Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 1 Guide - spoiler-free walkthrough

Danganronpa remains one of the most twisting and turning game stories going, and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is no exception to that. Its story is half the joy, and though many get a lot out of being forced to make choices and unravel the game's storyline, that isn't for everyone. Some would rather have a helping hand to see the story - and that's fair enough.

Danganronpa V3's very first class trial is very unique and interesting for a few reasons - but we're not going to go into that here. This is a spoiler-free walkthrough for that first class trial - or as close to spoiler-free as we can get it.

To be clear, that means we're going to tell you what options to select, answers to questions and how to use your truth bullets, but we're not going to detail any plot points unless absolutely necessary. This removes deduction from the game, but if you find yourself stuck, this is an option. Proceed on at your own peril, however.

Danganronpa V3 Guide & Walkthrough

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    Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Class Trial #1 Guide (Chapter 1)

    Here, we detail the main points of the trial. Spoilers! The trial conclusion and closing arguments are stored under an extra section, for spoiler-buffering safety.

    • Shoot the final statement with the third truth bullet.
    • Shoot the seventh statement with the third truth bullet.
    • Question: the third answer is the correct one.
    • During the fifth group of statements, shoot the third bullet into Kaito's statement.
    • Shoot the tenth statement - the sliding door
    • Choose the Projector Screen
    • On the sixth statement, shoot it with the second truth bullet.
    • When prompted, select the Hidden Door Photos.
    • Shoot the fourth statement with the Card Reader Dust bullet.
    • Use the Front Entrance Photos when the opportunity presents itself.
    • When you get the chance, select the Stacked Books.

    ~Class Trial Intermission~

    • When given the chance, select option two - the security sensor.
    • On the second statement, shoot it with the third truth bullet.
    • When you reach the third statement, use a lie bullet (hold triangle) with your third bullet.
    • We now enter a debate scrum:
      • First statement: Interval
      • Second statement: Alibi
      • Third statement: Together
      • Fourth statement: Reciever
      • Fifth statement: Lie
      • When the QTE hitshammer the correct buttons repeatedly.
    • Question: choose the third option
    • Question: choose the third option once again.
    • Choose Culprit: Select number 11
    • Shoot the seventh statement with your fourth bullet.
    • Question: the correct word is VENT
    • Shoot the fourth statement with your first bullet.
    • Question: answer with the third option (Miu)
    • Question: once again, the correct answer is the third option - Leaving
    • Shoot the fifth statement with your fourth truth bullet.
    • Question: The correct answer is option 1, backpack
    • And finally: Choose Kill the Mastermind...
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    Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 1 Closing Argument

    This is stored separately because it's harder to show these answers without spoilers - so beware the spoilers here, obviously.

    • Who wanted to fight against Monokuma after hearing the additional motive? / Kaito, Gonta, and Tenko
    • Who was asked to modify the cameras? / Bow to Miu Iruma
    • What was the murder weapon found in the warehouse? / Shot put balls in the wooden box
    • What did the culprit do with the library’s vent? / Prop up the vent grate
    • What books did the culprit set up last? / Open the encyclopedia
    • What did the culprit do with the modified camera? / Turn on the flash
    • What happened in the classroom one hour before the time limit? /
    • Where was the shot put ball rolled? / The Classroom vent
    • Whose picture was taken with the camera that flashed? / Rantaro notices the flash
    • Why wasn’t the sound of the shot rolling audible? / Killing game promotional video plays at loud volume
    • After the receiver went off, what did Shuichi see in the library? / Bookcase returns to its original position

    After this, choose your culprit and finish the trial. Congratulations on seeing your first trial through! Class Trial 2 awaits...

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