Final Fantasy V Walkthrough - Where to go, missable bestiary entries and chests, blue magic, step-by-step guide

The Pixel Remaster release of Final Fantasy V is now available for PC and mobile devices. If you are looking to 100% the game and get all achievements, we're here to help.

This walkthrough is a minimalist bullet point guide for those who don't want to dive into a dense lengthy walkthrough, but also for those who don't want to miss anything that will prevent you from getting 100% bestiary and chests. For most dungeons, the provided in-game map is all you need for dungeon exploration, and these maps will tell you if you've obtained all the chests/items in an area. Simply open it up to take a look where chests are. However, a handful of dungeons do have secret passageways leading to extra rooms and chests, so we'll point these out from time to time.

Final Fantasy V has quite a bit more to keep track of in a guide such as this. Due to the game's multi-world structure, there are more things that can be missed at key points in the game when you move on from one world to the next. The introduction of Blue Magic also adds to the complexity. 

What this walkthrough will do:

  • Offer a minimalist walkthrough so you know what you need to do at any point in the game.
  • Point out missable treasure chests and enemies so you can complete the game 100%.
  • Point out the earliest times Blue Magic can be obtained.

What the walkthrough will not do:

  • Offer anything more than the most rudimentary introduction strategies for bosses or party build.
  • In-depth Dungeon Walkthroughs. Some dungeons in FF5 Pixel Remaster are slightly tricky, and we'll offer a few quick guides, but nothing more than the minimum needed to get through and grab all the chests.

1. Introduction, Tule, and the Wind Shrine

  • After the introductory scenes, you'll be controlling a chocobo, Boko. You cannot dismount just yet. Head east and north to the meteor. After the tutorial battle, head NE to Galuf. After Galuf and Lenna leave, there is a chest to the SE, hidden under the leaves, containing a Phoenix Down. Then return to Boko to the W and leave.
Item Collection Note:

Most towns have both items and chests that can be found by the player. The in-game map doesn't point out where these are exactly, but it does track how many you have found in each town and how many are left to find. For the most part, this guide will not point out where exactly these items/chests are, unless they are especially tricky, because most can be found with relatively little trouble just by searching normally. Most items are invisible and can be found in grass, pots, and the like around town. 

This guide will also note any item that is missable.
Brave Blade /Chicken Knife Note:

It's worth knowing now that much, much later in the game, you'll be able to either pick up the Brave Blade or the Chicken Knife. You have to pick one or the other - you can't get both.

The reason why this is worth knowing now is that: the attack power of these weapons will depend on how many times you flee from battle.

The Brave Blade has a starting Attack Power of 150, and grants +5 Strength, but will decrease every time you flee from battle, even before you get it. So, if you want the Brave Blade, you should never, ever flee.

The Chicken Knife is the opposite, which powers up the more you escape, capping at 127 power at 254 escapes. The Chicken Knife technically has higher damage potential than the Brave Blade, due to how it incorporates the agility stat into the damage formula. However, it also has a 25% chance of making the party run from the fight when used.

The choice is yours which you want to use.
  • Back on the overworld, head to the NW for a scene in a canyon. You'll begin to head north, fighting two battles with goblins on the way, before being reunited with Lenna and Galuf.
  • Back on the world map again, continue heading north until you are in the cave.
  • The small cave is sometimes referred to as the 'Road to Tule' and has a healing spring, three different enemies, and one chest. Remember to use the in-game map to check for your item collection
    • Steel Bat
    • Devil Crab
    • Stroper
  • You'll soon enter the Pirate's Hideout, and after some scenes, you'll be on the Pirate Ship.
Item Collection Note:

If you check your item collection, you'll see you have only 1/4 items from the Pirate Hideout. Don't worry, you'll get the rest shortly.
Bestiary Note:

Due to Final Fantasy V's world structure, more bestiary entries are missable than in previous games. While these three enemies are NOT missable, it's in your best interest to encounter enemies as early as possible to add them to your bestiary.
  • When you first get control of the ship, a crewmate will ask to take over control. Say no so that you can maintain control of the ship on the world map. Then, head NW to the first town of the game, Tule.


  • Here, there are 3 items and 3 chests in the west house, which is a tutorial house that teaches some basics of the game. There are 5 other items scattered throughout town:
    • Barrel east of Inn
    • Two in barrels/crates in the center of town.
    • One in a bush in the far north and west of town.
    • One in a crate to the far north and east. 
  • Play the piano (1/8), you have to sit on the stool and watch the dancers first. There are 8 pianos in the game and you get an achievement (and a Bard Song) for playing all of them.
  • You can go upstairs to see a scene with Faris.
  • Buy some armor and a broadsword for Galuf. Buy Magic.
  • Remember the Brave Blade / Chicken Knife note above about fleeing from battle, this guide won't mention this again.

To the Wind Shrine

  • On the world map, there are three new enemies you can fight outside of Tule.
    • Killer Bee
    • Nutkin
    • Stray Cat (somewhat rare)
  • Near the Torna Canal to the east, on the little strips of land, you can fight three more enemies.
    • Gatling
    • Big Horn
    • Bandersnatch (somewhat dangerous, gain a few levels before fighting)

Wind Shrine

  • Once you've gotten the bestiary entries on the world map, head to the Wind Shrine far to the NE of Tule. There are 4 enemies and 4 chests.
    • Black Goblin
    • White Serpent
    • Moldwynd
    • Mani Wizard
  • Go to the west room for a scene. The pot is a full-heal. Talk to the NPC left of the pot for 5x free Potions.
  • This dungeon is pretty short, you'll be able to get 3 of the 4 chests before fighting the Wing Raptor boss. (Check out our Final Fantasy V Boss Guide for detailed strategies, if you need them). The last chest is in the room after the boss, in the SE corner. Make sure to check the in-game map to verify a complete Item Collection.
  • You'll then see a long scene about the crystals, then leave the dungeon through a portal to the north.
  • Listen to Boko's Jobs tutorial if you want. Jobs are a huge part of FF5, and though this walkthrough will guide you to some extent, you can also consult our FF5 Jobs guide for help with the best jobs and skills, if needed.
Blue Magic Tutorial

You now have your first classes, including the series debut of the Blue Mage. The Blue Mage can learn certain abilities from enemies if they are hit with that attack in battle. This guide will list the earliest opportunity to learn every Blue Magic in the game.

Some tips:
-Only one character needs to learn Blue Magic for every character to be able to use it.
-The character doesn't have to survive the attack to learn it.
-The battle cannot be fled, it must be won to learn the Blue Magic.
-After leveling up the Blue Mage class a few times, the character can set the Learn passive ability, so they can learn Blue Magic while using another class. You do need to have Learn equipped, however.

We also have a separate guide for Blue Magic Locations, but this walkthrough will also mention the earliest you can learn each skill.

Blue Magic you can learn now:
Goblin Punch - from Black Goblin in Wind Shrine
Aero - from Moldwynd in Wind Shrine.
Vampire - from Steel Bat in Road to Tule Cave
  • To proceed, go back to Tule and enter the big north house, and talk to the NPC. After several scenes, leave town for another scene, then enter your boat for yet another scene. Then, head south and back into the Pirate Hideout / Cave. 
  • Once back at the pirate area, you can press a skull button to open a room to the NW with three more chests, finally completing the item collection here. Boko is in another room, too. Now leave.

2. To The Water Crystal

Torna Canal

  • Now go to the canal, east from Tule, in the pincer-like area. The Torna Canal is an easy 'dungeon' with one path and no chests. However, both enemies here are missable, so make sure to encounter them.
    • Sucker (MISSABLE)
    • Octokraken (MISSABLE)
Missable Enemies Note
Encounter Sucker and Octokraken in Torna Canal
  • Use lightning on the Karlabos boss. BTW, once you encounter the boss, you won't be able to return to the Wind Shrine/Tule area for a while.

Ship Graveyard

  • After some scenes, you'll now be in Ship Graveyard. There are 4 enemies here.
    • Skeleton
    • Calcruthl
    • Undead Hulk
    • Mind Flusher
  • Just as you get off the ship, head to the south of the plank east of the ship, onto the rock. After a bit, you should jump your way to a Flail item. 
  • Although it doesn't look like it, the rest of the dungeon is pretty linear. You'll eventually reach one small fork where you can head to a door to the north or south (head north for a chest first, then south).
  • You'll then see a scene where the crew realizes Faris is a woman. After that, head through the path until you are in the outer area again, then head east and south. You can enter a ship that has a world map and three chests, which should finish the Item Collection in the area. If you are missing a chest, backtrack to find it.
  • You'll then fight the Siren boss. After three turns, she'll turn undead, and you can cast Fire. You can't use Phoenix Downs btw.

