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Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 5 Guide - spoiler-free walkthrough

The story of Danganronpa V3 is really moving at a pace by the time you reach Class Trial 5, and some serious events are beginning to unfold. Despite the ever-expanding length of the class trials you might find it hard to put the game down now as you stare right down the final stretch of its story - and if you want to just get through its brain-teasing questions in class trial 5, this is the guide page for you.

Like our other guide pages for the class trials as linked below, this page is built to be as spoiler-free as possible, with clearly signposted but very vague guidelines as to your answers. If you need an assist to get through to the events that take place after class trial 5, keep on reading. First, some housekeeping.

Basically, this page has detailed instructions on what to do during class trial 5, but also doesn't feature any specific detail about any of the choices you're asked to make. Instead, we keep things vague in order to avoid spoilers. You'll encounter minor spoilers at most. The Closing Arguments section of the guide at the end features more raw spoilers, so don't go to that section until you're ready for the end of class trial 5.

Danganronpa V3 Guide & Walkthrough

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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Class Trial #5 Guide (Chapter 5)

Here we go - class trial 5. In our spoiler-free guide you'll find vague descriptions of what to do in bold, but next to them you'll find additional context in brackets - these brackets might contain minor spoilers. Let's get to the trial!

  • We kick off with a non-stop debate. On the fifth statement (no evidence), fire your fourth truth bullet (clothes) in order to continue.
  • Question: Here, select the second option (sleeve).
  • A Rebuttal Showdown already! Cut through all of the statements to advance, and then...
  • Here, cut through the second statement (never put...) with your second katana/bullet (coat).
  • On the third statement (crushed), use your second truth bullet (safety). 
  • Question: When you get this list of options, select the Swipe Pattern Bloodstain.
  • Spot Selection: When you get the chance, select the sleeve of the coat.
  • Question: Another long list of options, but the answer you're searching for here is Crossbow.
  • Back to the debate - on the fifth statement (from inside...), shoot with your fourth truth bullet (Bathroom Window).
  • Once again on the fifth statement (Empty-handed) fire at will with your third bullet (Account). 
  • And yet another fifth statement (Didn't even use) must be batted away - this time with your first bullet (Crossbow). 
  • Question: Select option two (begins with a K). 
  • Question: On this big list you'll want to find the Kokichi's Clothes item and select it.
  • Question: More multiple choice - this time go for option two, which begins with a K once again.
  • It's time for a Debate Scrum. The answers you want...
    • First statement: Exisal
    • Second statement: Injury
    • Third statement: Crushed
    • Fourth statement: Arrow holes
    • Fifth statement: Mastermind
    • Sixth statement: Alive
    • At the end, spam the necessary buttons to win the QTE event.
  • Back to the debates. On the twelfth statement (only one...) fire your second truth bullet (Three arrows).
  • Okay, it's time for a Psyche Taxi once again. There's a few questions on this ride:
    • First question: One
    • Second question: No
    • Third question: A third party
  • The mini-games keep coming with Hangman's Gambit. The phrase you're looking for this time is one you've encountered before in an answer - Exisal.
  • On the eleventh statement of this latest debate, fire your fifth truth bullet (used electrohammer). 
  • When you're prompted, scroll through your options... number five is the one you want, though.
  • On this Rebuttal Showdown, cut through all of the statements on offer to advance. Your work isn't done, however...
  • On the fifth statement (wouldn't result), cut through it with your final katana/bullet (poison) to continue.
  • Question: Here you want to select the fourth option available (All).


~Class Trial 5 Intermission~

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        • Question: This time you want the second option (control panel).
        • During the fifth statement (100%), shoot it with your third bullet (electrobomb).
        • Question: For this one, select option three (disable the press's).
        • Question: Now we want the second option (cause of death).
        • When given the option, select the Hydraulic Press
        • Question: Select option two (not possible).
        • Voting time! Vote for whoever you want. Seriously. It's all cool.
        • Question: This time, select the third option (watching).
        • Question: When presented with this big list, find the Murder Video and select it.
        • Hangman's Gambit returns. This time you're looking for the word Victim.
        • Back to the debate. On the tenth statement (press stopped) you need to shoot your first bullet (hydraulic press).
        • Here's a Mind Mine. You'll want to find the control panel with the force stop button and select it.
        • And another Mind Mine for you. This time you want to find the Camera and select it once you've uncovered enough of the mine.
        • Spot Selection: This time, you'll want to select the raised yellow platform area near the control panel.
        • Question: Here you want option three (the other person). 
        • Time for another Hangman's Gambit - this time the key words are Victim Helped.
        • Okay, you're now posed with a question. You'll want to select number two.
        • Now it's time for the Argument Armament. The word order you're after is "Pretended to drink the antidote."


        Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 5 Closing Argument

        After the previous four Class Trials you should be pretty used to the Class Trial Closing arguments now, and that means you hopefully should know the score with our guides: these sections tend to get a little more spoiler-friendly. Because we're nearing the finale, here we have to spell things out some more. Don't read this until you're ready for this information, as it could spoil earlier twists in the trial!

        • After receiving the item from Himiko, the culprit… / Assembled the Crossbow
        • What did Maki hit with the electrohammer? / Hit the Exisal
        • Where did the culprit shoot Kokichi? / Kokichi’s Right Arm
        • What opened the shutter and got inside the hangar? / An Exisal Inside the Hangar
        • Who was hit by the first arrow Maki fired? / Kokichi’s Back
        • Who was hit by the second arrow Maki fired? / The Culprit’s Left Arm
        • What did Kokichi take from the culprit? / The only antidote
        • After Maki left, what weapon did Kokichi take out? / Electrobomb!!!
        • Who actually drank the antidote? / Drink the Antidote…
        • What evidence did the culprit leave in the bathroom? / Three Arrows
        • Why was Kokichi dragged along the ground? / Trail of Blood
        • Who was put in the hydraulic press first? / The Culprit in the Press
        • Who was put in the hydraulic press last? / Kokichi in the Press
        • What evidence did the culprit flush down the toilet? / Kokichi’s Clothes Flushed Down the Toilet

        Almost there! But before we finish...

        • Non-Stop Debate: One final little bit of debate. On the fifth statement (the one who died), shoot a lie bullet with your fourth bullet (disappearance) to make your case.

        Now we know who the culprit is - so cast your vote and finish this trial. It's time for the gruelling Class Trial 6, but not before you have some heavy story stuff to deal with...

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