Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Rock Rose, King Rhino, & Bismuth Prism | material locations for the Economic Stimulation request

A series staple returns in Monster Hunter Rise in the form of the farm, which in this game takes the form of a Submarine that you can send out your Palico and Palamute friends on in order to trade for key crafting items you'll need - crucial for getting your hunter to where they need to be.

How vital this feature is makes two particular side quests very important, as they allow you to unlock additional submarines, an upgrade that'll make the whole system surrounding them much more effective. On this page, we cover one of those quests - the Economic Stimulation request that tasks you with gathering three items - King RhinoRock Rose, and Bismuth Prism

Before we get going, one thing to keep in mind is that these items can be pinpointed on the map under the Special Items tab. For example; you can use the icons on this map of the Lava Caverns to point you to locations where you have a chance to gather the Bismuth Prism.


Monster Hunter Rise Economic Stimulation Request: locations of Rock Roses, King Rhinos, and Bismuth Prisms

The reward for the Economic Stimulation request is pretty simple - you'll gain an additional submarine that you can then use for those handy "farm" activities that have been a Monster Hunter staple. You'll first need to pick up the quests from Rondine the Trader, and this quest will come after the previous one, Cultural Exchange (which asked you to find Wisplanterns and Boatshells)

Here's what you need to find for the Economic Stimulation request; you can hit the link or scroll for more in-depth material locations-

Where to find the Rock Rose

When you move on to the Economic Stimulation quest, one of the items you'll require is the reclusive Rock Rose. These rare flowers can be found in Desert Rose Bushes dotted across the Sandy Plains! Unfortunately, like a few other items required for the Cultural Exchange Submarine request, this item can't be easily pinpointed with the in-game map or the like. We can guide you towards their spawn location, however, so gathering what you need won't take too long.


Check out the screenshot above. You'll want to go to the cliff shown here, at the south of sector 2, and you'll be able to gather Rock Rose with ease. We'll update this page as we find more locations where these can spawn on the map. With any luck, you'll have the materials for your submarine after some quick searching!

As well as this node in sector 2, you can find Desert Rose buses and Rock Rose on a northern cliff in between sectors 4 and 5, and a rocky in sector 12, right in the very middle of the map, almost as far north as you can go. Once again, the Geologist skill at Level 2 will be very helpful with Rock Rose farming, as it can let you get more drops from each node.

Where to find King Rhino

The next one one of the key items required for this request is the royal King Rhino, this time for the Economic Stimulation request. These magnificent bugs can be found perched on trees and pillars dotted across the Flooded Forest; you'll be looking for the Shining Rhino nodes, which are attached to trees. Again, there's no easy in-game map to direct you to, but we can give you a quick and easy location for the bugs.

We've got a few nodes we suggest you go to get the King Rhino from the Shining Rhino nodes - in these images, we show nodes found in the north-west, towards sector 11-13, and a node slap bang in the middle of sector 11. Check the images:


To find the King Rhino spawn, simply go to one of the locations showcased in the screenshots above. Alternatively, you can head to the peak of the Pyramid in sector 3, or to the Felyne camp to the very north of the map from sector 11, though you'll need three wirebugs to reach that one. With any luck, you'll have these additional materials for your submarine after some quick searching!

Where to find Bismuth Prism

Next on the item list for the Economic Stimulation request is the majestic Bismuth Prism. These fancy rocks can be found dotted across Monster Hunter Rise's Lava Caverns, and are farmed from the Iridescent Ore gathering nodes. Unfortunately, like many of the others, this is an item without an easy in-game signpost pointing you to them - but we can give you some guaranteed spawns on this page, which is sure enough the next-best thing.


To gather the Bismuth Prism materials quickly, the easiest place to find these is right outside of Sub-camp 1 in sector 10, if you have it unlocked; simply go to one of the locations showcased in the screenshot we've placed above.

You can also find the Iridescent Ore nodes elsewhere in the Lava Caverns, though - there's nodes on the pathway to the south-west of sector 8 that leads to sector 6, a node on the path that's equidistantly placed between sectors 3, 7, and 9, and a node in sector 13. Get searching, and pretty quickly you'll have the materials needed for the submarine-upgrading Economic Stimulation request in hand.

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