Pokemon Legends: Arceus Requests List & Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus is the most traditional RPG in the Pokemon series to date - and that means full-fat side quests, known here as requests. Pokemon doesn't typically have a quest tracker, but this game has a far more formalized quest system - which makes creating this complete side quest walkthrough guide, covering every request, far easier.

All quests in Pokemon Legends Arceus are recorded in your log, which can be accessed at any time by pressing Minus to bring up the map, and then Y to bring up the quest list. On this menu, the Missions tab refers to story missions - there’s 27 of those, and you'll complete them all as you advance the story. The Requests tab lists side quests, optional content that can be tackled for various items and rewards. 

This guide lists all requests in Pokemon Legends Arceus, complete with bare-bones, basic walkthroughs for every side quest. We also list the quest rewards, the quest-givers, and starting locations.

Pokemon Legends Arceus on Nintendo Switch has many optional side quests, known as requests.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests guide: Tips for Side Quests

Before we get into the Side Quests list proper, there’s some things you should be aware of about how side quests work in this game. Taking in these key pointers will help keep you sane as you work through the massive quest list, if you're going for the completionist run.

  • Request unlocks are often tied to progression in some way. If a quest is missing from your log, it means you either haven’t progressed enough in the game’s story, you haven’t caught one of an associated Pokemon to trigger the quest, or you haven’t completed a previous ‘requisite’ quest before the one you’re missing. 
  • The most common blockage is Pokemon. For instance, Quest #83 is about Vulpix; it won’t appear on the Galaxy HQ notice board until you’ve encountered & caught a Vulpix for the first time.
  • A lot of requests show up on the Galaxy HQ notice board, which is in the room on the ground floor where Professor Laventon hangs out. Again, things only appear on the noticeboard once the game deems you 'ready' to have them.
  • Quest rewards vary greatly. Some quests will reward plain items. But the best quests of all will offer things like new Crafting Recipes, Rare Evolution Items, or items you can sell to afford expenses like Inventory space upgrades. Remember, too, that not all rewards of a quest are strictly the ‘quest rewards’. A lot of requests give you some Stardust or whatever, but the real reward will be a Pokemon you can catch as part of the mission, and so on.
The notice board where some requests can be picked up.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests List & Quest Walkthroughs

Here it is - Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests - all of them. Below you'll find a list of the quests in numerical order - each complete with a detailed explainer of that quest which details how to start each quest, the request solution, and exactly what rewards you'll get for taking it on. This guide should help you to complete every quest in the game with ease - but it's still a very big job. Good luck, trainer!

Wurmple Can Evolve - Request #1

Pokemon Legends Arceus Request #1
  • Quest-giver: Beauregard / Jubilife Village
  • You need to provide Beauregard with a Wurmple. He doesn’t just want to see it - he wants one to keep. Catch one and return it to him. Find Wurmple in the Obsidian Fieldlands, in the Horseshoe Plains, Floaro Gardens, and The Heartwood.
  • Reward: 3x Dazzling Honey

Adorable Starly - Request #2

  • Quest-giver: Marli / Jubilife Village
  • Marli from the Supply Corps wants to see a Starly. You just need to catch one, and then show it to her. Starly can be found in the wild all over the Obsidian Fieldlands, and in the Ginkgo Landing and Deadwood Haunt areas of the Cobalt Coastlands.
  • Reward: 10x Poke Ball

What did Shinx’s Ears Look Like? - Request #3

Side Quest 2.
  • Quest-giver: Toshi / Jubilife Village
  • One of the villagers, Toshi, wants to see the Pokemon Shinx. You’ll need to catch one of these and show it to him. You get to keep the Shinx. Grab a Shinx in the Aspiration Hill, Floaro Gardens, and Oreburrow Tunnel areas of the Obsidian Fieldlands
  • Reward: 3x Potion

Big Buizel, Little Buizel - Request #4

  • Quest-giver: Dorian / Jubilife Village
  • Dorian, a Security Corps NPC at one of the gates of the city, has a Buizel. But he wants to see a bigger one. Catch Buizel until you catch one categorized as a large specimen, then give it to Dorian. You’ll lose the Buizel, so don’t show him one unless you’re happy to lose it forever. Buizel are found in the Obsidian Fieldlands' Horsehoe Plains, Windswept Run, and Worn Bridge areas, plus on Aipom Hill and Bathers' Lagoon on the Cobalt Coastlands.
  • Reward: 5x Oran Berry, 1x Exp. Candy S

