Final Fantasy II Walkthrough: Where to go, missable bestiary entries and chests, step-by-step guide

Final Fantasy II is a game I find very interesting as an experimental entry in the early burgeoning JRPG franchise, but like many RPGs of its era, it may not be obvious where you need to go at any given point. That's where this page comes in.

This walkthrough is a minimalist bullet point guide for those who don't want to dive into a dense lengthy walkthrough, but also for those who don't want to miss anything that will prevent you from getting 100% bestiary and chests. Unlike Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster, which doesn't have any missable items, Final Fantasy II does have a few missable chests and bestiary entries. This guide will let you know where to find these as you play through the game.

This guide will NOT offer build strategies or boss strategies, just a checklist to make sure players know where to go at any point. There are a variety of playstyles a player might adapt to in FF2, and there are multiple ways you can approach building your team. Additionally, this guide will not guide players through dungeon areas, but will reference maps available to help you through. See the note by the game's first dungeon - Semitt Falls - for more.

What this walkthrough will do:

  • Offer a minimalist walkthrough so you know what you need to do at any point in the game.
  • Point out missable treasure chests and enemies so you can complete the game 100%.
  • Warn you when a character is about to leave the party, so you can remove their equipment. (This is not a problem in the Pixel Remaster version, as characters will automatically unequip items when they leave.)

What the walkthrough will not do:

  • Offer strategies for bosses or party build.
  • Dungeon Walkthroughs - this guide will reference available online maps instead.

1. Opening - Altair, Gatrea, Fynn, Paloom, Poft, and getting around

The first part of Final Fantasy II involves quite a bit of walking around the early sections of the world map, encountering new cities along the way. It'll be a bit before your first proper 'dungeon'.

  • Watch the game's opening scenes, which include a battle you cannot win. After you have control, Learn and Ask Hilda about Wild Rose.
Final Fantasy II Password System
Final Fantasy II is the only game in the series with this sort of Password system. When a text appears in red, you are given a choice to Learn about it, and then you can Ask about that keyword to various NPCs around the game. There is a Steam achievement for getting all these and while you should find most of them naturally, keep that in mind and make sure you learn any Keywords you come across.
  • Once you have control, buy some armor and equip yourself. If you are not familiar with the game's combat, go outside and battle a bit to get the hang of things. I strongly recommend checking out our Leveling Guide for some pointers, but truthfully you will learn more about how FF2 works just by playing it.
  • You may want to battle a bit outside to boost yourself just a bit early on, get some starter levels on your preferred weapon types, and buy some spells for your team. It's worth getting Cure and elemental attack spells on more than one person. You WILL need spells at some point, as some enemies are incredibly resistant to physical attacks, so keep that in mind.
    • Also, make sure you open the chest in the Altair hideout. It's right there in plain sight, but it is technically missable, eventually.
  • After you are happy with your team, head North and slightly west to Gatrea. An NPC here will mention a secret bar in the city of Fynn.
  • Head West, North, East to get to Fynn. Note that if you wander too far West on the world map, you'll run into enemies you have no business dealing with right now. Advanced players might like to try and take these guys on for more stats and items (which can be used or sold for a lot of money) but otherwise stay clear.
  • In Fynn, avoid talking to guards as they are very strong and will attack you. Go to the North-side of Fynn, around to the East and South to get to the bar.
  • Mention Wild Rose to the NPC at the top right of the Bar. Then mention Wild Rose again to Scott in the bed. You’ll get a Ring.
A note on Treasure Chests
It's worth noting that by opening the Map, you can check how many chests and items there are in each area of the game. A majority of chests can be obtained at any time and are not missable, but there are cases when you'll be in a one-time-only dungeon, so you'll want to be sure to grab the chests.

For Fynn, you can't miss any chests at the moment - but you'll have to proceed in the story quite a bit before you can grab them.
  • Go back to Hilda in Altair - the first town - and show her the Ring. Learn about Mythril and then Ask about Mythril. Talk to Minwu next to Hilda and he’ll join the party and give you a canoe. Talk to Hilda again to Learn then Ask about Dreadnought. Then do the same for Airship.
A note on Final Fantasy II's Party and the 4th member slot
Firion, Maria, and Guy are the main party for Final Fantasy II. Throughout most of the game, a 4th party member will join temporarily at certain points, but never stick around for too long. Don't worry much about equipping this rotating 4th member or building his stats. Additionally, this guide will note when a member is about to leave the party, so you'll want to remove their equipment to steal it from them.
  • Go Northeast of Altair, canoe across the pond (just walk straight into the water to use the canoe), enter Paloom.
  • Pay the pirate at the front of town, then leave town and enter the ship to go to Poft. Go to the Pub. Ask Cid about Airship. There's new equipment here to check out.

