Monster Hunter World Majestic Horn Location: where to get this rare lootfor crafting

Monster Hunter World is absolutely full of high-end loot that you'll probably want to try to get your hands on as a priority, and that's because a lot of the best loot, carves and drops from the monsters you'll be hunting help you to afford the crafting requirements to create some of the highest-end gear in theg ame - and one such absolutely vital loot item is the Majestic Horn, a relatively rare drop from a difficult-to-slay monster.

The good news is that the Majestic Horn has some great uses once you get some - but the bad news is that it's very, very difficult to get, with a painfully low drop rate from a difficult monster and a difficult fight 

The Majestic Horn is used in a bunch of really good gear including:

  • Several Weapons:
    • Kadachi Striker + (Gunlance)
    • Kadachi Fang II (Longsword)
    • Diablos Clubs I (Dual Blades)
    • Kadachi Claws II (Dual Blades)
    • Diablos Shatterer I (Hammer)
    • Aze Semper Tyrannis (Switch Axe)
  • And a bunch of Armor Pieces:
    • Diablos Helm, Mail & Greaves Alpha
    • Diablos Helm, Mail & Greaves Beta
    • Diablos Nero Helm Alpha & Beta
    • Earplugs Charm I

So - if you want to get your hands on these items, you're going to need a Majestic Horn or two before you see the Smithy. Here's how to get your hands on one - but before you do, remember we've got a bunch more useful loot pages:

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Monster Hunter World Majestic Horn Location: where to find a Majestic Horn

The Majestic Horn is a handy little piece of loot that as mentioned above is used in some really great items in the high rank end of Monster Hunter World, but getting it isn't easy: it has a very low drop rate, and to get it you'll ahve to farm Diablos, a monster that isn't exactly back-breaking to fight but is certainly no cakewalk either. 

In order to batlte a Diablos the easiest thing to do is to pick up a Diablos Investigation Mission, an expedition, or something like the optional seven-star quest 'Well, That Diablos!' Regular Diablos is enough - you don't need to go chasing around the Black Diablos variant, thankfully. Even then, just killing Diablos isn't enough - you'll need to approach the fight in a certain way to maximize your chance at getting the Majestic Horn so you can craft some of the bad-ass armor like the set pictured above.

Here's what you need to do: Diablos has two huge horns, and breaking these off gives you a chance at the Majestic Horn drop. That means you'll want to focus your attacks on Diablos' horns, and when they break off you'll have a chance one of these items will drop. Keep at it - it might take a while! When you get the Majestic Horn, keep in mind that you'll need a few of them to craft any given item it can contribute to - so be prepared to do some grinding. Good luck!