What it Takes to be Awesome - Request #5

The 5th Side Quest, starring Villager Sho.
  • Quest-giver: Sho / Jubilife Village
  • A kid in the village, Sho, wants a partner Pokemon of his very own - and needs Poke Balls in order to catch one for himself. Give him 5 Balls - which you probably have on you, but if not you can buy them or the materials to craft them just up the street.
  • Reward: 3x Grit Dust

Mushroom Cake Marketing - Request #6

  • Quest-giver: Morel / Obsidian Fieldlands
  • One of the villagers, Morel, has a new crafting recipe that involves mushrooms. You can find Morel in the Obsidian Fieldlands, near the first camp. You need to deliver the Springy Mushrooms to him. You can find the mushrooms in the open world.
  • Reward: Mushroom Cake Crafting Recipe

Playing with Drifloon - Request #7

  • Quest-giver: Miki / Galaxy HQ
  • Security Corps member Miki is concerned about a Drifloon that’s playing with children. It only appears at Prelude Beach, and only in the evening. You can rest in your bed to skip to the evening, then head south out of the village, to the beach area where the game starts. The kid and Drifloon will be just behind a hut.
  • Reward: 1x Stardust

Bothersome Bidoof - Request #8

The titular Bothersome Bidoof of Request 8.
  • Quest-giver: Tsumugi / Galaxy HQ
  • Another security corps member needs your help; this time it’s Tsumugi, who has lost track of three Bidoof that are causing trouble across the village. You need to track all three of them down. We've got a map of Bothersome Bidoof Locations, or you can just use the below to find them: 
    • At the corner of the Pasture, to the south-east of the village. As a reminder, the Pasture is where you can mass release Pokemon, which is something you should do for unneeded creatures every so often.
    • Hiding next to a flat-bed cart, to the right and across the dirt road from the farm area
    • Outside the Galaxy Hall, to the bottom-right of the outside of the building. It’s in a corner, up against the building where your home is, facing the wall.
  • Reward: 1x Rare Candy

Zubat’s Eyes - Request #9

  • Quest-giver: Clarissa / Galaxy HQ
  • Village resident Clarissa would like to see a Zubat - she thinks it’ll help with her night-time patrols. Catch a Zubat, which is available readily in the open world at night-time, and take it to her.
  • Reward: 2x Aux Power

Wurmple’s Evolved! - Request #10

  • Quest-giver: Beauregard / Galaxy HQ
  • Remember the guy with the Wurmple from Quest 1? Well, he’s back. He now wants to see a Silcoon, to compare to his evolved Wurmple. Catch one and bring it to him. Silcoon can be evolved from Wurmple (a 50/50 chance, as detailed in our Legends Arceus Evolutions guide), or you can find wild ones in the Floaro Gardens and Heartwood of the Obsidian Fieldlands.
  • Reward: 1x Exp. Candy S

The Timbre of the Fields - Request #11

  • Quest-giver: Yeo / Obsidian Fieldlands
  • Yeo wants to see more information on Kricketot, as she loves the sound that Pokemon makes. You need to complete the necessary Pokedex research tasks to count as Kricketot being fully researched, then show her the Pokedex entry. You can find Kricketot in the Obsidian Fieldlands.
  • Reward: 3x Vivichoke

A Perfect Pickling Stone - Request #12

  • Quest-giver: Radisa / Obsidian Fieldlands
  • Villager Radisa wants a Geodude, as she’s hoping to use it on top of pots and the like in her home. Catch one and bring it to her. Geodude is really common, and is found in every area except for the Alabaster Icelands, usually in rocky terrain areas.
  • Reward: 3x Honey Cake, 1x Exp. Candy S

Trees that Bear Berries - Request #13

  • Quest-giver: Bjorn / Galaxy HQ
  • Agriculture Corps member Bjorn wants a Cheri Berry. Get one of these as a drop from a Pokemon Battle or from a tree in the open world, then give it to him.
  • Reward: 15x Poke Ball

Berry Helpful - Request #14

  • Quest-giver: Andra / Jubilife Village
  • Pokemon-phobic villager Andra wants some Oran berries to help distract Pokemon so he can avoid and escape them. Get some, and give them to him.
  • Reward: 3x Revive

Balloon Race in the Fieldlands - Request #15

  • Quest-giver: Balloon Race NPC / Obsidian Fieldlands
  • At the Heights Camp of the Obsidian Fieldlands area, an unnamed NPC has a Balloon Race mini-game you can play once you get your first rideable Pokemon. Take part in the balloon race and burst 17 or more balloons to complete this quest, getting the rewards. You can keep trying the mini-game after that for more rewards if you want.
  • Reward: 1x Rare Candy, 15x Feather Ball