2. Salamand, Semitt Falls, and Mythril Equipment

  • From Poft, you can either walk North and slightly West to Salamand, or pay the guy behind Cid for an Airship ride. I suggest walking (it's not THAT far). Once in Salamand, there's new equipment to find - also be sure to buy and put Teleport on at least two of your main three characters. I'd also recommend having at least two characters with Life.
  • Go to the NE part of Salamand. Talk to the bald guy, Josef. Ask about Mythril and Wild Rose.
  • Go West of Salamand to a river. Canoe South to find Semitt Falls, your first dungeon.
A note on Dungeon exploration in Final Fantasy II
For dungeon exploration, the easiest way to complete these is to follow a map, rather than step-by-step written instructions. Using a map, you can clearly see where the chests are, which doors are trap doors (lead to an empty room), and generally see what you need to do at a glance. This guide won't go into detail on dungeon exploration, and I highly suggest using maps that can be found on GameFAQs, written by KeyBlade999. While these are based on the Famicom version, these are highly accurate and will allow you to grab all chests, just note some of the names will be slightly different.

For Semitt Falls, for instance, use this map to help you. Keep this list of maps in mind for all dungeons in the game. They are very valuable.

Additionally, Final Fantasy II's dungeons often contain so-called 'trap doors', which are doors leading to rooms with nothing in them except a ridiculously high encounter rate. It's best to avoid these rooms, and following maps should make that easy to do.
  • Proceed through the dungeon until you find Paul. Defeat boss for Mythril. [Note there will be 1 chest you cannot get yet.]
  • Return to Altair and give Mythril to NPC in the weapon shop. Buy new Mythril equipment here and at Paloom.

3. Bafsk and Bafsk Cave

  • Go to Poft, talk to the guy behind Cid and choose to fly to Bafsk.
  • In Bafsk, talk to the soldier West of the magic shop and mention Dreadnought. Go to the staircase behind him.
  • Go through the Bafsk Cave dungeon [again, use a map to help], there’s no boss. See a scene with an airship and get a Pass. Only three chests to get here and you should be able to get all of them.
  • Go to Cid in Poft, ask about Airship. Learn about Sunfire and Ask about Sunfire.

4. The Snowcraft and Snow Cavern

  • Minwu will leave the party soon, remove his equipment before talking to Hilda. Go to Altair. Talk to Hilda. Ask her about Sunfire. Go to the room on the right and talk to the dying King of Fynn. Ask about Sunfire. Learn and Ask about Goddess’s Bell. Then go to Hilda and ask about Goddess’s Bell.
  • Go all the way back to Salamand (canoe to Paloom, boat to Poft, airship to Salamand) and talk to Josef. Ask about Goddess's Bell. He’ll join the party. Give him armor but leave him unarmed for weapons (he punches stuff).
  • Go back to Semitt Falls (West of Salamand to the river, follow it to the Falls). Go to the blue crystal in the first room and check the wall NE of it. Get the Snowcraft. (This is the last chest here that you could not get before.)
  • The Snowfield is north of Salamand. Enter the Snow Cavern on the East side of it. Go through the dungeon. Ask the beaver about the Goddess’s Bell and go through the hidden path on the right wall. After you defeat the Adamantoise boss, remove Josef’s equipment. You can get all chests here the first time through.

5. Kashuan Keep

  • Go to Poft and have Cid’s airship fly you to Kashuan Keep. At the keep, use the Goddess’s Bell on the door. Gordon will join you shortly afterward. He specializes in Spears.
  • Go through the Kashuan Keep dungeon (once again, use a map to help, it's way easier than trying to follow written directions). You should be able to get all chests the first time through. After beating the boss, use the Egil’s Torch on the flame at the beginning of the dungeon to get Sunfire.
  • Head all the way back to Altair - use the Chocobo’s forest below Kashuan to help. Talk to people at Altair, ask Minwu about Dreadnought, and you’ll learn Hilda has been kidnapped.

