Genshin Impact: All 5 star Characters & Weapons

One of the nice things about a gacha-style game like Genshin Impact is that everything is nicely rated and ranked, often so you know exactly how good the things you don't have are. That goes for things like characters, weapons and artifacts - which makes it easy for us to make a list of all 5 stars in the game. 

We wanted to have this page as a simple bit of cross-reference for players. First, there's a list of All 5-star characters for creating the best party. Use this list in tandem with our Genshin Impact Tier List. At the bottom, we've also noted a couple of probable upcoming 5-star characters who will likely be released eventually, as they appeared in past beta tests. Finally, we've got a full list of 5-star weapons, which are likewise obtained through draws.


Genshin Impact 5 Stars: All 5-star Playable Characters

The character list in Genshin Impact will of course change all the time, but below is the current list of 5-star playable characters in the game. As you'd expect, pretty much all of the 5-star characters available are only made so to the player via performing draws on gacha wishes. The exact wishes change regularly, but you can see what the current ones are on our Current & Upcoming Gacha Banners list. Anyway, the point is, these are premium pieces of content.

To see how they slot into the game overall consult our Tier List and also consider their elements, elemental bursts and combo potential in your overall party composition. Star rating isn't the be-all, end-all of a character... but it is useful.


Diluc is probably the most immediately desirable 5-star character in Genshin Impact on launch - this pyro element swordsman is widely considered to be one of the best characters in the game thanks to his high-damage Claymore attacks and his Pyro abilities that can lead to powerful elemental combo attacks.

Diluc appears early on in the story and will be seen several times throughout, but to get him you're going to have to hope for a lucky draw from one of the Genshin Impact banners.


Like Diluc, Jean is another 5-star character that's introduced early on in Genshin Impact's story that is actually a high-tier playable character - though we don't rate Jean quite as high as Diluc, sliding her in one tier lower. With that said, Jean is a great character: in traditional RPG terms, think of her as something like a White Knight or Paladin - that is to say, a powerful knight who can also heal. Her element is Anemo, but her ability heal is really the headline.

Jean is of course obtained through a draw - though you'll see her often, and she's even a subject of Swan's quiz in the Question & Answer quest. 


Keqing is the next five-star character - and she's yet another sword user! This one is of the Electro element, and we placed her into the A-tier ranking thanks to her handy lightning elemental skills and strong sword damage output. Ultimately, we think she's good but arguably not as good as Fischl, a 4-star character - if you're in search of electro-elemental representation in your party.

The thing that sets Keqing apart is her area-of-effect attacks, which can really add up and allow you to lock down groups of enemies and control the battlefield. 


Next up on the 5 stars list is Klee. She's another fire-element, but she sets herself aside from Diluc by being more of a traditional mage, coming equipped with the Catalyst weapon type. As a more traditional mage, she is entirely built around her element, and can absolutely cover the battlefield in flame in an instant. 

With that said, we definitely rate her as one of the lesser 5-star characters - we put her into the B-rank, which is lower than most other characters with 5 stars.


Slightly better than Klee at that whole dedicated-elemental mage thing is Mona, a 5 star character that we slotted into the A ranking. Mona is the hydro element, so she uses the power of water. Mona has explosive abilities that can make her a real damage machine when enemies are suspectible to her element.

Best of all is Mona's Elemental Burst, which can trap enemies and let you gain full control of a combat situation.


Another 5-star sword user, Qiqi is the Cryo element representation in the launch 5-star characters, and she makes use of Ice well. We consider her a top tier characters, and some fans have taken to calling her the 'Loli God' thanks to her powerful abilities. Qiqi also has some really useful passive abilities that dish out healing to herself and to the rest of your party and allies while battling and dealing damage.

As an aside, Qiqi is also very useful in Liyue, as she has a passive ability that marks special Liyue-only resources on your mini map when you're near to them.


This one is really more of a formality, but every player of Genshin Impact will have a 5 star character regardless of how much they play or gacha draw, as the protagonist playable character is a 5-star one. It doesn't matter which twin you choose or which element you're currently resonating with - they're considered a 5-star character.

In tier terms, the Traveler is a solid middle-of-the-pack, half-decent jack of all trades. You'll probably want to replace them eventually, but they are decent.


Venti of course plays a major role in the early stages of the story in Genshin Impact, but the bard is also a powerful playable character that we believe is one of the best party members in the game. Venti is certainly the best Anemo-element character available, able to use wind element skills for combat and even to some extent traversal. 

Venti is available with an enhanced drop rate from an early, limited-time banner, but then will be in standard banners going forwards. Venti also has a great stamina-reducing skill, allowing you to glide further.


Xiao is the only of the 5 stars crew so far that actually uses a Polearm - which alone makes him unique. Xiao uses the anemo element, but is also just a generally powerful fighter, with special abilities that actually focus on powering up Xiao significantly while allowing you to continue to fight normally.

