Genshin Impact Banners: current and upcoming draws, including Klee's banner

While it's free-to-play, one transactional system is at the very core of Genshin Impact - the random-chance 'gacha' system, which allows you to spend in-game currency or real cash in order to have a random lucky draw that'll hopefully contain powerful characters or weapons.

In the gacha genre, often the lucky draws are split into Banners, and so too is the case for the gacha-based wish system in Genshin Imapct. A few banners will basically be permanent fixtures, but the majority of them will rotate over time, with special promotional banners featuring an increased drop rate for certain characters and weapons

This page lists all of the current and upcoming Wish Banners in Genshin Impact, but the page is best used in tandem with our other guides so you can go in fully informed:


Genshin Impact Banners: current banners

Here's the current banners in Genshin Impact, updated as of October 20th 2020. These banners are for the North American, European and Asian servers - the Chinese servers operate separately. Banners will be updated at some point in the day for you, possibly based on the Daily Reset time

Remember that the "Wanderlust Invocation" wish is your standard wish, and is always present - it doesn't time out, and is just a general wish against all available characters and weapons, with no special boosted drops.


Sparkling Steps Banner: Klee leads the way

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  • The Sparkling Steps Banner will run from October 20th 2020 until November 10th 2020.
  • If you're wondering exactly when the banner will start and finish, remember that this will vary based on your server time - so if you see online some have access, they're likely in a different region and you should check back later on the same day.
  • The star of the Sparkling Steps banner is Klee, a 5-star pyro/fire element character who is rare, but only made it into the b-tier in our tier list - she's good, but not great.
  • The drop rate is increased by 50% for the following featured characters:
    • "Fleeing Sunlight" Klee (5 star, Pyro)
    • "Juvenile Gallant" Xingqiu (4-star, Hydro)
    • "Chivalric Blossom" Noelle (4-star, Geo)
    • "Harmless Sweetie" Sucrose (4-star, Anemo)
  • The following characters can also be drawn from this banner, with a standard rarity drop rate: 
    • Diluc (5-star)
    • Jean (5-star)
    • Keqing (5-star)
    • Mona (5-star)
    • Qiqi (5-star)
    • Barbara (4-star)
    • Beidou (4-star)
    • Bennett (4-star)
    • Chongyun (4-star)
    • Fischl (4-star)
    • Razor (4-star)
    • Xiangling (4-star)

Epitome Invocation: promotional weapons banner

  • This version of the Epitome Invocation Banner runs from October 20th 2020 until November 10th 2020.
  • Remember that the exact start-time is based on your local server time - but the banner will appear and disappear at some point on those above dates.
  • This banner features a 50% increase in drop rate for the featured weapons, plus an across-the-board drop rate increase for 5-star weapons.
  • The Featured Weapons drops are as follows:
    • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (5-star Catalyst)
    • Wolf's Gravestone (5-star Claymore)
    • Dragon's Bane (4-star Polearm)
    • Sacrificial Bow (4-star Bow)
    • Sacrificial Fragments (4-star Catalyst)
    • Sacrificial Greatsword (4-star Claymore)
    • Sacrificial Sword (4-star Sword)


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