6. The Dreadnought

  • Head northwest of Altair/Fynn quite a ways. You’ll reach the NW corner of the map and loop around to the other, SE corner of the map, and eventually meet the Dreadnought.
Missable Enemy Note
This is the first technically missable enemy in the game. On the way to the Dreadnought, make sure you run into a Phorusracos enemy, as they are one the few missable enemies past a certain point later in the game.
One-Time-Only Area Warning - Dreadnought
The Dreadnought is the first dungeon in the game that CANNOT be revisited. So, you'll want to make sure you get all the chests before using the Sunfire at the end of it. At this point, check your map status screen to be sure you got all the chests. You won't be able to check this later, so check it before clearing the dungeon.

Note, any enemies found in the Dreadnought can be found later, and are not missable.
  • Do the Dreadnought dungeon. Use the Pass on the first guard to get past. Be sure to get all the chests. Use the Sunfire on the engine at the end of the dungeon.
  • You’ll be dropped by Altair. Remove Gordon’s equipment, as he'll be leaving soon. Talk to the King, who will pass away. Then talk to Gordon on the throne. Learn and ask about Dragoons and then Wyverns.

7. Leila, Dragoons, and Deist

  • Go to Paloom, and a new unique NPC Leila is now at the entrance. Talk to her. Go outside and get on the boat. After a quick fight, she’ll join the team and you have a ship. Put a knife in her left hand.
Missable Enemies Note
Be sure to meet Killer Fish, Sea Snake, Buccaneer, and Hell Diver enemies on the water, as they are technically missable enemies far later into the game. Truthfully though, you’d have to be incredibly unlucky to never meet one before that point naturally, but just be sure to add them to the bestiary.
  • Go to the island in the upper right (NE) of the world map. Here is Castle Deist. Get all the chests and talk to the kid and mom, ask both about Wyverns and Dragoons. Then, leave and have to the nearby cave.
  • Go to Deist Cavern and pick up the Pendant from a corpse. Before completing the dungeon, go back to Deist Castle and talk to the Wyvern to get a Wyvern Egg. Then go back to Deist Cavern.
  • Complete the Deist Cavern dungeon, beat the boss and use the Wyvern Egg at the pool at the end. You should be able to get all chests the first time through.
  • Go back to Altair. Remove Leila’s equipment. Talk to Hilda in the SE room of the hideout for a boss battle.

8. The Coliseum

Missable Enemy Note
Be sure to add Antlion and Land Ray from the desert to your bestiary, as they'll disappear later.
  • Using Leila's ship, head to the Coliseum on the East side of the desert on the East side of the world map.
  • Fight the Behemoth, go through the dungeon. Remove Gordon’s equipment before approaching Hilda’s cell. You should be able to get all the chests.
  • Head back to Altair and talk to the first guard you see. Then head NW of Altair to the camp and talk to Hilda and Gordon. Then head to Fynn Castle.
Missable Location Note
The Rebel Camp is a missable location, so make sure you stop by before you go to Castle Fynn.

9. Retaking Castle Fynn

  • At the castle, head straight up, Leila rejoins, up some more, you’ll fight a boss. Then, explore the castle for chests (there's a dungeon shortly that has chests that count for the Castle Fynn area, just to note). Talk to Hilda and ask/learn about Mysidia, Masks, and Ekmet Teloess. You can learn about Ultima from Gordon.
  • Head to the city of Fynn and head to the SW house to talk to Paul. Ask about Ekmet Teloess.
  • Head back to the Fynn throne room and go to the NE corner. Use the Ekmet Teloess Password on the wall. Proceed through the Fynn Sewers dungeon. At this point, you should be able to gain every chest in Castle Fynn and the White Mask.

10. Mysidia, Tropical Island, and Mysidian Cave

  • Head to Mysidia, which is on the west side of the world map left of the mountain range. Buy upgrades and spells here. Use the White Mask at the pedestal at the bottom of the city.
  • Head to the Tropical Island at the South of the World Map. Go through the dungeon to get the Black Mask and get every chest.
  • Head now to the Mysidian Cave east of Mysidia. Use the Black Mask on the Firion Doppelganger when you encounter them. Finish the dungeon to get the Crystal Rod and get every chest. 
  • Heal up at Altair. Unequip Leila before the next section.

