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Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 6 Guide - spoiler-free walkthrough

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is finally drawing to a close with this, the sixth and final class trial in the game. This is where things really do twist and turn inside out, and it leads towards a finale that has proved fairly polarizing with fans of the series - some love it, some hate it. You really have to see it to believe it, however, and this guide is designed to help you do just that no matter how stuck you get.

To be absolutely clear, our aim with this class trial 6 guide is to be spoiler-free, but chapter 6 is much harder to achieve this with than others. Don't read this page if you haven't got to chapter 6 and Class Trial 6, and we'd recommend not reading too far ahead at all.

Where possible below we'll offer up detailed spoiler-free instructions on what to do during Class Trial 6, but the deeper into the trial we get the more explicit we'll have to be and the more obvious our hints will be. Consider yourself warned. If you're stuck, though, this is the page for you - so let's do this, and see Danganronpa V3 to its explosive finale!

Danganronpa V3 Guide & Walkthrough

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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Class Trial #6 Guide (Chapter 6)

We're here, we made it - the sixth class trial in Danganronpa V3. Class Trial 6 is a big one, and in this spoiler-free guide we'll give you step-by-step instructions of what to do and what options to choose in bold. Next to those bold words you'll find a bit of context, just in case you need it - though these might be very minor spoilers.

Class Trial 6 quickly takes a turn compared to other Class Trials, and as a result it's difficult to produce a truly spoiler-free guide to. We recommend not reading too far ahead on this page as a result. Here's the trial - let's finish this!

  • Question: For your first answer, select the third option (retry).
  • Question: Now you want option two (survivor).
  • Question: And this time, the third option is your friend again (Perk). 
  • Okay, non-stop debate time: on the twelfth statement (Himself) fire your fifth truth bullet (Monopad) straight through it.
  • It's time for a Rebuttal Showdown - already! Cut through all of the statements to advance, and then...
  • Cut through the fourth statement (perk) with your fifth truth bullet/katana (final picture).
  • It's time for another Psyche Taxi, since the mechanics are coming thick and fast in this trial. The answers:
    • First question: Two
    • Second question: Survivor Perk Monopad
    • Third question: Hidden Room
    • Fourth Question: Mastermind
  • We're back to the debates. On the tenth statement (how would they know...) fire your fifth truth bullet (the sixth...)
  • Question: For this multiple choice, pick the third option (Mastermind)
  • On the eleventh statement (had it), shoot with your third truth bullet (shot put ball). 
  • Question: Another multiple choice, with the answer this time option two (The mastermind took it).
  • On the fourth statement (17th...), fire your fifth bullet (clues to...)
  • Question: Here the answer is the third option (participant...)
  • Question: Select option two on this question (Everyone's alibis...)
  • On the fourteenth statement (I couldn't...), fire away with your fifth bullet (hidden...)
  • It's time for a Rebuttal Showdown again. Cut through all the statements to proceed, but then we have some more cutting to do:
  • On the seventh statement (no evidence), use your fourth truth bullet/katana (voiceprint). 
  • When you're given the chance, select number eight.
  • This might seem premature, but...


Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 6 Closing Argument

Could it be? Is it already time for Closing arguments...? Well, let's forge on. Keep in mind the deeper you go here the more likely spoilers are, and on this section we've got some big potential spoilers dropping as we give away the answers to this closing argument section. Only read past here once you're in this section of class trial 6.

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  • Where was the Mastermind just before Rantaro was killed? / The people in the dining hall
  • After the security sensor went off, who ran out the classroom first? / Shuichi runs
  • After noticing the hidden camera flash… / Rantaro lured to the camera
  • Where did the shot fall? / Right above Rantaro’s head
  • Who jumped out from the hidden room? / Mastermind peeks out
  • What did the Mastermind take from Rantaro’s body? / Survivor Perk
  • What did the mastermind throw into the trashcan? / Can you recycle a shot put ball?
  • What does the hidden passageway connect to? / Hidden Passageway in the bathroom

And just like that, we're back to the non-stop debate. Let's keep going... Reminder, the spoilers are getting bigger...

  • In your next non-stop debate, hit the fifth statement (just a single...) with your first bullet (History of...)
  • Next up, on the fourth statement (Ultimate...), shoot your first truth bullet once again (History of...)
  • On the third statement of the next debate, fire your first truth bullet yet again (History of...)
  • Question: When prompted with this answer list, select Kokichi's Motive Video.
  • It's time for Hangman's Gambit. The word you're after this time is Implant.
  • Question: Here, select the third option (Fictional)
  • Another Hangman's Gambit. This one asks you to take a look at the logo... the answer is 53.
  • Mine Mine is up next in this little mini-game gauntlet. Here, you're looking for Team Danganronpa.
  • Question: Here you want to select option one (characters).
  • Question: The third option is what you want here (normal).


Danganronpa V3 Ending: Class Trial 6's big, shocking wrap-up is here

Things get a bit wild here as we wind towards Danganronpa V3's ending. Particularly big Spoilers from here on out.

  • Question: "Save... ?" // Select No
  • Question: "Remedy... ? // Select Yes
  • Question: On this question, select option three (survey).
  • Now we have a Mass Panic Debate. This one is a little different from many others, too - your objective is simply to shoot the hope truth bullet at all despair statements. You need to hit them all in one run of the debate.
  • Rebuttal Showdown time! Cut through all statements to advance, and then...
  • This is probably obvious by now, but cut through all Despair statements with the Hope bullet/katana.
  • Question: For this big question, select option two (have to...)
  • Another non-stop debate. Hold triangle to shoot a lie bullet and destroy hope.
  • On the statement about revolt, shoot the statement with use our lives to agree.
  • Again, shoot the final statement (going to...) in order to agree.
  • You now have a Hangman's Gambit and Psyche Taxi - but ignore them. Don't do anything.
  • Question: Let the timer run out.
  • You really probably don't need our help for the true finale with the Argument Armament and Voting Time. Sit back and enjoy the finale - and congratulations on finding out the truth.
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