Strange Happenings at Midnight - Request #16

A naughty Pichu in Request 16.
  • Quest-giver: Sanqua / Jubilife Village
  • Construction Corps Captain Sanqua is concerned about noises in her house at night. Rest in your bed to make it night-time, then enter her house and investigate.
    • Once inside, check the Table at the back, with the basket on it.
    • Next, check the table near the entrance with a white cloth over it and a crate and pot atop it.
    • Finally, check behind the green screen at the back left of the room! Mystery solved!
  • Reward: 7x Nanab Berry

To Bloom or Not to Bloom - Request #17

  • Quest-giver: Kichi / Jubilife Village
  • This is a tough one. Kichi wants you to complete Cherrim’s Pokedex entry and then show it to him. Early on, Cherrim and Cherubi, the form that it evolves from, most commonly only appear from rustling trees when you bash them with a Pokemon, making its research slower to complete. In the later stages of the game, Cherrim itself commonly spawns from trees in the Coronet Highlands, as well as some other places, as detailed in our guide on where to find Cherrim. This might be a quest to put on the back-burner rather than attempt to complete right away; just make sure you hit any trees that are shaking!
  • Reward: 5x Vivichoke

Please! Make Me a Pokeshi Doll! - Request #18

Building a crafting doll for the crafting store owner for Quest 18.
  • Quest-giver: Anvin / Jubilife Village
  • Anvin from the Craftworks in the village wants you to craft a Pokeshi Doll from wood. You can gather wood from around trees in wooded areas of the Obsidian Fieldlands - you’ll need 3 pieces. Once you have the wood, use his recipe to craft the doll. Hand him one of the finished dolls to finish the quest; you can sell the others.
  • Reward: 1x Pokeshi Doll

A Peculiar Ponyta - Request #19

  • Quest-giver: Yota / Galaxy HQ
  • Yota from the Village has seen a mysterious, unique Ponyta, and he wants you to help catch one. This request is actually a path to a guaranteed shiny Pokemon with a different coloring - a shiny Ponyta. You’ll be able to catch this Shiny Ponyta by following the quest line to the Horseshoe Plains in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Catch the shiny to complete the quest.
  • Reward: 5x Razz Berry

The Mysterious Will-o’-the-Wisp - Request #20

  • Quest-giver: Paira / Jubilife Village
  • Two siblings are fighting over a mysterious spotting out in the Obsidian Wildlands. Head out there at night, and at the agreed location you’ll find a tree… and atop it, a Chimchar. Battle and catch the Chimchar, and then back in the village show it to Paira at night to prove that’s what she saw. If you knock the Chimchar out, more spawn in the surrounding area.
  • Reward: 2x Exp. Candy S

Back-Alley Mr. Mime - Request #21

  • Quest-giver: Andra / Galaxy HQ
  • Back in Jubilife Village, Andra has another quest for you following up on Quest 14. He’s freaking out about a Mr. Mime that’s hanging out in the village. Grab the quest from the message board, speak to Andrea, and then go around the back to approach Mr. Mime. Repeat this as Mr. Mime moves around the village. There are invisible walls, but there is a way to him. No matter how it might seem, this quest is not bugged.
  • Reward: 2x Aux Guard

Eerie Apparitions in the Night - Request #22

Finding Wisps throughout the Pokemon Legends Arceus World.
  • Quest-giver: Vessa / Jubilife Village
  • One of the most long-term quests in the game, this tasks you with finding 107 Wisps that are scattered across the Hisui region depicted in Pokemon Legends Arceus. These glowing purple things are basically collectibles.
  • Reward: 3x Twice-Spiced Radish

Getting Ahold of New Wares - Request #23

  • Quest-giver: Choy / Jubilife Village
  • Village store owner Choy needs to convince another character, Tao Hua, to give him more stock. For that, you need to get a bunch of Hearty Grains, which are found in the Crimson Mirelands. Take those to Tao Hua on the basement level of the HQ to mellow him out. Then report back to Choy.
  • Reward: More types of item in stock in the General Store

Inspiration from Hippopotas - Request #24

  • Quest-giver: Anthe / Jubilife Village
  • Anthe wants to see both a female and a male species of the Pokemon Hippopotas. You simply have to catch both - readily available in the Crimson Mirelands swamps - and then show them off. Keep in mind that this quest won’t spawn until you’ve spoken to Anthe at the clothing shop once or twice, so if you’re the type of player to ignore outfit changing and don’t have this quest, that’s why. Catch the Hippopotas you need in the Crimson Mirelands Sludge Mound and Scarlet Bog areas, or on Coronet Highlands Celestica Trail.
  • Reward: New Clothing in the Store