Overworld - Carwen Area

  • After that, you'll end up back on the world map. There's one new enemy here, a Tatou, along with a few old enemies. Head south to the town of Carwen.
    • Gatling
    • Big Horn
    • Tatou (NEW)
    • Garula (NEW)
  • You can encounter a Garula west of Carwen in a random battle. It will not attack or yield exp. It is marked in your bestiary though, so encounter it once.


  • There is a bunch of new stuff to buy. There are three hidden items:
    • One in a barrel in the center of town.
    • One in a secret passage in the pub (Use the Thief Skill Find Passages to help).
    • One in a crate south of the pub. Head straight south from the sign.
  • Make sure to play the Piano in the pub (2/8). 
  • To continue, you need to talk to a green-haired woman south of the pub, then talk to a man upstairs in the pub. Then leave town.
  • The next destination is North Mountain, which is to the north.

North Mountain

  • The North Mountain is a linear dungeon with 4 enemies and 2 easy chests. Simply use your map to find the two chests.
    • Rock Slug
    • Gaelicat
    • Cockatrice
    • Headstone
Blue Magic Note 

Flash - From Headstone on North Mountain. You have to use an Ether on them, which you may only have a few to spare. You can easily get this elsewhere too, so don't worry if you can't get it now.
  • DONT STEP INTO THE PURPLE FLOWERS or else you'll get poisoned.
  • The boss (Magissa / Forza) is pretty standard. Use our boss guide if you need help.
  • After the scene, you are now flying on Hiryu. Go to Castle Tycoon (fly all the way back where you started and fly over the meteorite).

Castle Tycoon

  • There's a hidden path on the northeast side of the courtside that leads to the east tower, with two chests. Oddly enough, your map screen doesn't seem to count these for Item Collection. It's possible these are not counted because Lone Wolf the Pickpocket can steal these (more on him later).
  • You'll see a scene if you enter the throne room.
  • Afterward, you can explore the full castle to get the rest of the chests and items. None of them are too hard to find.
    • A west passage in the courtyard only opens after seeing the scene in the throne room.

Walse & Walse Castle

  • Now head to Walse, the town (south of Carwen). The single hidden item here is in the SW house, accessed by the moat. You can shop a lot, including magic for Time Mages and Summoners you don't have yet.
Missable Item Note: The Iron Shield and Kenpo Gi you can buy here are technically missable. So buy one of each if you want.
  • Then head to Walse Castle. Go into the upper right room from the entrance, then down the stairs to find three items. 
  • Avoid the stairs downwards in the entrance room for now. There are more items, chests, and enemies in Walse Castle that you *can* get now, but there are enemies that are much higher level than what you should be at this point, so let's avoid for now. (Specifically, the Jackanapes).
    • If for some reason you ignore this advice, don't let out Lone Wolf from the prison. Just don't. More on this later.
    • If for some reason you ignore this advice, you can abuse the Thief's Scram ability if you want, but keep the Brave Blade in mind, too.
    • We will come back here, I promise.

Walse Tower

Once you are ready, head to Walse Tower, NW of the castle on the overworld. Walse Tower has 5 enemies and 4 chests.

One-Time-Only Area Warning - Walse Tower

Walse Tower is a one-time-only area, meaning once it is complete, you can never revisit it. This means you'll want to encounter the 5 enemies here and collect the 4 chests before you beat the Garula boss.

It's important to note, for Item Collection purposes, that once the tower is completed, you will no longer be able to check your in-game map for chest completion. So, to be certain you got everything in the tower, make sure you check before you beat Garula.
  • Be sure to encounter these enemies. While some of them are technically able to be found later, just make it easy on yourself and get them all now.
    • Elf Toad
    • Ice Soldier
    • Ricard Mage
    • Wyvern
    • Pas de Seul 
Blue Magic Note

Pond's Chorus - from Elf Toad in Walse Tower. They need to be alone to use it.
  • The tower is otherwise linear. A few chests are up climbable vines. Boss hits hard but is doable. 
  • After the boss and getting new jobs (you'll pick up 5 crystal shards, 1 you'll get much later), return to Walse Castle and talk to the king in his bedroom. Then head to the meteorite where the tower was, and warp to a new region.

3. To The Fire Crystal

Karnak Region

  • You are now in the Karnak Region, which has new monsters.
    • Aegir
    • Zu
    • Wild Nakk (forests)
    • Grass Tortoise
  • Head west through the forests and south to reach the town of Karnak.


  • Play the Piano (3/8) in the pub.
  • Karnak has one item to collect, but you won't be able to get it for a while.
  • Go to the weapon shop. You'll notice the prices are discounted from what they normally are. It's best to buy a Mythril Hammer at a strangely low price. As soon as you do this, you'll be thrown in jail. Nice.
  • Once in jail, wait some time, run around a bit, and eventually, you'll talk to Cid. After some scenes, you'll regain control. Go ahead and leave Karnak Castle and head back to the town. Your map will list several items in the castle, but you'll get these later.
  • There are a bunch of items and magic to buy. Now's a good time to gain some money, train some of your jobs - old and new - and improve your equipment.
Blue Magic Note

??? - Wild Nakk in forests near Karnak.

A Detour Back to Walse Castle for Shiva

  • After some training and getting upgraded gear at Karnak, now is a good time to return to Walse Castle to get Shiva.
  • Note there are still some items and bestiary entries here we will hold off until later. We are just getting Shiva for now.
Missable Summon Note

Shiva is actually a missable Bestiary Entry and Summon if you never get her before leaving the first world.
  • Go down the stairs in the entrance room that you avoided before. You can head down more stairs to the dungeon area but do NOT free the wolf.
    • This is Lone Wolf the Pickpocket. If you let him out, you'll lose out on some treasures later. Just leave him be. Note that the treasures he takes do NOT seem to count for item collection, but seriously, there is no reason to let him out.
  • Instead, in the first basement, head through the door to the south (NOT the upper right, we'll do this later). After following the path to the waterfall, you'll fight Shiva and Ice Commanders. Beat her and get her as a summon.

Fire-Powered Ship

Now, head back to Karnak, and enter the Fire Ship south of it. By the way, this is NOT a one-time-only dungeon, though it might seem like it.

Back-to-Back Dungeons + Time Limit Note

While the Fire-Powered Ship is not a one-time-only dungeon, it will lead directly into Karnak Castle afterward, which is a one-time-only dungeon AND has a time limit.

So, before Fire-Powered Ship (or at least before beating the boss of Fire-Powered Ship), make sure you have a good solid save point beforehand and you are happy with your party.
  • Fire-Powered Ship Enemies
    • Crew Dust
    • Poltergeist
    • Defeater
    • Motor Trap
Blue Magic Note

 - Motor Trap in Fire-Powered Ship. Use a thunder ability on them.

If you couldn't get it before, you can get Flash from the Crew Dust.
  • Quick guide through Fire-Powered Ship:
    • In the first room, grab 4 chests by entering every room EXCEPT the NE one. Leave that one for last, and then head through it, and activate the elevator.
    • Grab another chest, then continue to the next elevator. A World Map will be found along the way if you didn't pick it up in the Ship Graveyard.
    • Go through the nearby air vent and along the path. Soon enough you'll be in a room with 4 vents on the south wall. Head through the east-most vent to get one item after a bit of walking, you'll end up back here. Then go to the second-east-most vent for another item. Then enter the vent 2nd from the left.
    • Head up the nearby stairs, flip the switch, and enter the door for another item.
    • Return and go through the door. Don't go on the conveyor, it returns to the 4 air ducts. Instead, head through the door on the left for a save point.
    • In the switch/platform room, hit every switch as you come across them, except the bottom-center one. You'll pick up the last chest. Then go through the door.
    • Boss (Liquid Flame) is weak to blizzard.
    • After some scenes, you'll be in the Karnak Castle basement.

