Monster Hunter Rise Icium Location: where to get the Icium material

There are many materials you'll need to get your hands on in Monster Hunter Rise - and one such item is Icium. Icium is a very useful weapon and armor upgrade material, and you'll want to know how to farm it efficiently to stay on top of things.

As you might expect, Icium is used for creating weapons with something of a cold touch - and that means that logically this resource can only be found in one of MH Rise's zones... and it's the one you'd expect. Here's where to find Icium in MH Rise:

Icium Location: where to get Icium in Monster Hunter Rise

It might seem obvious, but yes, the this ice-based upgrade material drop is found in the Frost Islands zone - naturally. There's quite a few opportunities to get your hands on Icium in this area - so allow us to quickly break them down.

Ultimately, you're looking for Mining Outcrop Deposits on the map that have a sort of crystal-like look to them. Mining these outcrops gives you a chance for Icium to drop. Thankfully, given it's a 'static' resource, you can open up the map and filter it down on the materials section to Mining Outcrops - you'll want the white mining outcrop icon. 


Typically speaking, these mining outcrops appear high up, atop the snow-capped rocky areas of the Frost Islands map. Be prepared to use your Wirebug to scale the map vertically to reach high ledges, as often the outcrops these icons refer to are high up. The White Mining Outcrops key to getting Icium can be found:

  • Between sectors 4 and 5.
  • Sandwiched atop rock in the middle of the numbers for sector 3, 6 and 7.
  • High up in the rocks just south of sector 10's central area.
  • Right at the top of sector 9, in the north-west of the map.
  • On a rock in water north of sector 6

While we're recommending going for the White Mining Outcrop Nodes for Icium, it's worth noting that on High Rank there's also a chance for it to drop from Blue Mining Outcrops, too. 

While you can filter down and see all of the white mining outcrops on the map, the absolute easiest to reach is just north of the second camp (a subcamp that you'll need to unlock) - on the rocks south of sector 10. You can simply zip up on high atop the snowy rocks at the border between areas of 8 and 10, and bop that node in order to grab some Icium. 


Using Icium in weapon and armor crafting

With the Icium in hand, you can go on to use this useful material to craft and upgrade a bunch of very useful pieces of gear in Monster Hunter Rise. As you'd expect for an ice-themed item, it's used on many weapons and armor that have a chilling effect themselves - which of course can be specifically useful against certain monsters.

Here's a list of the weapons & armor you can craft or upgrade with Icium. Any crafting will require between 1 and 4 Icium: 

  • Amber Slash I
  • Arko Nulo White I
  • Dual Hatchets I
  • Frost Edge I
  • Frost Edge II
  • Frozen Core I
  • Frozen Core II
  • Gelid Mind I
  • Guardian Sword I
  • Hunter's Knife II
  • Hunter's Rifle II
  • Hyperguard II
  • Iron Bow II
  • Iron Devil
  • Iron Katana II
  • Iron Lance II
  • Kamura Braces
  • Proto Iron Axe II
  • Secta Nulo White I
  • Shotgun (Viper) I
  • Steel Sword
  • Surprise Axe I
  • Tetranadon Edge I
  • Vaik Veil I

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