy-work, but the job becomes very powerful, and our guide will help to speed up the process. Here's each ability and its unlock:

Changeable Catapult

  • Usage: Unleash an attack on all foes with a selected weapon.

Required Materials: None (Starting ability)

Springy Boots

  • Usage: Cause a single ally to act first for 5 turns.

Required Materials: None (Starting ability)

Hastening Hammer

  • Usage: Unleash a highly powerful attack on a single foe and reduce the crafting time of an invention by 1 turn.

Required Materials

  • Soldier’s Bow: Clockbank Weapon Shop (11000 leaves)
  • Great Blade: Use Path Action on the Elite Guard station at Stormhail. 
    • Note: This NPC is pretty strong, I would recommend using Agnea's path action when you're level 30 or higher to avoid fighting him.​​​
  • Guardian’s Axe: Stormhail Weapon Shop (23000 leaves)

Arkar’s Coil

  • Usage: Restore 40% of a single ally’s HP and SP and grant them 1 BP. Incapacitated allies will also be revived.

Required Materials

  • Scrap Metal: Use Path Action on the Factory Worker in the Clockbank Factory.
  • Ancient Cog:  Use Path Action on the NPC living in the private house in Roque Island. 
  • Natural Magnetite: Treasure Chest in the Dungeon "Unfinished Tunnel"

Tin Horn

  • Usage: Fill the Latent Power gauge of all allies.

Required Materials

  • Empowering Lychee: A common item found in treasure chest and item shops.  
  • Tin Toy:  Use Path Action on the NPC in the Wellgrove Department Store. (Note this NPC does not appear until you have finish Partitio's Chapter 3.)
  • Mythical Horn:  Hidden in a treasure chest in the Nameless village. You will find it behind the Beastling.  

Critical Scope

  • Usage: Turn all damage dealt to a single foe into critical damage for 4 turns.

Required Materials

  • Unerring Earring: Weapon Shop in New Delsta (280 leaves)
  • Critical Earring:  Weapon Shop in Canalbrine (280 Leaves)

Elemental Bomb Bottle

  • Usage: Deal the same type of damage as a single foe's exposed elemental weak points 1 time.

Required Materials

  • Fire Soulstone: A common item found in treasure chest.  The item is also sold at the Black Market by Delsta Road.
  • Ice Soulstone:  A common item found in treasure chest.  The item is also sold at the Black Market by Delsta Road.
  • Thunder Soulstone:  A common item found in treasure chest.  The item is also sold at the Black Market by Delsta Road.
  • Rainbow Glass Bottle: Treasure Chest in Conning Creek - Fishing Port

All Purpose Tool

  • Usage: Begin crafting all inventions.

Required Materials: None (Requires first obtaining all inventions, then unlocks automatically)