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Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 4 Guide - spoiler-free walkthrough

Danganronpa V3's story rages on, and with each passing Class Trial the situation becomes a little more precarious, a little more ridiculous and a little more complicated. Or a lot more complicated. One of those, for sure. Anyway! As we move on to Class Trial 4 we're faced with yet another complex mystery to unravel, and some of you might now be hitting some snags in progressing Danganronpa's story.

If you just want to continue on with Danganronpa V3's narrative and are a little stumped, this is the ideal page for you - here, we're going to go into detail on how to progress Class Trial 4 and answer all the questions it poses. Better still, we're going to do it in a spoiler-free fashion, making this an easy and safe guide to follow during Class Trial 4. 

This page will feature instructions on what options to pick and choices to make when the game asks something of you, but we'll keep specific details of what statements are out of the guide, with only basic hints, but ones that you can still easily follow. As such, the page will only have the most minor spoilers. The screenshots are unrelated to Class Trial 4 and are random. In the final Closing Arguments section there will be larger spoilers, so only read this section once you reach that point.

Danganronpa V3 Guide & Walkthrough

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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Class Trial #4 Guide (Chapter 4)

Class Trial 4 is a long one, so prepare yourself. In this bulky section of the guide we get into the nitty gritty detail of the trial - but spoiler-free or as a spoiler-light as possible, of course. Please do keep in mind that there will be some minor descriptions of answers that will count as very small spoilers among these answers, but we've done everything we can to shield you from any spoilers. In bold you'll find raw instructions of what to pick, while in brackets you'll find some further vague context to most answers.

  • Okay, let's get started - on the third statement (poisoned...) of this non-stop debate, shoot it with your third bullet (small bottle...)
  • Question: when prompted with the large list, select the Killing Game Simulator option.
  • On the eighth statement (strangulation), shoot with your third truth bullet corpse).
  •  Question: here's another big old list to deal with - look for and select the Toilet Paper option.
  • In this rebuttal showdown, cut through the seventh statement (tear) with your last bullet (Killing Game).
  • Question: select option two when you get the multiple choice question. It begins with an M.
  • On the seventh statement (secretly met), shoot with your third bullet (meeting).
  • Question: Select the first option for this question (Kill...)
  • It's time for another Psyche Taxi! Here are the answers...
    • First question: Miu Iruma
    • Second question: The virtual world
    • Third question: To divert attention
  • Back to the non-stop debate! On the ninth statement (couldn't have placed...), hit it with your third bullet (record). 
  • Question: When presented with another big list, answer with Cell Phone.
  • On the third statement (at the chapel), shoot with your first truth bullet (account).
  • On the eighth statement (hidden route), fire away with your fourth bullet (wall).
  • It's time for a Rebuttal Showdown! Cut through all statements to push on, and then...
  • When you can, cut through the sixth statement (not just an object) with your third katana/bullet (avatar).
  • Question: When you're presented with another enormous list, select Loud Noise.
  • Now you've got a Mind Mine. Break the blocks to reveal the Mirai Hills sign, and then select it.
  • Hey, hey, hey, it's time to make some crazy money - it's a Psyche Taxi. Here's the answers:
    • First question: River
    • Second question: Chapel
    • Third question: Mansion
    • Fourth question: Against the current
  • Question: Yet another big, daunting list. The answer you're looking for is the Wall added... answer.
  • Question: Multiple choice at last! Select the third option (Downstream and...)
  • Question: This time hit option two (The same...)
  • Hangman's Gambit time! The answer you're looking for is World Loops
  • Spot Selection: For this spot selection, find the map loading line (the really obvious wavy line). Select it.


~Class Trial 4 Intermission~

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      • Question: Select option four (Hitting the wall)
      • Another Hangman's Gambit - this time the phrase you want is Slid off Roof.
      • A long non-stop debate. On the fourteenth statement (Nothing like...), fire your last truth bullet (Lattice...)
      • When asked, you'll want to select number thirteen.
      • Here's a Mind Mine. The answer is the statement that begins "Also, I never went to the roof..."
      • Back to the debates - on the seventh statement (stayed in...), shoot a lie bullet (in salon). 
      • On the thirteenth statement (kept strangling), use your fifth bullet (setting on...)
      • It's time for a Debate Scrum! These answers come thick and fast...
        • First statement: Culprit
        • Second statement: Sweetheart
        • Third statement: Rooftop
        • Fourth statement: Entrance Hall
        • Fifth statement: Monokuma
        • Sixth statement: Kokichi
        • Seventh statement: Miu
      • Question: For this one, select the second option (after logging...)
      • Question: From this long list, select Avatar Error to answer.
      • Another Hangman's Gambit: this time your key phrase is Memory Loss.
      • Mass panic debate time. Hunt for the statement "There was no Glitch" on the seventh set of statements and hit it with your sixth truth bullet (Device...)
      • Question: This time you want the second option (couldn't access)
      • Question: For this question, the first option (logged out)
      • Question: More multiple choice! Go for option two (solid alibis)
      • Question: And another! Option three this time (Couldn't have)
      • Question: Now you're presented with another question - this time, you want number ten.
      • The answer to this Argument Armament is displayed at random, but you're looking for the answer that begins Toilet Paper
      • Spot Selection: Find the Binoculars with your cursor and select them.


      Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 4 Closing Argument

      Just as with Class Trial 1, Class Trial 2 and Class Trial 3, the Closing Arguments are when things get a bit more spoiler-heavy. Don't read this section until you reach the Closing Arguments of Danganronpa V3's Class Trial 4, as we're getting down to the finale here!

        • What color cord did the culprit stick in the right port? / Blue cord on the right, Red cord on the left
        • What did Miu bring from Shuichi’s lab? / Bottle of poison
        • What was posted in the entrance hall of the mansion in the Virtual World? / Map of the Virtual World
        • What did Miu do when the others left for the mansion? / Threw the signboard in the river
        • Who was investigating the roof? / Kaito Momota, looking for the secret of the outside world
        • Who was investigating the kitchen? / Shuichi Saihara, looking for the secret of the outside world
        • Who was investigating the dining hall? / Tsumugi Shirogane, looking for the secret of the outside world
        • Who was investigating outside the mansion? / The culprit, looking for the secret of the outside world
        • What object did Miu use when she got to the mansion? / The Cell Phone
        • Who was logged out against their will? / Kaito Momota Logged Out
        • What was the weapon that Miu brought to kill Kokichi? / Miu Smuggles in a Hammer
        • What did the culprit use to strangle Miu? / Toilet paper that doesn’t tear
        • To move the body off the roof, what was taken out of the storage room? / Lattice Used Like a Sled
        • How did the culprit escape the roof? / The binoculars and the toilet paper

        Now all this is complete you should know who the culprit is so long as you've been paying attention - so go ahead and vote for them. Next up is Class Trial 5, if you're ready. That's another Class Trial down - congrats!

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