Karnak Castle Dungeon

One-Time-Only Dungeon Warning - Karnak Castle

As warned before, Karnak Castle is a one-time-only dungeon, and it's a tricky one at that. It also has a time limit, and there are missable enemies, chests. If you do not complete the dungeon before the time limit it is game over.

There are also some Blue Magics you can learn here (though you can also learn these later.) For completionists, this zone can be pretty stressful.

We will try and guide you through this section as thoroughly as possible in getting all the enemies, items, and Blue Magic.

By the way, it's worth noting here that oftentimes, 'monster-in-a-box' encounters are semi-random. (Not which boxes specifically lead to monster encounters, just the monster encounter itself is not a scripted set encounter of enemies.)
  • Karnak Castle Enemies
    • Sergeant (missable! Kill one in a random battle. They will flee if left for last.)
    • Sorcerer (missable, can find in a box)
    • Cur Nakk (missable, can find in a box)
    • Gigas (missable, can find in a box)
Blue Magic Note

Aera - from Gigas in a monster-in-a-box
Death Claw - from Iron Claw boss at the end of Karnak Castle.

Again, both of these Blue Magic spells can be obtained later, relatively easily, so don't worry if you can't get them here.
  • Karnak Castle Walkthrough
    • Go back one room and heal from the pot. Then go back to the save point and SAVE.
    • Head straight north and get the chest in the jail cell.
    • Go around to the NE side of the room for a chest with monsters and an Elixir. Then exit to the NE.
    • In the library-ish room, head east, open a chest for a monster fight. Then do the same on the left side.
    • Keep following the path until you get to the main hallway with the ornate carpet. Then head to the NW room. Grab the chest with money then enter the nearby stairs.
    • Follow the path to another monster chest. Then return to the previous chest.
    • Here, there are two more chests in this room with monsters and elixirs. Head south through the door, then u-turn up to the next room
    • Grab all the chests in this room. You should have 12/15 before you leave. Head through the stairs to the NE.
    • Follow the path to another monster chest with a Main Gauche. Then return to the room with a bunch of open chests and head south.
    • Go along the east and west to get the last two chests. Make sure you have 15/15. Make sure you check this in your in-game map now, because you won't be able to later. Hopefully, you have some time left to spare.
  • When you leave the castle's main gates, you'll encounter one last scripted encounter with a Sergeant and Cur Nakks.
Missable Bestiary Entry Note

For the boss fight, you want to make sure to kill the Cur Nakks and leave the Sergeant alive. After the Cur Nakks die, the boss will transform into Iron Claw. Not only should you do this to add him to your bestiary, but you can also learn Death Claw from him. This isn't the only place to learn Death Claw though, so don't worry if you beat him without picking it up.
  • After the scene collecting the fire crystal shards, return to Karnak.

Karnak Revisited

  • Take a breath after the tense dungeon section, phew.
  • You want to talk to Cid on the top floor of the bar.
  • You can collect the one hidden item from the top of the wall around Karnak now, finishing the Item Collection.
  • Your next task is to head to the west of Karnak, down to the Library of Ancients.
Blue Magic Note

With the new Beastmaster class, you'll want someone to learn the Control skill. This is used to gain several Blue Magic abilities by controlling enemies and having them use the skill directly.

There are a handful of new skills you can get now.

Aqua Breath - from Dhorme Chimera in the desert near the Library of Ancients.
Transfusion - Mythril Dragon near the Library of the Ancients. Must be controlled by a Beastmaster.
Missile - Motor Trap back in the Fire-Powered Ship. Must be controlled by a Beastmaster.
  • Enemies near Library of Ancients
    • Silent Bee
    • Mythril Dragon
    • Dhorme Chimera (desert, somewhat tough)

4. To The Earth Crystal

Library of Ancients

  • The Library of Ancients is a dungeon area. *Eventually* the library will disappear, but not for a long time. Still, grab the chests and enemies while you are here.
    • Page 32
    • Page 64
    • Page 128
    • Page 256
Blue Magic Note

Level 5 Death - from Page 64. Hopefully at least one but not all of your characters are at level 20 here. Don't want everyone to die, right?
Off-Guard - From Page 256. Must be controlled with a Beastmaster.
Moon Flute - From Page 256.
Aera - In case you didn't get it from a Gigas in Karnak Castle, you can get it here from Page 32.
Magic Hammer - From Byblos boss in the Library.
  • There's a pot in the 2nd room of the library that will heal you.
  • You can go up another floor and fight the east-most book. All the book enemies can be encountered randomly, too.
  • The dungeon itself is somewhat weird, where crossing over certain paths will move others. In the first room, you want to make your way to a bookshelf in the NE and examine it to fall down a hole.
    • Head South and grab a chest.
    • In the next room, head up a ladder and examine the wall and go through. Head along the path, and eventually, you'll fight Ifrit in a book.
    • Head back to the fork go through the door you haven't gone through before.
    • You can head through a gap in the bookshelf here to get a Ninja Suit.
    • As you continue along the path, you'll find a Phoenix Down, the last item in the dungeon.
    • Eventually, you'll find a save point, and later you'll fight Byblos. Weak to fire, can learn blue magic Magic Hammer.
    • Talk to Mid, then leave the dungeon.

Another Quick Detour To Walse Castle

We waited for Level-5 Death to do this. You can return to Walse now to complete the Item Collection. Head down the stairs in then through the NE door. Use Level 5 Death on the Jackanapes. They are still probably too difficult to defeat in any other way. You can finally complete the Item Collection here.

Getting Another Ship

  • Head back to Cid in the Pub in Karnak.
  • Head back to the Fire-Powered Ship. After the scene, talk to Cid for another scene. Then you have a new ship.
    • You can still fight enemies in the Fire-Powered Ship if you need to.
    • A note: As you sail on the open ocean, don't enter the town of Crescent on the moon-shaped island just yet.
  • With a new ship, there are several new places you can go. Here are some of the new monsters you can get. (Use the World Map item from your item bag to see the dots on the map for some places you can go with the ship)
  • Sea Monsters
    • Sahagin
    • Thunder Anemone
    • Sea Ibis (around the Crescent isle)
    • Corbett (in the area outside of the inner sea. Kinda tough at this point)
  • Jachol Area (to the SW)
    • Bomb
    • Doublizard
    • Bio Soldier
  • Istory Area (to the NW)
    • Mythril Dragon
    • Black Flame
    • Stone Golem
    • Mini Dragon (forests)
  • Crescent Area (the obviously crescent-shaped area. Again, don't enter then town yet.)
    • Doublizard
    • Bio Soldier
    • Harvester
    • Black Flame
    • Prototype - 2nd Island South of Crescent. Very tough. Use Control and have it self-destruct itself.

Jachol and Jachol Cave (SW part of the map)

  • Jachol doesn't have any hidden items, but does have some shopping to do, such as the useful Sage's Surplice. There is also a piano in the pub (4/8).
  • In Jachol Cave you can meet Nutkins (meh) and Skull Eaters. These only have 1 HP, but very high stats otherwise. Use a Geomancer's Gaia ability, scroll items (can get Thunder Scrolls from Thunder Anemones), or run (consider Brave Blade..).
  • The dungeon itself is pretty easy otherwise, check the skulls and empty chests for switches. For the wall of skulls, simply stand in front and wait a bit to see which skull to press.
  • Note: There are three chests to get in the cave's second room, but it looks like only twoof them count for the item collection, according to your map. The chest with the Blitz Whip chest can be taken by Lone Wolf if you let him out of the Walse jail. It seems like these chests do not count for the collection.

Istory (Far NW of the world map)

Blue Magic Note

Dark Spark - From Black Flame near Istory.
Missables Note

Romeo's Ballad
- Learned in Istory by talking to the Bard near the sheep pen. This has to be obtained before leaving for the second world later in the game
Ramuh - Technically missable if you throw away the Ramuh item after beating him. Don't be dumb.
  • Ramuh can be found in a random battle in the forests near Istory. Beat him up. Use the item he drops to learn him. Technically missable if, for some reason, you throw away the item.
  • Istory has really expensive accessories you probably don't need to buy right now.
    • Run around the flower circle to get Toad
    • Talk to the NW sheep from behind, then talk to the Bard to learn Romeo's Ballad. This is missable if you don't grab this before leaving the first world.


