Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 3 Guide - spoiler-free walkthrough

As the story of Danganonpa V3: Killing Harmony wears on its class trials become more complicated, filled with twists, turns and leaps of logic that'll seriously test the way you think about the murders in question. Some of it can get a bit obscure, and some of you might want a helping hand through the class trials so you can simply enjoy Dangonronpa's much-loved story - and that's what we're here for with these spoiler-free guide pages.

Danganronpa V3's third class trial touches on a lot of really disparate elements that might not seem like they fit together at first - but they do, and it leads to a unique and interesting conclusion to this class trial. This page will help you through the more obscure bits of the trial.

What you'll find on this page are instructions of what to pick at major choices and what to do during the class trial, but while keeping details as thin on the ground as possible. We'll avoid any terminology or names that can be regarded as a spoiler where possible, but please keep in mind there will still be some minor spoilers. The separate Closing Arguments section at the very bottom of the guide will also feature some deeper spoilers, so consider yourself warned.

Danganronpa V3 Guide & Walkthrough

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    Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Class Trial #3 Guide (Chapter 3)

    Here we get into the details of the main trial, and though we're going to keep it as spoiler-light as possible please do keep in mind that there will still be some minor descriptions hidden among these answers. In bold you'll find raw directions of what to pick, while in brackets you'll find some further vague context to most answers in case you misunderstand. So - let's go to trial!

    • Shoot the fourth statement (ritual...) with the last truth bullet (Necronomicon).
    • On the ninth statement (broke in) with the fourth truth bullet (Account).
    • Wait for the fifth statement (middle student, 'only student...') with your second bullet (lockpicking).
    • Question: select option two (back). 
    • It's time for the Mind Mine. You'll want to uncover the Gold Leaf Katana and select it.
    • Now it's time for a Psyche Taxi. The answers:
      • First question: Katana's Hilt 
      • Second question: Katana was stabbed into effigy
      • Third question: Spinning it
    • Question: When prompted, select the first option (ends in 'chi').
    • Spot Selection: Point your cursor at the space in the floor to the left, near the broken/cracked wall.
    • On the sixth statement (Villain had...), shoot it with the fourth bullet (hole...).
    • Next, get to the seventh statement (Moment...) and shoot it with the third bullet (White...).
    • On the Rebuttal showdown, first cut through every statement to continue. Then...
    • Wait for the fourth statement (Sitting...) and cut through it with the first option, (Marker). 
    • Question: when prompted with the big old list, choose option 14.  
    • We're back to a non-stop debate. Here, reach the ninth statement (last of...) and shoot it with a lie bullet (hold triangle then shoot) of your third bullet (Moments).
    • On the eighth statement (heard something...) shoot on through that with the second truth bullet (sound during...).
    • Question: Scroll through your many options and search for the Loose Floorboard option. Hit it.
    • Back to non-stop debate - on the eleventh statement (Stomped) shoot away with your third truth bullet (crosspiece). 
    • It's Hangman's Gambit time. Complete this anagram - it's a nod to a popular children's playground ride.
    • Question: When you're then presented with a question, select the third option (The top).

    ~Class Trial 3 Intermission~

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      • On the seventh statement (other rooms...), shoot it with your last bullet (bloody...).
      • Question: Once again you've got a question with a long list. Select the Magic Circle option - there's a bit more to this answer name, but we'll leave it there for spoilers' sake.
      • Question: Now comes the big thing - select number seven
      • Question: Another question - this time you want option two (Touch).
      • It's Hangman's Gambit time again - and the answer is the same as part of the answer to a question you've just answered.
      • Spot Selection: Select the salt line that extends from the circle to the bottom left corner.
      • It's another Rebuttal showdown! First, cut through all statements to progress. Next...
      • On the fifth statement (White Sheet) cut through with your third bullet (White sheet!).
      • It's time for a Debate Scrum. Here's the order of the key words you need:
        • First statement: Kiyo
        • Second statement: Angie
        • Third statement: Lab
        • Fourth statement: Blackened
        • Fifth statement: Rule
        • Sixth statement: Mystery
      • Question: When another long-list question hits you, answer Dried blood under the floorboards.
      • Question: On the next multiple choice question, select the first answer option (Before...).
      • Question: On this multiple choice question, answer with the second option.
      • Back to the debates - shoot the eighth statement (candle) with your fourth bullet (Necronomicon). 
      • Question: Select the Forehead Injury option when prompted.
      • It's Rebuttal Showdown time once again. Again, cut through all the statements to advance to the next section, then do this:
      • Cut through the sixth statement (no evidence...) with your second katana option (Bloody...).
      • Question: When prompted, do what you have to and select the seventh option.
      • Question: For this multiple choice, select the first option
      • In the Argument Armament, you'll need to get to the words Removed Floorboard to progress.

      Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 3 Closing Argument

      Given that we're now reaching the close of the trial, this section will have some more spoiler details for this trial - so we advise you don't read on until you've actually reached the closing arguments. This is the final stretch - so let's finish this thing!

      • Who was the culprit with the saw in the empty room? / Cut crosspiece under the floor
      • What weapon knocked Angie unconscious? / The removed floorboard
      • What was compressing the injury on Angie’s head while she was carried? / Stuck duct tape
      • What weapon killed Angie? / Removed the gold leaf katana
      • Whose effigy was stabbed with the katana? / Stabbed Kaede’s effigy
      • The handle of the spinning katana… / Hit the sliding lock
      • When Angie’s body was found, who unlocked the door? / Kokichi’s lockpicking
      • What object did Tenko rest her forehead on during the seance? / The small stone Himiko brought
      • What weapon did the culprit set up on the iron cage? /  Sickle placed to kill
      • Who besides Kokichi was responsible for extinguishing the candles? / Shuichi extinguishes the flame
      • How was the culprit able to move around in the darkness during the seance? /  The path made with salt
      • When the culprit approached the cage… / Stomp hard on the floorboard
      • How did the magic circle get erased? / Footsteps contaminating the scene

      With all this out of the way, it's time to vote for the culprit - and we daresay you know exactly how to cast your vote by now. Do it, and this class trial is over! Next up: Class Trial 4! Take a breather after catching the culprit, though.

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