Ys X: Nordics screenshots detail Grimmson, Gunnar, Hugill, Flair, and Recapture Battles

Falcom, as well as Asian publisher Clouded Leopard Entertainment, have released new information and screenshots for Ys X: Nordics, detailing new characters Grimmson, Gunnar, Hugill, Flair, as well as the naval recapture battles.

The details and screenshots can be found below, via Clouded Leopard Entertainment.

Ys X: Nordics is set to release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 28. An international release has not been announced. For more on the game, you can check out:


Grimmson Balta


VA: Kazuhiro Yamaji / Age: 40

“We Normans are always walking alongside death...
That’s what life is all about, no?”

Father of Karja and leader of the Balta Navy. Grimmson is considered to be on par with the infamous One-Eyed Ladoc, in the Medo Sea. He has both the charisma to unite a band of ruffians and the political savvy to resist the Romun Empire. He can channel his rage into strength, making him an excellent fighter. He is also the most powerful Mana user with excellent combat skills



VA: Shuhei Sakaguchi / Age: 29

“I think it’s time you turned your attention to
the lives of your constituents, Princess.”

Gunnar serves as the chief warrior of the Balta Navy under Grimmson’s leadership. He is a skilled warrior and leads the Balta Navy’s second fleet with calm and precise judgment. A man of reason and order, Karja is a bit of a challenge for Gunnar, but like Feria, he monitors her growth as a fellow Norman.



VA: Kosuke Kobayashi / Age: ♂??


A well-fed raven that has been living on the island of Balta, the Balta Navy’s base, for quite some time. He is curious and mischievous, but due to a legend that states that the god Harl watches over the world through the eyes of a raven, he is treated with great care by the Normans.

Flair Rall


VA: Keiichi Sonobe / Age: 47

“Being alive in this world is nothing short of a miracle to me.”

A doctor from Lance whom Adol met during his adventures in the ancient kingdom of Ys. Despite appearances, Dr. Rall is a man of action who willing to venture outside his village to offer medical treatment, regardless of the risks. He accompanies Adol on his journey in search of the original Celceta Flower seed, which is said to cure terminal illnesses, and helps Karnack’s clinic on his travels.

The Recapture Battles


Battle at sea & on land! Take back the islands from the Griegers! In Obelia Bay, where the adventures of Ys X take place, there are islands scattered throughout the region that have been taken over by Griegers (immortal enemies). If you discover an occupied island aboard the Sandras, you can approach it and engage in a special battle to take back the island.

Recapture Battle Flow

  1. Approach the Grieger-occupied island via the Sandras
  2. Commence naval battle via the Sandras
  3. While engaging enemy ships, destroy the “barrier pillars” set up around the island
  4. The Griegers covering the entire island disappear, making it possible to land.
  5. Land with Adol & Karja, then commence a battle to attack the enemy base.
  6. Defeat the Griegers and retake the island by conquering the enemy base

Hype up your crew by clearing missions via naval battles!


In naval battles, your crew gets excited each time you clear a mission, making it easier t o activate the "Recapture Battle Skills" for each character. Furthermore, various bonuses will be awarded at the start of land battles depending on the excitement level built while at sea, giving Adol & Karja an extra advantage!

Get rewards for successful recapture & explore the high seas with ease!


By defeating the Griegers and recapturing islands, you can obtain various rewards according to your rank. In addition, recaptured islands can be used as quick-travel points. The areas around the is lands will also be shown on your nautical charts, making it possible to explore Obelia Bay more efficiently.

Hugill’s Messages


During the Sandras’s voyage, Hugill the raven sometimes delivers messages to Adol and his friends. The content of the messages varies, including one from the Balta Navy to Adol & Karja, and others from people in various parts of Obelia Bay asking for help. Depending on the message, it may be delivered at various locations in Obelia Bay during the adventure in the form of a quest that includes a sub-story.

Ys X: Nordics