Blue Magic Note

Flame Thrower
- from Prototype on the 2nd island to the SW of Crescent Isle. He has very high stats, but a beastmaster can control and self-destruct it pretty easily.
  • Talk to the Minstrel in the SE of town to learn Mighty March.
  • Piano Here too (5/8)
  • Some weapons to buy
  • No hidden items
  • Go to the Forest south of Crescent to find a Black Chocobo. After a scene, you'll have Ranger and Bard jobs, plus a way to fly. Black Chocobo can land in forests only.


  • Using the Black Chocobo, head to Lix, an isolated town at the very north of the map, surrounded by mountains, near the Wind Shrine.
Missables Note

Alluring Air - Talk to the bard in Bartz's house after examining the music box. This has to be obtained before leaving for the second world later in the game
  • No hidden items
  • Buy scrolls, (water is useful for the next boss)
  • You can buy ethers here
  • Go to Bartz's old house in the NW and examine the pink music box for a scene. Then talk to the bard resident to learn Alluring Air (Missable!)
  • Rest at Inn for a second scene.
  • Talk to the scholar-like NPC in the north center of town for a third scene.

Desert of the Shifting Sands & Gohn

  • Now fly to the Library of Ancients (Center of the west continent) to talk to Cid & Mid. Then head west to the Desert of the Shifting Sands.
  • In some versions of Final Fantasy V, enemies here are missable, though later versions allow these enemies to be encountered in the third world. Just to be safe, find them now.
    • Sandboil
    • Desert Killer
    • Sand Bear
Missable Item Note

is a spear that can only be found from stealing from Sand Bears, for some reason. It's not a good weapon, but this is the only place to get them, if you want.
A note on Stealing

Some valuable items can be obtained by stealing them from enemies or bosses. None of the enemies before this point had significant steals, so I hadn't mentioned this until now. 

There are two different types of stealable items that any enemy can hold: common steals and rare steals. When a character uses Steal, they have a 40% chance to steal an item. If you have the Thieve's Gloves equipped (obtained from the Fire-powered ship), this increases to 80%.

If the steal is successful, you have a 123/128 chance to steal the normal, common steal item. Items that are considered rare steals only have a 5/128 chance of being stolen, or about 4% (off of a successful steal attempt). Not all enemies have normal and rare steals, some have only one or the other.

In the case of Sand Bears, they *only* hold a Javelin in their Rare Steal slot, and have no common steal item. This means you will continue to fail quite often until you luck out with the lower percentage chance of grabbing the rare steal - the Javelin.

This isn't the case for the Sand Bear, but know for the future, enemies that have both a common item and a rare item are actually quite annoying, for this reason. You have a 123/128 chance to grab the common steal, and if you do so, you can no longer grab the rare steal. Unlike enemies that do not have a common steal, you cannot just keep trying until you are lucky. The best way to steal rare items from enemies that have both a common and rare steal is to try a steal, and then repeatedly use a time mage's "Return" ability to reset the battle until you get the rare steal.

Hopefully, that made some sense. I will mention worthwhile steals from here on out.
  • Getting through the desert is pretty easy, no chests.


  • In Gohn, no items.
  • Approach the middle staircase to see King Tycoon.
  • Then go up the western staircase where you'll see him a second time.
  • Then go around and down the center staircase, where you'll see him a third time, then follow him. After a scene, you'll find yourself in a hollow underground. There are no enemies or items here, so continue on.
  • You'll then find yourself in the Catapult.

Catapult and Airship events

  • After going up a staircase, head around to the south to find a rest area to heal up. Then, push the button in the room left of the rest area. It won't work, and then you'll be put on a mini-scavenger hunt until you learn you need to pull the button instead, to find this area's three chests for the Item Collection.
  • Continue on the linear path, and after some scenes, you'll get the airship, and then a boss fight against Cray Claw. Use thunder.
  • Once you get the airship, feel free to explore a bit, but in order to continue, fly over the city of Gohn (southern side of the west continent) for a scene. Then return to Cid and Mid in the area underneath Crescent Island.
  • Then head to Tycoon Meteorite (NW of Crescent) to get Adamantite. Fight Adamantoise (use Blizzard). Return to Cid/Mid.
  • Then, get in your airship, you can now press a button to go higher into the atmosphere to find the flying ruins. You have to fight the various guns on the ruins. You can get the Blue Magics Missile and Flame Thrower here if you don't have them already.
  • Once all the guns are down, the big gun will appear. You can save/heal before fighting it. Use Thunder on the main gun. Cast Slow too.
  • You can now enter the Ronka Ruins. Stock up on Phoenix Downs beforehand. You'll want these for the Ghidra enemies.

Ronka Ruins

One-Time-Only Area Warning - Ronka Ruins

The Ronka Ruins are a one-time-only area, meaning you'll want to grab the 12 chests and all the enemy entries here before you finish.

The enemies are:

Ra Mage
Ronkan Knight
Stone Mask
Enchanted Fan
Ghidra (in the final room, quite tough, use Phoenix Down to kill)
Blue Magic Note

White Wind - From Enchanted Fan, must be Controlled by Beastmaster
1000 Needles - From Lamia, must be Controlled by Beastmaster
Level 4 Graviga - From Ghidra in the final area on the ruins. Your level must be divisible by 4. Use Phoenix Down to kill him if you need EXP (might miss, but he's undead, so it'll work eventually), otherwise use Missile to weaken him to force the attack. He has Reflect.
  • Ronka Ruins Walkthrough
    • You want to have someone with the Thief skill Find Passages equipped for this dungeon.
    • Go along the initial path, grabbing the chest with a Golden Armor along the way.
    • In the next area, you'll have a chest with an elixir and if you check your map, there are three paths you can take. The center path simply leads to a save point to Save/Heal. 
    • Go along the right-most path to find a Phoenix down and ultimately a Golden Shield. Return to the three-path fork and take the left-most path to continue.
    • Along the left-most path, you'll eventually find a Hi-Potion. After this, you'll see a fork where you have to choose between a door to the south or a staircase to the north. Take the staircase to find a treasure room.
    • The Treasure Room has five chests, but there are traps on the floor that send you back a few rooms. A Geomancer's Find Pits ability can help. Hug the left and then north walls to get all the chests.
    • Now go through the door south of the staircase. You'll eventually find another door/staircase fork. The staircase leads to another save point. The door continues on.
    • You'll eventually run into one last door/staircase fork. Take the staircase to reach the two last chests, which should finish the Item Collection for this area.
    • Ghidra is a tough random encounter in the room with the boss.
    • Double-check your item collection to make sure you have all 12 chests and have defeated all the above-listed enemies for you to face the boss. 
  • After a bunch of scenes, you'll be left with three people. Go to the area underneath Crescent and back to the resting room in the Catapult to find a note from Cid/Mid. Then go to Tycoon Meteorite.

Meteorite World Tour, and Final Check Before World 2

  • You'll need to visit the other meteorites:
    • Walse Meteorite - Fight Purobolos x6. They'll revive themselves when killed, so its best to kill all at once. I strongly recommend having multiple Ninjas and having everyone throw scrolls as fast as possible. Seriously.
    • Karnak Meteorite - Fight Titan
    • Gohn Meteorite - fight Chimera Brain (absorbs blizzard)
  • At this point, you will be able to head to World 2, Galuf's World, by heading to the portal at the center of the world map. This is a good point to double-check your bestiary, blue magic, and other collections before moving on.
World 1 Final Collection Check

Before you go to Galuf's World, you should have Bestiary entries 1-69, 191-196, 229-253. You should also have played 5 pianos, have 21 Blue Magics, Shiva Summon, Romeo's Ballad, Alluring Air, Javelin, Iron Shield, Kenpo Gi.

5. A Whole New World

  • Fight a Pao, then the game will prompt you to use a tent when you enter the forest. Then you fight a solo boss Abductor. In some versions of Final Fantasy V, this bestiary entry is missable if you lose. So, make sure you win.
Missable Bestiary Note

In some versions of Final Fantasy V, the Abductor you fight as Bartz solo is missable if you lose. So, make sure you win.

Castle Exdeath

  • You end up in Castle Exdeath. After some scenes, once you regain control of Galuf alone, head north into the door and save. The next north door has a healing point.

Head down the single path, you'll fight Gilgamesh alone with Galuf. Blue Magic like Missile or Death Claw will help a lot. You'll free Bartz, Lenna, and Faris. Then leave.

