Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 2 Guide - spoiler-free walkthrough

Players now fully expect the story of Danganronpa games to take plenty of unexpected turns, and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony doesn't disappoint in this sense. Some of the leaps of logic will seriously test your Holmes-style deductive abilities, however - and when you hit a class trial, you may find yourself stuck and keen to get some help rather than languishing in the trial for ages. To keep the story moving, we've produced this guide - a complete explanation of chapter 2's Class Trial 2, but spoiler-free.

Danganronpa V3's second class trial gives you a bunch of interesting wrinkles, from a restrained victim to a tank full of pirhanas and beyond, and puzzling it all out can be quite difficult. That's what this page is for - headaches be gone!

What we'll be showing here is what options to select to progress the class trial while keeping everything as under-wraps as possible, avoiding any specific terminology that could be regarded as a spoiler. Keep in mind there will be minor spoilers, however, especially in the Closing Arguments section at the very end of the guide.

Danganronpa V3 Guide & Walkthrough

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    Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Class Trial #2 Guide (Chapter 2)

    Here, we detail the main points of the trial. Spoilers! The trial conclusion and closing arguments are stored under an extra section, for spoiler-buffering safety.

    • Shoot the sixth statement that says "he was eaten alive" with the truth bullet Monokuma File 2
    • At the question, select option one - 'before...'
    • On the seventh statement (secret hatch), shoot it with the 'Water Tank Trick' truth bullet.
    • Advance
    • Rebuttal showdown: Take the statement Water would've been everywhere and cut it with Wet Staircase
    • On the question, select option three - 'changed...'
    • Shoot the tenth statement (no one saw...) with the 'Gonta's account' truth bullet.
    • Shoot the thirteenth statement (body and...) with the 'Square Glass Pane' truth bullet.
    • Select the second option, 'Crammed Piranhas'.
    • When prompted, select the first option, 'before nighttime'.
    • Select the 'Witnessing Ryoma' option to advance.
    • During the seventh statement, shoot the 'gym' statement with the last bullet option you have.
    • Question: select option one, 'Miu'.
    • Question: select option two, 'Maki'.

    ~Class Trial 2 Intermission~

    • Select number thirteen when prompted
    • On the seventh statement (prove that...) you'll want to shoot a lie bullet (hold triangle) with the fourth bullet (alone).
    • Now a debate scrum starts. In this:
      • First statement: Announcement
      • Second statement: Missed
      • Third statement: Rules
      • Fourth statement: Tank
      • Fifth statement: Off-limits
      • Sixth statement: Testimony
    • Question: Select option three, 'doesn't reach'
    • Go to the ninth statement (only place...) and shoot it with the last bullet (rules)
    • Question: On the list, find 'Scratched Sink' and select that.
    • Question: On the list once again, select 'Scratched Handcuffs' to progress.
    • Spot Selection: Put the cursor over the open window and select it.
    • Now it's time for a Psyche Taxi section. The answers are thick and fast here:
      • First question: Lab Window
      • Second question: Gym Window
      • Third question: From window to window
    • Spot Selection: Select the rope on the floor near the stairs.
    • Question: From the large list, select the Tennis Net Cable.
    • Hangman's Gambit: the word you want is Ropeway.
    • Mind Mine: This is basically minesweeper. Eliminate blocks just as in that classic game to reveal the Inner Tube, then select it with Triangle.
    • Question: When prompted, pick option three from the answers - 'nighttime'.
    • Question: When you're asked to pick a suspect, pick the third option - person three.
    • During the tenth statement (by anyone...), hit it with your fourth bullet (Alibis...)
    • In the argument, cut through all of the statements in order to push on.
    • At the statement there is no evidence, slice it away with marked window.
    • Question: When presented with the big ol' list once more, hit the 'Black piece of fabric' to continue.
    • Making it all clear - the boss battle: Complete the QTEs and when you get a chance to give an answer, look for the now-obvious answer beginning with K.

    Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 2 Closing Argument

    Okay, now it's time for your closing arguments. This section will have more spoilery stuff, so stay away from here unless you've reached this point in the trial. Here, we'll spell the finale out a little more clearly.

    • The evidence made of metal the piranhas didn’t eat / Metal handcuffs in the water
    • What was used as a partition in the piranha tank? / Piranha tank lid
    • The thin and long item the culprit took from the gym / Carried the rope
    • Where in the gym was the rope tied? / Gym’s window frame and rope
    • Before the murder, what was put on the victim’s wrists? / Handcuffed victim
    • What was taken from the pool? / Rubber inner tube
    • What was used to transport the body on the ropeway? / Hanged inner tube
    • Hitting the brakes was tougher than expected / Friction on the glove
    • Where was the body carried to? / Piranhas swimming in the tank

    When the time comes to vote, choose your culprit. Who it is should be obvious by now. That's this trial over and done with! Next up is Class Trial 3.

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