The Pokemon in the Woodland Photo - Request #25

Who's that Pokemon? Catching Buneary based off the photo.
  • Quest-giver: Dagero, the photo studio owner in the village
  • Dagero gives you a clue in the form of a photo, but you can’t see the Pokemon that he wants in full. Lucky for you, we can tell you: he wants a Buneary. These are common in some Obsidian Fieldlands areas; bring one to him.
  • Reward: A New Option at the Photography Studio

Aim for the Big Leagues! - Request #26

Winning the Ball Tossing mini game in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
  • Quest-giver: Taggart / Jubilife Village
  • Another mini-game quest, this one is tied to the ‘Target Practice’ mini-game that has you throwing Poke Balls in the south of the Village zone, just outside the actual village. Get 10,000 points to complete the quest, though you can keep trying for the high score and rewards. The key to getting 10k is landing multiple balloons with the same ball, which nets bonus points.
  • Reward: 15x Great Ball, 1x Nugget

Help Wanted: Plowing the Fields - Request #27

Quest 27, helping to Plough the Fields.
  • Quest-giver: Miller / Jubilife Village
  • Up at the farmland in the Village, you’ll find an Agriculture Corps NPC called Miller. It’s hard ploughing the fields, and he wants a Pokemon to help. Get him a Geodude and bring it to him for that job.
  • Reward: More fields you can farm in

Measuring your Compatibility - Request #28

  • Quest-giver: Belamy / Jubilife Village
  • Something of a tradition in this series is the concept of Pokemon Friendships, and Legends Arceus is no different. Belamy is the classic NPC that ‘rates’ your relationship with your Pokemon. To complete his quest, just show him one of your Pokemon you’ve developed a close bond with - if you’ve consistently used your starter Pokemon, they’ll be your best bet. If not, hit up our guide on How to raise Friendship fast for help bumping it up.
  • Reward: 1x Rare Candy

The Search for Bitter Leaves - Request #29

  • Quest-giver: Shinon / Jubilife Village
  • Shinon wants you to find a Pokemon that has three leaves, and apparently it’s found in the Crimson Mirelands. You’re looking for Petilil, which of course has three leaves sticking upright from the top of its head. They spawn around the Cottonsedge Prairie and Holm of Trials areas.
  • Reward: 3x Fine Remedy, 5x Hopo Berry

A Beautiful Rose - Request #30

  • Quest-giver: Berra / Crimson Mirelands
  • This is another Pokedex entry completion quest. Simply fill out the Pokedex entry for Roselia, and then show it to Berra to complete the quest.
  • Reward: 5x Grain Cake, 2x Exp. Candy S

Setting up the Bogbound Camp - Request #31

  • Quest-Giver: Odo / Crimson Mirelands
  • Out in the Crimson Mirelands you’ll find Odo, who gives you this quest which leads to another base camp - which, if nothing else, gives you another healing, item store, and fast-travel point. Go to the camp. When there, you’ll have to battle and defeat or catch some Pokemon to clear the camp, then it’s set up.
  • Reward: A shiny new Base Camp

The Headache-Stricken Psyduck - Request #32

Quest 32, helping out the poorly Psyduck.
  • Quest-giver: Martia / Crimson Mirelands
  • Martia from the Diamond Clan has a bunch of friendly Psyduck - but they’re suffering from terrible chronic headaches. To help, first go to Jubilife HQ and talk to Tomma, an older doctor/nurse there. She hands over her ‘Secret Medicine’, which hails from Cianwood in the distant land of Johto. Deliver it.
  • Reward: 1x Max Revive

What a Massive Mushroom! - Request #33

  • Quest-giver: Morel / Galaxy HQ
  • For this quest, you’ll simply need to catch and provide a Parasect. There’s a few options here. First, one spawns in the Obsidian Fieldlands, but it’s an Alpha. Second, you can catch a Paras and evolve it. Or, you can find them already-evolved in other areas like the Heavenward Lookout and Waywood Wood of Coronet Highlands, or several areas of the Crimson Mirelands. You have to actually hand the Pokemon over to complete the quest.
  • Reward: 5x Candy Truffle

Croagunk’s Curative Poison - Request #34

  • Quest-giver: Pesselle / Galaxy HQ
  • This is a simple bring-NPC-a-Pokemon quest. You need to hand over a Croagunk; you can find these in the game’s areas starting with the Crimson Mirelands. Catch one in the Crimson Mirelands areas like Gapejaw Bog, Scarlet Bog, or Holm of Trials, then hand it over to Pesselle, a doctor in the HQ building. You have to give her the Pokemon, so it’s lost forever.
  • Reward: 3x Full Heal, 3x Exp. Candy S