  • Enemies in Castle Exdeath's basement. These enemies are *eventually* missable, but won't leave for a while. Get them now though.
    • Tarantula
    • Shell Bear (the only place to steal Spears)
Missable Enemy and Item Note

Tarantula and Shell Bear in the Castle Exdeath are missable. Also, Shell Bears are the only place you can steal Spears, for some reason, so get one if you want.
  • Your map will say there are 15 items in Exdeath's Castle. You will get these much later.

Castle Exdeath Area

  • You'll want to escape over the Big Bridge to the west, but get the nearby enemies added to your bestiary first.
    • Devilfish
    • Treant (forest)
    • Strapparer (somewhat rare, has Dark Spark and Death Claw if you don't have these Blue Magic yet)

Big Bridge

  • You'll proceed along the bridge. The enemy encounters here are not really random, and instead, happen on certain tiles, but the encountered enemies themselves are somewhat random. These four enemies are also missable, so make sure you get them.
    • Merrow
    • Flying Killer
    • Little Chariot
    • Neo Garula
Missable Enemies Note

Merrow, Flying Killer, Little Chariot, and Neo Garula are missable enemies on the Big Bridge.
  • You'll fight Gilgamesh again halfway down the bridge. He doesn't have anything super valuable worth stealing yet (Genji equipment comes later).
  • After the bridge, you get blown away to a different region near Regole.

Regole (and surrounding area)

  • First of all, there are a handful of new enemies you can find in the area around Regole.
    • Tunneler (forest)
    • Birostris (forest)
    • Fairy Orc
    • Devourer (swamp)
    • Mandrake (swamp)
  • In the city itself, use the Inn (free) for a scene
  • Go to the pub and head through a secret passage on the west wall for a piano (6/8)
  • Bunch of stuff to buy.

Kuza, The Sealed Castle

  • You now want to head to the south on the world map. You'll pass a castle area. This is Kuza, the Sealed Castle, a location that will be more important later. A couple of notable and strong enemies here:
    • Kuza Beast
    • Shield Dragon
Missable Enemy Note

Make sure to encounter Kuza Beast before you head to World 3.
  •  You can fight a random but somewhat rare enemy called a Kuza Beast near the castle (for example, on the bridge). It has 5000 HP and is pretty tough, but make sure you encounter it.
  • Inside the castle, you can fight Shield Dragon. It's very tough at this point. The best way to kill him is to control with a Beastmaster and use Blaze on himself over and over.
  • Keep going along the world and you'll run into the Moogle forest. Follow to the Underground Waterway.

Underground Waterway

One-Time-Only Area Warning - Underground Waterway This dungeon has missable chests and enemies. Two chests are easy to get using your map. The four missable enemies here are:

Blood Slime
Moogle Eater
Lesser Lopros (somewhat rare)

Note: some sources say this area isn't actually missable, but no harm in getting them now anyway, right?
  • Otherwise, the waterway dungeon is pretty straightforward. Two chests to get along the way. Boss Tyrannosaur is undead and weak to fire (can use Phoenix Down). Follow the Moogle out the other side

Moogle Village Area

  • This area of the world map mostly has the same enemies as the Regole area, but there are two new enemies in the desert.
    • Cactus
    • Sandcrawler (Somewhat tough with 15K HP, use spellblade level 5 Break to win instantly.)
  • Head all the way to the North to a large forest surrounded by mountains. The moogle village is hidden in the center.
  • Here, talk to the moogle on the east side of the village and collect the six chests here.
  • Then go to the center home to get a moogle suit, then go to the building to the left and talk to the moogle to get the last item in the village, then talk to the moogle on the far right of the village again.
  • After some scenes, you'll be at the Castle of Bal.

Castle of Bal

  • After the scenes, you can get two chests to the SW of the throne, one of those hidden in a small passage. Then, leave and head out to the courtyard.
  • There are two doors in the courtyard, both leading to shops. The only new item is a Gauntlet in the armor shop.
  • Go up the stairs in the weapon/armor shop, then you can head downstairs obscured by the tower. Here, get the last chest, and then press the button to the S wall, and stand between the shop keepers. You'll get a Lamia Harp.
  • For the last item, go to the SW of the courtyard and you can end up in the surrounding moat. Head ALL the way around the moat to get a Great Sword, finishing the Item Collection here. 
AP Grinding Spot Note

If you head back to the main building and head downstairs, you can fight Objet D'Arts. These guys are weak to Level 5 Death, so they are easy to kill and give great AP. Grind a bit if you want.
  • To continue, go back to the main building and ascend the stairs to talk with Krile and Wind Drake for a scene.
  • Leave the town to fight an Abductor. You won't be able to return for a while.

6. Drakes and Moore

Bal Region

  • As usual, let's first look at the new enemies in the region around Bal.
    • Aquathorn
    • Weresnake
    • Kornago
    • Cursed Being
  • If you want a cool Beastmaster item later, catch a Kornago. The easiest way to do this is to use the Blue Magic Death Claw.
  • Go north to the village of Quelb


  • Check out the north gate, which is locked
  • Enter the topmost house for some scenes
  • Check out shops for stuff
  • Examine the well to the SW. Give the old man the Kornago you caught and 10K gold for a Kornago Gourd, which makes catching easier.
  • Talk to a werewolf in the NE for a Requiem song for bards
  • Leave and head north to Drakenvale.


  • Drakenvale is a very linear dungeon. You easily be able to find the chests along the way.
    • Drippy
    • Lycaon
    • Bone Dragon
    • Poison Eagle
    • Zombie Dragon
  • On the screen with scattered bones, check under one of the skulls for a Bone Mail
  • On the same screen, you will run into Golem. The first time he'll be labeled as ??? and run away. The second time, he'll be attacked by a Bone Dragon and Zombie Dragon. Kill them and you'll get the Golem summon item (don't toss it). You'll also add Golem to your bestiary.
  • Dragon Pod boss - Monk's Kick skill is useful.

Return to Bal Castle, Castle Surgate

  • Return to Bal Castle and talk to Krile in bed. Then talk to the Wind Drake. Then fly north of the opening near Drakenvale to an island cave. It'll sink. Then fly west to Castle Surgate.
  • After some scenes, head up the NW stairs and follow the path to a library. Head to the next floor of the library and put the three books back on the shelves in the proper place (simply alphabetical). Then talk to the NPC, who will open a new path.
  • Go into the new room and open a chest, then go outside.
  • Go west across this courtyard to another room with another chest. Return to the throne room
  • Head to the SW stair in the throne room to enter Xezat's room. Read the book for Swift Song.
  • Use the last staircase in the throne room to enter shops. The weapon shop has new stuff.
  • When ready, fly east of Exdeath's castle to find Xezat's fleet. Make sure you have a thief with Thief's Gloves.

Attack on Barrier Tower

  • Here you'll fight some Gobbledygooks.
  • This you'll fight Gilgamesh the third time. STEAL HIS GENJI GLOVES. Enkidu shows up too.
Missable Item Note

Steal Gilgamesh's Genji Gloves when you fight him on the Surgate boat. It is his common steal, so it should be easy. 
  • Then go below deck and talk to Xezat. After some scenes, you'll now be in Barrier Tower.
One-Time-Only Dungeon Warning - Barrier Tower

Barrier Tower is a one-time-only dungeon, meaning the 4 chests and many enemies here need to be obtained here or missed forever.

The enemies you need to get here are:

Reflect Knight
Level Tricker
Ziggurat Gigas (last floor near second save point)
Blue Magic Note

Time Slip - From Traveler
Level 2 Old - From Level Tricker
Use Chemist's Mix ability Dragon Defense (Phoenix Down+Dragon Fang) to cast Reflect on the enemy. Then control it with a Beastmaster. Use Level 2 Old on the Level Tricker itself, which will bounce the spell onto a single randomly targeted party member. The learner must be a level divisible by 2.
Level 3 Flare - From Red Dragon in a monster-box
Use Chemist's Mix ability Dragon Defense (Phoenix Down+Dragon Fang) to cast Reflect on the enemy. Then control it with a Beastmaster. Use Level 3 Flare on the Red Dragon itself, which will bounce the spell onto a single randomly targeted party member. The learner must be on level divisible by 3.