11. Leviathan and Mysidian Tower

One-Time-Only Area Warning - Leviathan
Leviathan is the second one-time-only dungeon in Final Fantasy II, following the Dreadnought. There are only 5 chests here, but be sure to get them all. Remember, check the map status screens to verify chest collection BEFORE you leave the dungeon, as you will not be able to check later.

The enemies in Leviathan are not missable - they'll appear on the world map later.
Missable Bestiary Cutoff Warning
When you complete the Mysidian Tower dungeon, the enemies on the world map will change. Make sure you killed Phorusracos, Killer Fish, Sea Snake, Buccaneer, Hell Diver, Antlion, and Land Ray, as mentioned earlier.

Additionally, Altair, Gatera, Paloom, and Poft will be destroyed at this point, so make sure you have the chests in Altair and any items you'd like to buy from those cities.
  • Once you have the Crystal Rod, sail to the tower encircled by mountains in the water West of Altair.
  • You'll get swallowed by Leviathan, and Leila will leave. Be sure to get all 5 chests. Ricard will join your team when you show him the Crystal Rod. He uses a spear.
  • Now you'll do the Mysidian Tower dungeon. You'll be able to get all the chests the first time through. At the top, examine the corner orbs first before the center one for some stat boosts.

12. Cyclone

  • Go to Fynn and talk to Hilda. Learn and ask about Cyclone. Go to the mirror room in Castle Fynn (go to the first floor, use SW stairs, then North) and use the Pendant. You’ll get the Wyvern
Missable Chests Warning - Blood Sword!
Once you have the Wyvern, go to Paul’s house at the SW of Fynn and ask him about the Cyclone. Go into the secret room near his bed and pick up 8 chests including the valuable Blood Sword. This will finally complete the chest collection in the city of Fynn.
  • Go to Paul’s house in Fynn and ask him about the Cyclone. Go into the secret room near his bed and pick up 8 chests including the valuable Blood Sword. This is missable!
One-Time-Only Area Warning - Cyclone
The Cyclone is the third one-time-only dungeon area in Final Fantasy 2. So as usual, make sure to get all the chests before you leave.

The enemies in Cyclone are not missable.
  • Do the Cyclone dungeon and be sure to get all the chests.
  • After a scene, meet with Hilda and learn/ask about Palamecia. Ask Leila and Gordon about Palamecia too.

13. Palamecia Castle

  • Go to Paul’s house in Fynn. Talk to Cid, then Paul. Then boat over to Poft and grab the airship.
One-Time-Only Area Warning - Palamecia
Palamecia is the 4th and final one-time-only area in Final Fantasy II. Unlike the previous three such areas, Palamecia both has missable chests AND technically missable bestiary entries.

Be sure to grab all 17 chests before you leave.

Make sure you encounter Skull, Eyemoeba, Black Knight, Stone Golem, and General (though you should have General already from a chest in Cyclone.) Once again, you'd have to be really unlucky to not meet all of these enemies in a natural run-through of the dungeon, but just make sure you have them before the boss.
  • Fly to Castle Palamecia near the desert and drop in. Get all 17 chests and make sure you encounter Skull, Eyemoeba, Black Knight, Stone Golem, General.
  • Before taking on the boss, remove Ricard's equipment. Take on the boss.

14. Jade Passage and Pandaemonium

  • After scenes, ask Hilda about Jade Passage. This should be all Passwords and earn you an achievement. Also, Leon will join your team and is finally your permanent 4th battle member, so equip him as you will, although he'll probably never be as useful as the other three.
  • Fly to Castle Deist, ask the woman about Dragoons to get Excalibur.
  • At this point, you should have gotten all the missable chests and monsters, so collecting the rest is just an exercise in wrapping things up. The Jade Passage and then Pandaemonium dungeons will end the game, and can be left using the Teleport spell. The Jade Passage can be found on the long peninsula south of Altair.
  • Use the Blood Sword on the Final Boss to make things trivially easy. It also works on several other bosses found in Pandaemonium.

With peace restored once more, it's time for a new journey, and a new challenge. We'll help with the rest of the Minimalist Final Fantasy Walkthrough series: