Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Poe Bargainer Statue Locations Map & Inventory

Poes are something of a Zelda series classic, and they've appeared in many forms - as enemies, as collectibles - and in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Poes take on the form of a currency that must be traded with Bargainer Statues, which some might also think of as Poe Statues.

The first Bargainer Statue is actually in an obvious location - up in Hyrule, found where Robbie and Josha begin the game hanging out. It's been dragged up from the depths, and it requests Poes. Once you have Poes in your inventory, the nature of this mechanic is revealed - the creepy Bargainer Statues allow you to trade Poes for resources including armor pieces and rare depths-related resources - but to unlock all of the various items, you'll need to find the locations of the Bargainer Statue Brethren - that is, other statues down in the Depths.

There are a few ways to do this. You can pay... or you can let us find them for you. On this page, we list all of the Bargainer Statue locations, complete with a visual map - plus detail what the statues sell. 

Bargainer Poe Statue Locations for TOTK

After interacting with the Bargainer Statue up in Lookout Landing, you'll be tasked with finding its Bretheren down in the depths. However, they're hidden - and the other statue will only give you a clue as to their wherebaouts if you pay it 100 Poes. You can do that - or you could consult our handy Bargainer Statue Location map:

A map showcasing all of the Bargainer Statue locations in the depths of Tears of the Kingdom.
  • Central Mine Bargainer Statue: Found at the Great Abandoned Central Mine, which is directly beneath the Great Plateau's Temple of Time on the surface. You must complete the Call from the Depths quest to restore and interact with this statue. Coordinates: -0781 -1903 -0565
  • Wellspring of Courage Bargainer Statue: Found at the Wellspring of Courage, just south of the Construct Factory that forms part of the Spirit Temple quest. Beneath the Spring of Courage on the surface. Coordinates: 0882 -2405 -0393
  • Wellspring of Wisdom Bargainer Statue: Found at the Wellspring of Wisdom, in the south-east of the depths; directly beneath Mount Lanaryu's Spring of Wisdom on the surface. Coordinates: 3849 -1329 -0858
  • Wellspring of Power Bargainer Statue: Found at the Wellspring of power in the north-east of the map, directly beneath the Spring of Power in Akkala. Coordinates: 3708 2598 -0414
  • Plains Eargaine Bargainer Statue: Beneath the eastern edges of Hyrule Field, fairly central to the rest of the map. Coordinates: 0460 -0803 -0473
  • Drena Canyon Bargainer Statue: To the west of the Korok Forest area, south of the North Lomei Depths Labyrinth. The north-western most Bargainer Statue. This is very high up - you'll need to climb almost to the ceiling of the depths to reach it. Coordinates: -1029 2691 -0273

As you can see, there are six Bargainer Statues in the Depths, making for a total of seven in the game including their handy friend at Lookout Landing. They're highlighted on the map with red circles - though not all are simple to actually get access to.

Some Bargainer Statues can simply be approached and interacted with. Doing so counts as discovering them, which increases the inventory available at all Bargainer Statues in the game. Others will require puzzles, such as reconstructing them, to unlock. 

The more Bargainer statues you've uncovered, the more items you'll be able to buy from them, as their Inventory expands.

Poe Bargainer Statue Inventory and Rewards

Each Bargainer Statue that you unlock will increase the overall inventory these creepy statues offer to trade.

For a start, all of the Bargainer Statues in the West will be able to exchange various Depths-related items with you in exchange for Poes. While you can farm things like Puffshrooms and Bomb Flowers in the Depths proper, the Bargainer Statues allow you to get a lot of these useful items much more quickly.

In addition, the more Bargainer Statues you unlock, the more new armor pieces they'll be willing to sell to you. Here's the inventory you'll eventually be able to get from the Bargainer Statues if you wake them all:


  • Dark Clump (10 Poes)
  • Muddle Bud (16 Poes)
  • Puffshroom (16 Poes)
  • Bomb Flower (16 Poes)


  • Dark Tunic (150 Poes)
  • Dark Trousers (150 Poes)
  • Dark Hood (300 Poes)
  • Hood of the Depths (300 Poes)
  • Tunic of the Depths (150 Poes)
  • Gaiters of the Depths (200 Poes)
  • Tunic of Memories - Link's original BOTW outfit (400 Poes)

Item Rebuys:

Once you obtain these items in the Depths or via Amiibo Scanning, you'll be able to purchase second copies from the Bargainer Statues, allowing you to obtain them again. This list is a work in progress:

  • Hero Set (Zelda 1 Outfit)
  • Time Set (Ocarina of Time Outfit)
  • Twilight Set (Twilight Princess Outfit)
  • Wind Set (Wind Waker Outfit)
  • Awakening Set (Link's Awakening Outfit)
  • Fierce Diety Set (Majora's Mask Outfit)
  • Evil Spirit Set (Ganondorf Ocarina of Time Outfit)
  • Midna's Helmet
  • Korok Mask
  • Sea Breeze Shield
  • Dusk Claymore
  • Biggorn's Sword
  • Sword of the Hero
  • Magic Staff
  • Magic Scepter
  • Magic Rod