We ranked Xiao into our A-tier, mainly due to the fact that he's a character that requires more skill to use - his core ability also drains his HP when used.

5-Star Characters from Beta Tests that may be coming soon

As well as the 5-star characters already in the game, past beta tests of Genshin Impact might have given us a glimpse of future playable 5-star characters. Genshin Impact will constantly add new characters who'll either become available via new story content or more commonly through new gacha banners and draws - and these 5-star folks might be coming soon:

  • Ayaka: appeared in the 1st Closed Beta Test. A 5-star Sword-user with Cryo elemental affinity.
  • Childe: appeared in the 2nd Closed Beta Test, but was not playable. A 5-star Bow user of the Hydro element.
  • Zhongli: appeared in the 3rd Closed Beta Test, but was not playable. A 5-star Polearm user from Liyue of the Geo element. 

All 5 Star Weapons in Genshin Impact

As well as the 5-star characters, there are also powerful weapons in Genshin Impact that are blessed with a rating of 5 stars. These weapons are almost always going to be obtained through random wish draws, sometimes on special promotional weapons-focused banners. Below, we list all of the 5 star weapons so far:

  • Amos' Bow: An extremely ancient bow that has retained its power despite its original master being long gone. It draws power from everyone and everything in the world, and the further away you are from that which your heart desires the more.
    • 5-Star Bow
    • Has 'Strong Willed' Passive that increases damage from normal attacks and aimed shots by 12%, with more distant shots getting more poweful still.
  • Aquila Favonia: The would of the Knights of Favonius. Millennia later, it still calls on the winds of swift justice to vanquish all evil—just like the last heroine who wielded it.
    • 5-Star Sword
    • Has the 'Falcon's Defense' Passive skill, which increases attack stat and regenerates HP after you take damage.
  • Kunwu's Iris Rift: A polearm made from a meteorite, capable of cutting rainbows in a flash. When swung, one can almost see the rift it tears in the air.
    • 5-Star Polearm
    • Has the 'Rainbow-Piercing Stinger' Passive ability, which boosts speed and damage against enemies that have been afflicted by an element.
  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds: An educational tome written by anonymous early inhabitants who worshiped the wind. It has been blessed by the wind for its faithfulness and influence over the millennia.
    • 5-star Catalyst
    • Has the 'Boundless Blessing' passive, which boosts movement speed and gives an elemental damage bonus.
  • Primordial Jade Winged-Spear: A jade polearm made by the archons, capable of slaying ancient beasts.
    • 5-star Polearm
    • Has the 'Eagle Spear of Justice' passive, which boosts attack on hit, stacking for a maximum attack damage bonus of 12%. 
  • Skyward Atlas: A cloud atlas symbolizing Dvalin and its former master, the Anemo Archon. It details the winds and clouds of the northern regions and contains the powers of the sky and wind.
    • 5-star Catalyst
    • Has the 'Wandering Clouds' passive skill, boosting elemental damage and giving a chance of a damage-over-time buff to trigger. 
  • Skyward Blade: The sword of a knight that symbolizes the restored honor of Dvalin. The blessings of the Anemo Archon rest on the fuller of the blade, imbuing the sword with the powers of the sky and the wind.
    • 5-star Sword
    • Has the 'Sky Piercing Fang' Passive, which boosts your crit rate and grants additional buffs when you use your Elemental Burst.
  • Skyward Harp: A greatbow that symbolizes Dvalin's affiliation with the Anemo Archon. The sound of the bow firing is music to the Anemo Archon's ears. It contains the power of the sky and wind within.
    • 5-star Bow
    • Uses the 'Echoing Ballad' passive ability; gives 20% more Crit Damage, plus a chance for crits to have an area-of-effect.
  • Skyward Pride: A claymore that symbolizes the pride of Dvalin soaring through the skies. When swung, it emits a deep hum as the full force of Dvalin's command of the sky and the wind is unleashed.
    • 5-star Claymore
    • Has the 'Sky-ripping Dragon Spine' ability, which aside from the awesome name, also offers a significant base damage buff and a chance for a powerful follow-up attack on hit.
  • Skyward Spine: A polearm that symbolizes Dvalin's fire resolve. The upright shaft of this weapon points towards the heavens, clad in the might of sky and wind.
    • 5-star Polearm
    • Comes with the 'Blackwing' ability, boosting Crit Rate and offering other buffs.
  • Wolf's Gravestone: A longsword used by the Wolf Knight. Originally just a heavy sheet of iron given to the knight by a blacksmith from the city, it became endowed with legendary power owing to his friendship with the wolves.
    • 5-Star Claymore
    • Has the 'Wolfish Tracker' passive, which boosts base attack, and offers further buffs after hit on an enemy that's close to death.