Final Fantasy VI: Magic Master boss strategy guide

There are many esoteric boss fights in Final Fantasy VI, but perhaps one of the most entertaining to work around is Magic Master. This is a fiddly boss, and a topic of much discussion among first-time players to FF6. On this page, we explain a sure-fire strategy to beat it. 

Strategies for the Magic Master in FF6

The Magic Master is an ominous and challenging enemy, but with the right strategy you can shred this FF6 boss in minutes.

Found at the top of the Cultist’s Tower, the developers' likely intended strategy for the Magic Master boss fight in FF6 is to treat the fight similarly to how you would have fought Hein in FF3; using Libra to detect his weakness whenever it shifts, and then pepper him with the proper magic attack to take advantage of his current weakness.

However, due to Magic Master using entirely magical attacks unless you afflict him with the Berserk status, there’s a far simpler method of dealing with the boss, which we'll detail below. This is a more in-depth companion page to our full FF6 Walkthrough

There's a few things you'll need, and a few steps you'll therefore need to take. We'll detail all those in this guide.

Obtaining Reraise

First things first; even if you wished to tackle the boss the “correct” method, you would still need to have completed Locke’s quest in order to gain the Phoenix Esper as detailed in our FF6 Esper locations guide. This is necessary, as Magic Master will eventually cast Ultima assuredly wiping your party, regardless of how you otherwise beat it. You need to mitigate Ultima in order to win the fight.

In previous versions of FF6 you could use Rasp to prevent him from casting the spell, that’s no longer the case with the Pixel Remaster. Rasp is still an option if you're playing an older version of FF6 - learn it from the Zona Seeker Esper, and then use it to sap Magic Master of its MP.

In the FF6 Pixel Remaster, Magic Master will cast Ultima no matter what. So, you’ll need to prepare your party with Reraise to ensure they can survive a wipe.

To get the Phoenix Esper you’ll have to reach the end of the aptly named Phoenix Cave. Doing so, and viewing the scene between Locke and Rachel shortly after will lead to earning the Phoenix Magicite and the Esper within. Equipping it to a character will eventually teach them to cast Reraise.

Reraise will automatically revive party members that have their HP reduced to zero; meaning you can survive Ultima being cast on your party.

Magic is no problem with Reflect Rings

The second half of the puzzle that is FF6's Magic Seeker boss revolves around Reflect Rings. Reflect Rings are a recurring item in the FF series, of course, and exist to help you repel and beat enemy magic by reflecting it back at the source.

Reflect Rings can be purchased at multiple locations, but most notably South Figaro in the World of Ruin. They’re 6000 Gil each, but if you can buy a set for your whole party for a whopping 24,000 Gil, you’re essentially invincible to all of Magic Seeker's attacks - except Ultima, which bypasses Reflect.

Once you’ve got your rings and your Reraise, the strategy is incredibly simple for defeating Magic Master; equip your party with the rings, and start casting Reraise on all of your party members while simply waiting for Magic Master to slowly zap away his own HP with his magic attacks. He won’t even change his weakness with this strategy, as he’ll only use Barrier Change whenever you actively target him with an attack.

Eventually, he will cast Ultima, wiping your party. However you will have plenty enough time to ensure that everyone has Reraise applied before he reaches that HP threshold. Past that, there’s nothing to worry about; once everyone has Reraise applied, just spam Defend and wait. In no time at all, the Magic Seeker will fall.