Battling with Pachirisu - Request #35

  • Quest-giver: Ren / Galaxy HQ
  • Ren wants assistance with how to command and control Pachirisu in battle. If you get this quest from the noticeboard, find Ren and his Pachirisu near the first camp in the Crimson Mirelands. You’ll need a Pachirisu of your own, and to show him how it’s done you’ll need to remove all other Pokemon from your party and battle a level 30 Pokemon with only your Pachirisu. Win that battle to complete the quest.
  • Reward: 3x Sitrus Berry, 1x Grit Gravel

Watering with Care - Request #36

  • Quest-giver: Odo / Galaxy HQ
  • Odo the villager is hanging out at the Bogbound Camp. There’s a Sudowodo here, and he wants to water it - you have to bring him a Pokemon with the move Water Pulse to do so. This is a common move for water-type Pokemon from the mid-game at the very latest. Bring him one, and then after using water pulse, battle the Sudowodo to complete the quest. 
  • Reward: 15x Heavy Ball, 3x Exp. Candy S

The Fragrance of Nostalgic Herbs - Request #37

Tangela, the solution Pokemon to Request 37.
  • Quest-giver: Risa / Galaxy HQ
  • Consider this another ‘who’s that Pokemon’ request; you’re given a description and have to find it. It’s a Pokemon covered in blue herbs. The Pokemon in question is a Tangela. Catch one - they first appear in the Crimson Mirelands' Gapejaw Bog, but also show up on the Crossing Slope in Cobalt Coastlands - and then hand it over.
  • Reward: 5x Smoke Bomb, 2x Exp. Candy S

Gone Astray… in the Mirelands - Request #38

Finding Wanda in the Mirelands for Quest 38.
  • Quest-giver: Zeke / Galaxy HQ
  • You need to use your Ursaluna tracking ability while riding it to track down Wanda, who is in the Crimson Mirelands. Follow the blue pulsing signal to find her for Zeke. She’s just south of the area marked as Gapejaw Bog. You might even see her speech bubble from a distance, if you’re lucky.
  • Reward: 3x Stardust

All about Magikarp - Request #39

  • Quest-giver: Ceci / Jubilife Village
  • Eventually, a young girl called Ceci will be hanging around near the HQ in Jubilife. When you talk to her, she asks a question about one of the Pokemon on the HQ roof - a sculpture of Magikarp. She wants to see its page in the Pokedex fully filled out. You can find Magikarp in some of the water masses of the Coronet Highlands. 
  • Reward: 1x Rare Candy

The Charm Lost in the Swamp - Request #40

  • Quest-giver: Yojiro / Crimson Mirelands
  • Yojiro is in the Crimson Mirelands, and has dropped a Charm in the swamp area. He wants you to find it. The clue is that there’s a giant Hippowdon in the area. You can’t miss that Alpha - it’s huge, and has a level in the low 40s. Dodge it or beat/catch it, and right in the middle of where it hangs out is the item, glistening in the muddy water. As you get close, another battle triggers - and after that, the quest is complete.
  • Reward: 5x Iron Chunk, 1x Grit Gravel

An Elegant Tail - Request #41

Glameow, the Pokemon that's the solution to Quest 41.
  • Quest-Giver: Asabei / Jubilife Village
  • This is another ‘bring a Pokemon’ puzzle quest, or whatever we’re calling it now. Asabei wants a Pokemon with an elegant tail that’s coiled like a spring. What you’re looking for is Glameow, the cat-like Pokemon. You can first find this in the Crimson Mirelands.
  • Reward: 2x Aux Evasion, 2x Grit Gravel

Help Wanted: Watering the Fields - Request #42

  • Quest-giver: Miller / Jubilife Village
  • Once again, the guys at the farming fields in Jubilife Village want another Pokemon to help out with their work. This time, it’s watering the crops - they need a Pokemon with a water-type move. I gave them a Psyduck.
  • Reward: An additional field for farming

More New Wares - Request #43

  • Quest-giver: Choy / Jubilife Village
  • Here we go again, helping to buff out the stock of the Jubilife Village store once again. This can help with the rest of your Pokemon Legends Arceus quest. This time, you need 3 Pop Pod items. These are frequently found washed up on the beach shores in the Cobalt Coastlands. Grab 3, and then return to Tao Hua in the basement of the HQ. Make him happy by handing them over, then report back.
  • Reward: More new items in the Jubilife general store