Note: Of the four chests in Barrier Tower, two of them are monsters-in-a-box. These can be either Red Dragon or Yellow Dragon (it's random). Both enemies can be encountered layer, so don't worry too much if you don't encounter them now or get Level 3 Flare.
  • The dungeon is very linear, but getting the enemies and Blue Magic might take a bit.
  • Boss Atomos can be sleeped with a Sleep spellblade.
  • After the boss, scenes, take the submarine to a thin crevasse in the SW of the western continent, then surface. You'll be near the town of Moore.

Moore Area

  • Before entering Moore, find these enemies nearby
    • Cure Beast
    • Land Turtle
    • Dechirer
  • In the city, find a piano in the pub (7/8)
  • Main Gauche is in barrel outside the pub as the lone hidden item.
  • Lots of good stuff to buy

Sea Floor Exploration

  • When ready, use the submarine to go to a cave in the underwater NW area. The cave has two enemies:
    • Ironback
    • Druid
  • On the overworld on the other side of the cave, find Catoblepas in the forest. Beat him up to get his summon. Don't throw away his item. This is missable!.
  • Make sure you enter Chocobo Forest here. It is one of the few optional locations in the get for achievement purposes, and it is missable.
Missables Note

Fight Catoblepas after the Sea Floor Cave before heading to the 3rd world.
Enter the Chocobo Forest near Catoblepas before heading to the 3rd world.
  • Then go to Ghido's cave, at the center of the map, where the island was before it sank. Two enemies here:
    • Dark Aspic
    • Metamorph
Blue Magic Note

Aeroga - from Metamorph's Enchanted Fan form in Ghido's Cave

Metamorph transforms into other enemies.
There are four possible encounters with Metamorph, each having three different monsters it will randomly transform into. The four encounter variations are:

-Shiva, Gaelicat, Elf Toad
-Ifrit, Wyvern, Enchanted Fan
-Ramuh, Crew Dust, Zombie Dragon
-Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh
  • The cave itself is quite simple. Continue until you get a stone from a chest.
  • Place the stone in the NW chest to press a switch.
  • Then place the stone in the SW chest to continue.
  • Use Find Passages to make your way through hidden passages.
  • Talk to Ghido, get a key item. Teleport out.
  • Now go to Great Forest of Moore.

The Great Forest of Moore

  • This dungeon is trivialized by using your in-game map. It's very easy to get all the chests this way. Go through the holes in trees to continue. 
  • Here are the enemies:
    • Mini Magician
    • Galajelly
    • Mammon
    • Imp
    • Wyrm (this enemy is reportedly missable and will no longer show up after the fire)
Blue Magic Note

Lilliputian Lyric - From Mini Magician in Forest of Moore.
  • A quick note about one of the chests: The chest near the Moogle that appears can change depending on if you pick it up before or after the fire. Before is Aegis Shield, after is Flame Shield. The Flame Shield is better, and you'll get at least one of each of these items later anyway.
  • Boss is 4 crystals, each with a different elemental absorption. Graviga and Missile can help a lot.
  • A bunch of scenes happen here. 

7. Wrapping Up Galuf's World

Gil Cave

  • Restock and when ready, head to a cave near Bal. This is Gil Cave.
  • This is an optional location, but you can meet two enemies here:
    • Undergrounder
    • Gil Turtle
  • The Gil Turtle is a boss-like enemy that you can meet multiple times. He is weak to Blizzard. You want to attack him with one person at a time, as he will counter. Use Blizzaga/Spellblade/Shiva and heal/revive when needed. Also, use float.
  • The Gil Cave has a section behind a door where Bartz will pick up money on each tile, with the amount increasing exponentially as he traverses the path. You may fight the Gil Turtle on any one of these tiles. Consider abusing quicksaves if you want to collect some money but not take on Gil Turtle too many times.

Some random World Map enemies

  • Some random enemies to get. Go to the forest on SE islands. You can get these later, but why not now?
    • Sleepy
    • Triffid
    • Hedgehog (A commenter notes that this monster can be rare at this point and is more easily obtained in the Merged World).
    • Shadow
  • Now's a good time to fight Kuza Beast if you haven't already, who is missable, outside the Sealed Castle. You can also fight Shield Dragon inside, although this is not missable.
  • Now we go to Exdeath's Castle, for real this time.

Castle Exdeath

One-Time-Only Dungeon Warning - Castle Exdeath

Castle Exdeath will disappear once you defeat the boss here. So, you'll want to fight all enemies here and get all 15 chests. As usual, remember that you'll no longer be able to chest your item collection after you finish the dungeon.

There are a lot of enemies here:

Twin Lizard
Blind Wolf
Reflect Mage
Magic Dragon (Has Blue Magic Aeroga if you didn't get it from Metamorph)
Black Warlock (Only enemy in the game to drop Power Staff. Can also rare steal Judgment Staff, though this is also available later)
Adamantite Golem
Iron Fist
Blue Dragon
Red Dragon (Can get Level 3 Flare here if you didn't get it from a chest battle in Barrier Tower)
Yellow Dragon
You can also still go to the B2 area to fight Shell Bear (get Spear if you want) and Tarantula, both missable, if you haven't already.
A forewarning, you'll also fight Gilgamesh again partway through the dungeon, which is the only time you can steal Genji Helm.
One last missable - Carbuncle can be fought and gained for summoners in Castle Exdeath, so don't miss him.
  • Castle Exdeath Quick Walkthrough
    • 2F - Two chests
    • 3F - Enter the west room, then try to leave for a scene
    • 4F - Flip the switch, one chest
    • 5F - One chest
    • 6F - Two chests, one in a hidden path in the lava
    • 7F - A semi-rare enemy (but not missable) can be found here - Oiseaurare. Make the bridge end on the second wall from the left, which can get the monster to spawn. Two chests.
    • 8F - Two chests
    • 9F - The first time you enter this screen it'll just be a staircase, head up to 10F.
    • 10F - Head back down to 9F.
    • 9F - Cast Float, go up the far east staircase to a chest on 10F, then return and go up the other staircase available to you.
    • 10F - In the skull diamond area, grab the chest, then go to the N-most square to warp to Carbuncle (MISSABLE). Then return to this diamond and head S.
    • 11F - Before opening the chest in the center, go up the East staircase and collect two chests. Then return, open the empty chest, fight Gilgamesh. STEAL HIS GENJI HELM. That should be all 15 chests, finishing your item collection.
World 2 Final Collection Check

After getting all the items and bestiary entries in Castle Exdeath, but before taking on Exdeath himself, you should have bestiary entries 1-137, 139,  176-177, 191-196, 229-273. You should also have Catoblepas, Carbuncle, Golem summons. Spear and Power Staff weapons if you care. Also, make sure you entered the Chocobo Forest on the other side of the Sea Floor Cave (where Catoblepas was).

You should have 26 Blue Magic also, not counting Doom you can learn from Exdeath.

Beating Exdeath will move the player towards World 3 - Merged World.
Blue Magic Note

You can learn Doom from Exdeath.
  • When ready, you'll fight Exdeath at the end of his castle. A bunch of scenes follow, naturally.

8. A Merged World

Merged World Interlude

  • Head into Castle Tycoon and go straight north for events.
  • Head S and W (with only Bartz and Krile) to the Cave to meet Boko (and Koko)
  • Now on Boko, head N of Castle Tycoon and then West of Tule to a path. You'll fall down a hole and fight Antlion.
  • After events, Faris rejoins, head west to Ghido's Cave. More events.
  • Then, head south to the Library of Ancients. More events.
  • Talk to a scholar on the roof to learn Mana's Paean (missable!)
Missable Item Note

Get Mana's Paean from a scholar in the Library of Ancients before doing the Pyramid of Moore dungeon.
  • You'll be without Lenna for a bit here.

Overworld - Castle Surgate Area

  • Some new enemies, along with some enemies you may have gotten before at the end of world 2.
    • Sleepy
    • Triffid
    • Hedgehog
    • Python
    • Shadow
    • Elm Gigas
  • Head west to the Guardian Tree for a quick scene. Then continue west to the shifting sands for another quick scene.
  • More enemies can be encountered in the desert. Ignore the pyramid in the center for now.
    • Desertpede
    • Bulette
  • And then in the area west of the desert
    • Slug
    • Gloom Widow
    • Mykale
  • Stop by Moore to pick up the Brave Blade or Chicken Knife. Go around the pub and through a secret path in the trees to the south. The left crate is the Brave Blade, right is the Chicken Knife.
    • These don't seem to count for Item Collection.
  • When ready, head to the Pyramid of Moore in the desert.

