Shin Megami Tensei V footage details Shohei Yakumo, Nuwa, Abdiel, Stat / Skill-building, Turbo Mode, and more

Atlus has released new footage and information for Shin Megami Tensei V with an 'SMT V News Vol. 2' video, detailing new characters and systems seen in the recent Bethel Trailer.

The footage was released on the Japanese Atlus YouTube channel, but supports English subtitles through the closed-captioning settings. You can check out the video below, alongside a transcription of the details.

Shin Megami Tensei V is set to release for Nintendo Switch on November 11 in Japan and November 12 worldwide. For more, you can check out:

Shin Megami Tensei V Characters

Shohei Yakumo


"I thought you'd be cleaning up the stragglers... but he looks like no angel I've seen."
"Take solace in our meeting, boy. I'll make your death a painless one."
"Maybe then you'll see the truth."
"See gods and demons alike fighting over humanity... and Tokyo caught in the crossfire."

A mysterious man who stands in the way of the protagonist as he advances through Da'at. He has labeled himself as "he who hunts all the demons". His motives and true colors remain unknown, but he seems to work alongside Nuwa, a demon.

Nuwa, Lady


"Are you part of the reinforcements sent by Bethel? The man beside me is Yakumo."
"I suppose one could say he is my other half. The angels that infested this area are now dead."
"And I daresay they could use some company."

A goddess that appears in Chinese mythology. She's worked alongside Yakumo since he was young to fulfill a certain goal. She suddenly appears before the protagonist, and attacks.

Abdiel, Archangel & Bethel's Deputy Angel Commander


"Am I to understand you went against the Condemnation?"
"Answer, boy. Bethel will have no mercy for one who violates the will of God."
"It is a duty I am sure you will continue to perform."

An angel who oversees Bethel's headquarters. Stern and uncompromising, she eradicates anyone who threatens the order of Bether through sheer force. She's fervently devoted to God and is committed to defending his order at all costs.

Shin Megami Tensei V Story Brief - Stat / Skill-building Features

As you explore Da'at, you will come across Essences, spiritual entities embedded with the power of demons. Essences are infused with the skills and affinities of that specific demon. By fusing them with the protagonist, you can customize his skills and affinities to your liking. Using Essences, you can gain an advantage by customizing the protagonist build to fit your strategic needs.

In addition, by fulfilling certain conditions in Da'at, you can also obtain Glory, a manifestation of god's dignity. When you visit the World of Shadows, you can spend Glory to learn Miracles. Miracles are said to be powerful abilities that alter the laws of nature, and they encompass skills that assist you during battle, affect negotiation outcomes, fusions, skill potentials, and even stat-building. Strengthen the protagonist by collecting Glories and learning Miracles, and prepare for your battles with formidable demons.

Shin Megami Tensei V - Turbo Mode and Auto-Battle

At the end of the broadcast, a viewer question was answered regarding a turbo mode in battle.

Question: Is it possible to fast-forward the special effects for skills during battle?

Answer: Yes, in the game you will be able to shorten the attack animations during battle. You can configure this feature in your options menu, and choose to keep it: 'always on', 'on when holding the A button', or 'always off'. You can also fast-forward enemy skills as well, aside from a few exceptions. We also have an 'auto-play' feature which will automatically repeat a standard attack. Be careful using this feature when going up against Girimekhala.

Shin Megami Tensei V - New Demon Loup-Garou

Finally, a new demon has been added to demons page of the official Japanese website, Loup-Garou (a werewolf), also seen in the recent trailer.