The Pokemon in the Nighttime Photo - Request #44

An image of Duskull, needed to complete Request 44.
  • Quest-giver: Dagero / Jubilife Village
  • This quest matches up to the earlier one with Buneary, but now Dagero shows you a new photo. There’s a big clue in this one, which is the shipwreck - that’s found in the Crimson Mirelands. The Pokemon you need to catch is Duskull, which being a ghost-type appears when it’s dark or overcast in places like Deadwoof Haunt of the Cobalt Coastlands, or over on the Icelands on the Avalanche Slopes and Arena Approach. Catch one and bring it back to him.
  • Reward: New photography studio options

Shellos of the East and West - Request #45

  • Quest-giver: Anthe / Jubilife Village
  • Anthe is back with another clothing-related request, following up on Quest 24. The same rules apply: show her a Pokemon to inspire her fashion endeavors. This time, she wants both versions of Shellos - the East Sea version and the West Sea version. Catch, show, enjoy the reward. Find the Pokemon you need on the Cobalt Coastlands shores (Tranquility Cove, Seagrass Heaven), and Obsidian Fieldlands shores (Sandgem Flats, Ramanas Island).
  • Reward: New clothing store options

Setting up the Coastlands Camp - Request #46

  • Quest-giver: Gully / Cobalt Coastlands
  • As you head towards Deadwood Haunt in the Cobalt Coastlands, you’ll find Gully at a bottleneck. They’ll explain that somebody is missing, and mention the intention to set up a camp. Follow them deeper, to the hand-like shape that’s at the far south-east of the map. You’re now tasked with finding the missing friend. You’ll find the guy you’re after, an older NPC called Yorrich, out on one of the beachy bits of land jutting out to sea nearby. He’s being accosted by a Chatot, which is freaking him out. Defeat or catch the Chatot, and then the camp will get set up.
  • Reward: Another new Base Camp

Balloon Race in the Coastlands - Request #47

  • Quest-giver: Balloon Race NPC / Cobalt Coastlands
  • If you remember the Balloon Race mini game before, well - welcome back. This is the same mini-game, just in a different area. It’s free to play, and if you can burst 24 or more balloons, you’ll complete the request and net some lovely rewards. There’s 40 balloons total, and this is really easy - I managed to get 36 first try.
  • Reward: 1x Nugget, 10x Ultra Ball

The Taste of Home - Request #48

  • Quest-giver: Floaro / Jubilife Village
  • A lovely older gentleman in a house in the village wants to bond with his Eevee… by giving it treats. You need to gather a smattering of berries for this quest. You’ll need three Hearty Grains, 2 Hopo Berries, and 1 Razz Berry. Chances are you have these, either on you, or in your storage. If not, they’re easy enough to find on trees.
  • Reward: Jubilife Muffins recipe, 5x Exp. Candy S

Keep an Eye out for Aipom! - Request #49

  • Quest-giver: Hiko / Cobalt Coastlands
  • Hiko the villager has had his bag stolen by a mischievous Aipom. You need to chase it down and retrieve his pack.
  • Reward: 5x Scatter Bang, 1x Exp. Candy M

Double the Tails, Double the Fun - Request #50

  • Quest-giver: Netta / Jubilife Village
  • Netta from the Security Corps wants you to bring her “a Pokemon with two tail fins”, which she saw once and wants to see again. This is Finneon, which can be caught in the Seagrass Haven area of the Cobalt Coastlands. Catch it and bring it back to mark off the request.
  • Reward: 1x Star Piece

Coming Up Roses - Request #51

  • Quest-giver: Hiemo / Obsidian Fieldlands
  • Over on an island on the far side of the Fieldlands you’ll be able to find Hiemo. This island, Ramanas Island, is in the first area of the game but isn’t accessible until later on due to what you need to travel there. When you can, take a Scyther in your party to Hiemo to please him.
  • Reward: 1x Seed of Mastery

Eevee’s Evolutions - Request #52

Umbreon, the Eevee Evolution highlighted in Request 52.
  • Quest-giver: Floaro / Jubilife Village
  • The Eevee from quest 48 is back - and this time it’s about evolution. Nab the quest from the HQ bulletin board, then visit Floara in his house. Eevee is missing! Go to the Galaxy HQ, and up one floor - in the purple-carpeted room, there’s an Umbreon. Interact with it. You’ll need to feed it a Jubilife Muffin; craft one of these with a Cake-Lure Base along with 2x Hearty Grains, 2x Hopo Berries, and 1x Razz Berry. You can buy the Cake Base from the crafting materials shop if needed. Give the Jubilife Muffin to Eevee.
  • Reward: 1x Rare Candy, and an Evolution Stone of your choice out of the Fire, Thunder, and Water stones.