Pyramid of Moore Dungeon

  • A long dungeon with several chests.
  • Make sure you got Mana's Paean before doing this dungeon.
  • Old Enemies
    • Objet d'Art (monster-in-a-box)
    • Black Warlock (chance in a chest)
    • Bandercoeurl
  • New Enemies
    • Lamia Queen
    • Ushtabi
    • Archeosaur
    • Zephyrus
    • Rajiformes
    • Mummy
    • Apsis
    • Mecha Head
    • The Damned
    • Grand Mummy
    • Sekmet (one time only, can steal another pair of Thieve's Gloves)
    • Steel Fist (monster-in-a-box)
    • Gargoyle (a semi-boss you'll fight several times)
  • You first fight two Gargoyles. They revive each other. Go inside.
  • Take the left-most path. Float over the spikes, or press left then right buttons. Get swept by the sand.
  • Grab the chest (monster box), then go north (fight the Apsis). Continue along the path, you can turn off the sand river you encountered earlier, then go to floor 2.
  • Go through some hidden paths to the next stairs, open the sarcophagus, get Cursed Ring from inside (good stats, but auto-Doom).
  • Return to the beginning of the dungeon (use Teleport) and go through the door you skipped before in the first room. 2F has a simple button puzzle and more Apsis.
  • 3F has three chests, all monster-in-a-box.
  • 4F will have Mecha Heads and Apsis roaming around, both very beatable. Press a button to the west, and go past the spikes to fight Archeosaur and get Black Robe. Then go to the NE side of the room to open two chests and another sarcophagus. The Thornlet item you'll get has auto-Sap. Then head to the next floor. There is a save point (save, heal).
  • On 5F you may encounter Sekhmet, who can only be killed once. You can steal extra Thieve's Gloves from him if you want. Go up the north stairs for two chests (monster-in-a-box). Then get a chest back o 5F to the east. The last chest to the NE you cannot get yet.
  • On 6F, don't press the button. Run into the sand to get the chest you just passed up. Then return and press the button. Continue to the room to the NE and press the *left* button to get to four chests. Then continue to 7F.
  • On 7F, ignore the staircase and go through the western door to reach 4 chests. Then use the center stairs
  • On 8F, the floor will change every few seconds to a different layout. Be patient and use the tiles that do not change to carefully move over the changing tiles in order to grab the three chests. Then go to the NE stairs to get two more chests. Then return and go to the NW stairs to grab two more chests.
  • This should be all 28 chests for your item collection.
  • Continue to the end of the dungeon for some scenes.

Getting an Airship for some sidequesting

After leaving, make sure to save.

  • Go east to the Guardian Tree for cutscenes and a boss fight - Melusine.
  • Lenna will rejoin after.
  • Then, head to the ship to the NE of Castle Surgate for more scenes. Now you have an airship.
  • Dont fly above the void holes, specifically the one where Castle Tycoon was.
  • Go to Regole (use your map to find), talk to the girl in between the counters for a Ribbon
  • Go to Carwen and speak with the green-haired woman south of the pub and click 'yes' for a short scene with an impersonator. More on him later
  • Go to Crescent (no longer an island) and play the Piano. If you have played the 7 pianos thus far, you'll learn Sinewy Etude from the bard here.
  • Go to the Pirate Hideout to learn the Syldra Summon
  • Go to Kuza Sealed Castle and get three of the legendary weapons. You'll get 3 weapons per tablet you find. You can also fight Exdeath's Soul here now, a regular enemy encounter.
  • Go back through Jachol Cave to fight Odin and get his summon. Can rare steal a Protect Ring.
Item Note: A commenter states I missed an item in Carwen in the merged world. "Cottage, on the NE dock area after the guy moves out of the way"

Phantom Village

  • Fly to the town of the Crescent, and fly south from there. Go to the third forest from the town and land. Walk around and you'll enter the Phantom Village.
  • Each shop has a front-facing shopkeep and a hidden one.
  • Armor Shop has a crate you can click to get to the other shop.
  • A hidden side entrance to the magic shop will have new magic.
  • A hidden back entrance to the pub gives leads to the area's hidden item in a barrel (Thief's Knife)
  • The guy down the stairs wants you to run around the world on Boko. This is easy, just takes some time. He'll give you a Mirage Vest for doing so.
  • You'll find the last piano (8/8) soon after.
  • After this, you can find the other weapon shop, the last piano, and a black chocobo you'll need for a quest later.

More Airship Exploration

  • Here are some new world map-only enemies that you won't find anywhere else.
  • West of Regole
    • Frost Bull
    • Istory Lythos (can rare steal Judgment Staff, a powerful rare staff)
    • Spizzner
  • Lake near Crescent
    • Rukh
    • Sea Devil
    • For item collectors, you can rare steal from Rukh's for a Murasame (otherwise only obtainable from a rare boss drop). Can rare steal from Sea Devils for Defender (you'll get one of these in a chest later).
  • SW corner of map sea area
    • Vilia
    • Gel Fish
  • North and outer ocean
    • Water Scorpion
  • Eastern inner Sea
    • Nix
    • Corbett (if you never killed before)
    • Stingray (rare)
  • You can fight Stingray, a rare encounter in the inner sea on the east side of the map, to get Blue Magic Mighty Guard (use Control), and get rare drop Dragon Whisker. You can technically get a Dragon Whisker as a rare steal from superboss Shinryu later, but it's easier to get here.
Blue Magic Note

Mighty Guard
- From Stingray in the eastern inner sea. Use Control. He is a rare encounter.
  • After this, go to Crescent to play the piano in the SE house to get Hero's Rime from the bard for having 8/8 pianos.
  • Then, use Boko to go to the waterfall in the river/mountain area in the NW part of the world map. Examine the center part of the waterfall to find the Magic Lamp.

Island Shrine Dungeon

  • After all the optional stuff, go to the Island Shrine in the South part of the center ocean area. It's useful to have Find Passages and Find Pits.
  • This dungeon is not one time only. 14 chests with these enemies.
    • Prototype
    • Mecha Head
    • The Damned
    • Executor
    • Oiseaurare
    • Shadow Dancer
    • Numb Blade
    • Tot Aevis
    • Gargoyle
  • Island Shrine Quick Walkthrough
    • Fight Gargoyles and enter the door
    • Grab the chest and continue
    • Head into the vent. The room it drops you in has two switches AND two hidden chests, one in the SE corner and one in the SW corner, just one tile up from the corner itself.
  • Flip levers both down to have the vent lead to a chest
  • Flip levers Up | Down to have the cent lead to another chest
  • Flip levels Down | Up to proceed.
  • The rest of the level is straightforward. use the map to find chests and hidden paths.
Blue Magic Note

Mind Blast
- From Wendigo boss in Island Shrine
  • Get the tablet at the end, fight Wendigo (get blue magic Mind Blast). Teleport out.
  • Go to Kuza Sealed Castle again to get three more Sealed Weapons.

Fork Tower

One-Time-Only Dungeon Warning - Fork Tower

Fork Tower is a one-time-only dungeon, meaning you'll want to get all 4 chests and all enemies before you complete it.

Fork Tower is also a little weird, as you split up into two groups to complete it. When you first enter the tower, check your in-game map. It'll tell you there are 4 chests. As soon as you split up, though, the two split maps tell you there are 0 chests, for some reason. Pretty strange.

Make sure to get these enemies and chests (bolded are new missables).
Left (Magic) side
Tiny Mage (MISSABLE)
Chrono Controller (MISSABLE)
Flare Mancer (MISSABLE, can steal Blitz Whip)
Mani Wizard (if you never got before)
Ricard Mage (supposedly, I've never met one, but you should have gotten a long time ago)
Two chests on the way up (4F and 7F)
Boss - Minotaur. You can steal a Fuma Shuriken but nothing special.
Right (Physical) side
Dueling Knight (MISSABLE)
Iron Muscles (MISSABLE)
Berserker (MISSABLE, can drop Death Sickle)
Bandersnatch (supposedly, I've never met one, but you should have gotten a long time ago)
Two chests on the way up (4F and 7F)
Boss - Omniscient. The rare steal is a second Kornago Gourd and the only other one you can get, but not really worth it. Carbuncle helps a lot.

