Maglam Lord - Satyous Gameplay Trailer

D3 Publisher put up another weekly character trailer for Maglam Lord on the last Thursday before the game releases in Japan. The protagonist Killizark's retainer, Satyous, is the sixth character to receive a personal trailer. Last week's trailer, which featured the saint Aqluaow, came the day after D3 revealed collaboration DLC weapons from the Tales Of series.

Unlike the other five romance candidates, Satyous will need more effort to be available as one. As Killizzark, you should choose conversation responses that specifically please Satyous to eventually unlock the retainer as a romance candidate. Satyous may also be available as a partner character to bring into battles, but you may be able to see another side of your retainer's personality during a date.

Earlier this week, D3 Publisher also published the third major promotion trailer for Maglam Lord. This trailer has the government inspector Mamie deliver a recap of gameplay features, from the weapon customization to the dating system.

Maglam Lord will be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan next week on March 18. An English localization has still yet to be announced.