Octillery’s Ink - Request #53

  • Quest-giver: Radisa / Jubilife Village
  • These quests are a staple in Legends Arceus; all you have to do is finish the research for the Pokemon in question and then show it to the quest-giver. This time around, you need a completed Pokedex entry for Octillery, which first shows up in the Cobalt Coastlands.
  • Reward: 5x Bean Cake, 1x Exp. Candy M

Serving Up Swap Snacks - Request #54

  • Quest-giver: Bonn / Jubilife Village
  • Bonn is an NPC who hangs out right outside the Galaxy HQ selling EXP-increasing candy items, just a few steps from the MP Item Exchange store. He’s offering to teach you a recipe, but you need to get him the ingredients first. That’s 1x Sootfoot Root, 1x Springy Mushroom, and 1x Hopo Berry. All can be found in the wild or purchased from stores - your choice. Hand them over to get the recipe.
  • Reward: Swap Snack crafting recipe

Poor, Peckish Piplup - Request #55

  • Quest-giver: Maris / Cobalt Coastlands
  • Find Maris in the Cobalt Coastlands, on a small island in the south-eastern corner of the map. She’s with a Piplup that’s hungry - but won’t eat. To entice it to eat you’ll need a Bean Cake - which you can either craft or buy from the store, depending on how upgraded the store stock is, which happens via certain side quests. Give her a Bean Cake to feed the Piplup and finish this request.
  • Reward: 5x Razz Berry, 3x Hyper Potion

Getting Help from Machoke - Request #56

  • Quest-giver: Bosley / Cobalt Coastlands
  • In the Cobalt Coastlands you’ll find Bosley, a villager who wants to figure out a good Pokemon to help building. He thinks Machoke is a good fit. You need to complete Machoke’s Pokedex entry, and then show it to Bosley - that’ll help him to catch one.
  • Reward: 3x Grit Gravel, 1x Aux Powerguard

The Taste of Honey - Request #57

  • Quest-giver: Almous / Galaxy HQ
  • It’s perhaps not surprising that a member of the Agriculture Corps wants to know more about Combee, who can produce Honey. You'll need to catch three different Combee in three different regions, the goal being to see if their honey tastes any different in each region:
    • First, catch a Combee in the Gruelling Grove area of the Obsidian Fieldlands.
    • Then find a Combee in the Aipom Hills, which is in the Cobalt Coastlands.
    • Finally, catch one on Ramanas Island, across the water back in the Obsidian Fieldlands. This one is where a lot of people get stuck, as in this location Combee only appears from trees, when you hit shaking trees with a Pokemon. In the other two locations it appears in the open - but here, you'll have to shake the trees. If it doesn't drop from the tree, go back to camp, advance time to the next morning, then try again. Show all three to him to complete the quest.
  • Reward: 3x King’s Leaf, 3x Dazzling Honey

Gone Astray… in the Coastlands - Request #58

Rescuing Wanda from the sea in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
  • Quest-giver: Zeke / Galaxy HQ
  • Another sequel to an earlier quest, this time you’ll have to track down Wanda in the Cobalt Coastlands. Ursaluna will help you to find her, but you can also just take yourself to the area marked Castaway Shore to find her - she’s on the rocky outcroppings just off the shore, stranded.
  • Reward: 1x Star Piece

Misdreavus the Hairstyle Muse - Request #59

  • Quest-giver: Arezu / Jubilife Village
  • As is probably obvious from the request name, Arezu the hairdresser back in Jubilife wants you to catch and show her a Misdreavus. You don’t need to hand it over - she just wants a look, for hairstyle inspiration.  Misdreavus can be found in the Icelands at the Bonechill Wastes, or in the Highlands at the Celestica Ruins, Sacred Plaza, or Stonetooth Rows. 
  • Reward: New Hairstyles unlocked

Help Wanted: Rock Smashing in the Fields - Request #60

Giving a Pokemon to the Farmers to help with Quest 60.
  • Quest-give: Miller / Jubilife Village
  • It’s another quest to improve the farm at Jubilife Village; this time Miller wants a Pokemon that knows the move Rock Smash to expedite the farming process more. You know the drill by now; you’ll have to give up a Pokemon, but this time the requirement is a specific move, Rock Smash. Don’t forget that the move tutor is just steps away from here - if you don’t have one you’re willing to give up, something like a Geodude for Rhyhorn can be taught Rock Smash for around 500 Pokebucks. Give it to Miller to complete the quest.
  • Reward: More farming space for you to use. 