Underwater Exploration

  • Go to the catapult under Crescent now, and find Cid. After the scenes, you have a submarine.
  • Go underwater and use your World Map item from your inventory to see 4 dots in the submerged section of the world.
  • The NW Cave you've already been to back on World 2.
  • The Center spot is Mr. Clio, an NPC who gives you stats about the game. Make sure to enter this area at least once for achievement purposes
  • The NE spot is the Tower of Walse submerged. Go here. Run to the end (enemies aren't in the bestiary). Against Gogo, simply wait about two minutes doing nothing. You'll gain Mimic Job.
  • Then, go to The Great Sea Trench, the center-east dot on the underwater world map. 

The Great Sea Trench

  • Besides the usual Gargoyles, the enemies here are all called 'Unknown'.
    • Unknown (#168) - Rare
    • Unknown (#169)
    • Unknown (#170)
    • Unknown (#171)
    • Unknown (#172)
    • Gargoyle
  • Note: Unknown #168 and Unknown #171 look identical to each other. #168 is a rare spawn. Make sure you get both types, though neither are missable.
  • This dungeon is mostly linear.
    • B2F - simply grab the chest and continue
    • B3F - just a save point
    • B4F - This path is linear. In the second room on this floor, click the NE skull to get to the chest with a Flame Ring.
    • B5F  - Use Float and go to the next floor
    • B6F - Two chests and go to the next area
    • B7F - A mini dwarf kingdom. Buy stuff if you need it and head south. In the underwater lake, head to an alcove in the SE to charge the Magic Lamp.
    • B8F- Skip the chest in the center for now. Click the easternmost skull to get the last chest in the dungeon to complete your Item Collection. Then click each of the three skulls in the SW once each, then click the center chest you skipped before.
    • Fight the triple boss for the third tablet. Break Spellblade works well.
  • You can get three more sealed weapons from Kuza, The Sealed Castle.

Istory Falls

  • to head to Istory Falls, you have to head through the Cave in the underwater NW first.
  • The cave itself is the same as before in World 2. Continue to the falls themselves.
    • Mercury Bat
    • Coral
    • Aquagel
    • Steel Fist
    • Alchymia (may be accompanied by a ??? which she'll transform into a different monster)
    • Tonberry (can drop Mirage Vest)
    • Gargoyle
  • This dungeon is linear. Even in the one room that looks like a fork, both branches just lead to the same room anyway. Use Find Passages and Find Pits to get all the chests. Look at your map too of course.
  • At the end, fight Leviathan and get Leviathan summon.
  • Get the last three sealed weapons from Kuza, The Sealed Castle.

9. The Final Stretch

Final Sidequests

  • Use the black chocobo you got from the Phantom Village to fly to the big desert in the NE corner of the map.
  • A few final world map enemies here
    • Ankheg
    • Ammonite
    • Landcrawler (check SE section of the desert, can you Death magic to kill)

Phoenix Tower

  • Enter the Phoenix Tower on the south side of the desert
    • Lemure
    • Parthenope
    • Cherie
  • Phoenix Tower is a 30-floor tower. Most floors have two exits, one that is trapped and one that is not. The trapped exits will simply lead to a winnable fight.
  • Every 5 floors you'll see two pots. Both have an item to collect, but one of each pair is a Magic Pot enemy. Don't try to fight it. Instead, just throw it an Elixir.
  • At the top, you'll get Phoenix.
Blue Magic Note

Roulette - From Parthenope in Phoenix Tower. If you've gotten all the other Blue Magic listed in this guide, this should be the last one. Else, check out our Final Fantasy V Blue Magic Guide.

North Mountain

  • Now go to the NE side of the desert to enter North Mountain again.
  • Simply head through the linear path to fight Bahamut. Flare spellblade + rapid-fire combo works here well.
  • You'll earn Bahamut as a summon.

10. The Interdimensional Rift

  • This is the final dungeon in the game. None of the enemies or chests here are missable from this point out. Only some stealable items from bosses are unique, which I will mention.
  • For fuller strategies on bosses in this area, check out our Final Fantasy V Boss Guide.

Interdimensional Rift - The Desert

  • No new enemies or chests here. Simply continue to the next section.

Interdimensional Rift - The Ruins

  • New enemies here include:
    • Grenade
    • Baldanders
    • Death Dealer
  • The path is pretty linear, leading to 6 chests (6/22 for the area)

Interdimensional Rift - The Phantom Village

  • No new enemies or chests here. Simply continue to the next section.

Interdimensional Rift - The Forest

  • New enemies here include:
    • White Flame
    • Moss Fungus
    • Farfarello
  • Use your map to find 4 more chests (10/22 for the area).
  • Boss - Calofisteri. Nothing special, nothing worth stealing. Poison works.

Interdimensional Rift - The Cave

  • New enemies here include:
    • Orukat
    • Great Dragon
    • Achelon
  • Use your map to find entrances between waterfalls. Walk into a waterfall to find a chest with an Angel Ring (11/22).
  • Then continue on the linear path to find another chest with a Coral Ring (12/22)
  • Optional Boss - Omega. This is one of the game's superbosses. Thundaga Spellblade + Rapidfire works. Nothing worth stealing.

Interdimensional Rift - The Library

  • No chests or random encounters here. Examine the book on the table to fight Apanda. Nothing with stealing. Weak to Fire.

Interdimensional Rift - The Tower

  • New enemies here include:
    • Ninja
    • Dragon Aevis
  • This is a linear path with no chests. Use Find Passages. No boss!

Interdimensional Rift - Dimension Castle

  • New enemies here include:
    • Sword Dancer
    • Death Claw
    • Fury
    • Yojimbo
    • Iron Giant (top inner floor of the castle)
  • You will fight a lot of bosses in this section, be aware.
  • Go the western side hall and follow the southern path to a chest with Thor Hammer (13/22)
  • Do the same on the eastern side hall for a Hermes Sandals (14/22)
  • Use the staircase to go into the jail basement. Go ahead and fight all the old men NPCs, which are minibosses. 
  • Grab two chests in the cells (16/22)
  • You can optionally fight Azulmagia in the SW cell. He has Titan's Gloves as his rare steal item, which is the only place in the game to get them. You can use the blue magic Self-Destruct to kill him easily.
  • On the right side of the jail, you'll fight Catastrophe.
  • Exit the jail through the right-side stairs.
  • Then ignore the central building and go to the west side of the jail to get a Man-Eater (17/22).
  • Now enter the center building. You can go down the staircase to make a shortcut for yourself.
  • You are about to fight Halicarnassus. Pro-tip, turn everyone into a Toad *before* fighting them, as they'll cast Ribbit on his first turn. You'll fight them after the throne.
  • After that, you'll fight Twintania. You can steal a second Titan's Axe if you want, but only when he is charging Giga Flare. Otherwise just use a Break Spellblade on him, when he is charging.

Interdimensional Rift - Finale

  • Again, keep an eye on our boss guide for some strategies.
  • New enemies here include:
    • King Behemoth
    • Crystal Dragon
    • Necromancer
    • Gorgimera
    • Mindflayer
    • Crystelle
    • Belphegor
    • Mover
  • This section is pretty straightforward. You will find the 5 last chests to complete the Item Collection easily (22/22 for the area). However, later on, note a chest at the bottom of a downwards staircase. This chest houses Shinryu, one of the game's superbosses. You'll get Ragnarok for beating him.
  • Before that though, you'll see Gilgamesh standing there. Fight him. He will flee very quickly, all you need to do is STEAL HIS GENJI SHIELD before he can.
  • Near the end, you'll see a green light you can interact with. This is yet another boss, Necrophobe.
  • To fight Necrophobe, take out his barriers and then damage him with any element. When he has 10K health left, Gilgamesh will appear one last time, only as your ally for once. As Gilgamesh and Necrophobe banter about, steal his Genji Armor, the last of the 4 Genji pieces.
  • All that's left to do is take out Exdeath and save the merged world!
  • Note, once you beat the game, you'll be prompted to make a clear save, which will bring you out of the dungeon as if you've completed everything up until the Final Boss encounter itself. Use this opportunity to collect anything you might have missed at this point.

With Exdeath taken down, enjoy the credits! For your next game, here's the rest of our Minimalist Final Fantasy Walkthrough series: