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It's Friday, and that means it's time for our RPG Round-Up here on RPGSite. It's been a relatively busy news week this week and here we summarize and link to all the biggest events in RPG Gaming over the last week for you to catch up.

Top RPG News
FF4 DS Fails to Dent US Charts -- Square-Enix pins hopes on Dragon Quest
With FF4 DS failing to inspire and unable to make a debut in the UK top 40 on its week of release in spite of positive reviews, representatives at Square-Enix Europe express their disappointment with the title's performance and their hope that Dragon Quest IV, landing this week, will perform better.

Cecil and Golbez revealed for Final Fantasy : Dissidia
The hero/villain count for the Final Fantasy spinoff Dissidia rounds out a bit more with the reveal of the Final Fantasy IV representatives -- Dark Knight-turned-Paladin Cecil both before and after his change and the evil Golbez, ready to duke it out in the game's real-time battle system.

Capcom Annual Report 2008 Breakdown
In their annual fiscal report, Capcom reveals such interesting tidbits as how Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition has sold 4.5 million copies, and how they plan to become a developer less reliant on the Japanese market with more impressive sales overseas. The company wants to use mobile and casual gaming to make US and European sales 70% of their total income.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories PS2 US Release Confirmed
Square-Enix representatives have confirmed to managers at this weeks Gamestop Convention that the GBA classic Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories will see its PS2 remake finally released to US shores this holiday season at a budget price. The remake was originally included free as part of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix in Japan.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories PS2 for Europe? Not this year
Square-Enix representatives have confirmed that currently there are no plans to release the PS2 title in the EU, certainly not before Christmas.

Star Ocean PSP Boxarts Revealed
The boxart for the remakes of the first two Star Ocean titles for the PSP system has been released. Due out between now and early January, the box art for the two games cleverly joins together to make one pretty piece of artwork.

Phantasy Star Hits DS
The Phantasy Star Series continues -- offline now -- for Nintendo DS. Phantasy Star Zero set to feature both single and multiplayer experiences in a Phantasy Star Online Style.

Articles of the Week
Xbox 360 RPGs -- The Ones to Watch before New Year
We take a look at what RPGs remain for the last few months of 2008 on the Xbox 360. Will they be worth your hard-earned cash?

PS3 RPGs -- The Ones to Watch before New Year
As in the Xbox 360 article, we take a look at what Sony's sleek black box has in store for RPG fans in the last three months of 2008.

Out This Week:
- Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen (US, UK, JP)
- Opoona (Wii) (UK)

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