Even More New Wares - Request #61

  • Quest-giver: Choy / Jubilife Village
  • This quest line just keeps on going, doesn’t it? This time, Choy needs you to gather 3x Crunchy Salt and give it to Tao Hua to get him to chill out and open up more stock inventory, yet again. Crunchy Salt can be found in the Coronet Highlands, high on mountain tops.
  • Reward: More stock at the general store

The Pokemon in the River Photo - Request #62

  • Quest-giver Dagero from the Photo Store
  • Dagero wants more photo inspiration, and he shows you another obscure photo of a Pokemon and tasks you with finding it. The Pokemon you’re after is Turtwig, by the way. Catch it in Droning Meadow of the Crimson Mirelands and show it to him.
  • Reward: More Photography Studio options

Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam - Request #63

  • Quest-giver: Anthe from the Clothing Store
  • Another clothing inspiration request, all you need to do is head out into the world of Pokemon Legends Arceus and find a Wormadam. These can spawn from rustling trees on any map, but seem a touch more common in later areas and at higher levels. Show her the Wormadam to complete the quest. It doesn’t matter which version of Wormadam you show her. 
  • Reward: More clothing shop items

Getting to Know Ghosts - Request #64

  • Quest-giver: Ward / Jubilife Village
  • Ward will eventually be hanging out near one of the bridges in Jubilife, waiting to hand out this quest. It’s another Pokedex entry quest - he wants to see a completed Pokedex entry on Gastly. Gather the information by completing Gastly’s associated tasks to level to research level 10, then show Ward the data.
  • Reward: 1x Linking Cord

Setting up the Mountain Camp - Request #65

  • Quest-giver: Eshim / Coronet Highlands
  • As you work your way through the Coronet Highlands, you’ll come across Eshim, an NPC along the main path you’ll take during story missions. He wants to set up a new base camp, but there’s a Pokemon in the way. Go talk to the Bronzor, then cross to the other side of the river and find Bronzor over there, too. When all is said and done, the camp will be cleared.
  • Reward: New Base Camp

The Sea’s Legend - Request #66

The rock formation you need to visit as part of The Sea's Legend, Request 66.
  • Quest-giver: Laventon / Galaxy HQ
  • As soon as you look at this quest on the board, Professor Laventon starts a conversation with you about it. You need to solve the mystery of “The Sea’s Legend”, a Pokemon seen off the Cobalt Coastlands. To complete this quest, you must do a few things. We've detailed those things in a full The Sea's Legend walkthrough, but here they are in short:
    • First, you need to have Buizel, Mantyke, and Overqwil in your party. To get Overqwil, take a Qwilfish and battle with it, using the 'Barb Barrage' move in Strong Style 20 times - a unique and rather strange evolution unlock condition.
    • Now go to the Cobalt Coastlands and go to the large rocks stretching into the sky right near the Coastlands Camp, out at sea. Swim between them in the evening with the above three Pokemon in your party.
    • The game reacts, and this unlocks a new cave on the North side of Veilstone Cape. Inside that cave, you'll find Manaphy and Phione. Catch Manaphy carefully; it's one-of-a-kind. Phione will continue to spawn in this cave from now on, if you need more of those.
  • Reward: 3x Comet Shard

The Clefairy’s Moonlit Dance - Request #67

  • Quest-giver: Astair / Galaxy HQ
  • For this quest, you have to investigate the habits of Clefairy on a Full Moon. All this really means is that you need to head to the Fabled Spring, an area in the bottom-right of the Coronet Highlands map, and check out what the Clefairy are up to during a full moon. 
  • Reward: 5x Salt Cake, 2x Exp. Candy M

A Nosepass to Guide the Way - Request #68

  • Quest-giver: Gully / Galaxy HQ
  • This is another simple get-the-Pokemon quest. Gully needs you to catch a Nosepass. Find them in the Celestia Ruins and Primeval Grotto areas of the Coronet Highlands, then show it to him near Heavenward Lookout. You’ll need to give the Nosepass up. 
  • Reward: 1x Black Augurite, 2x Exp. Candy M

Gone Astray… in the Highlands - Request #69

Helping Wanda once again, trapped on a cliff-edge in the Highlands.
  • Quest-giver: Zeke / Galaxy HQ
  • Zeke and Wanda are back again, and once again you have to use Ursaluna to find her. She’s in the area that’s marked up as the Lonely Spring in the Coronet Highlands, stuck on a ledge to the south of the Spring. Help her out again.
  • Reward: 2x Star Pieces

Colorful New Looks - Request #70

  • Quest-giver: Anthe / Jubilife Village
  • Anthe is back again and wants yet more for the Jubilife Village clothes shop. To help her, this time you need to gather one each of Red, Blue, and Green shards. These are available inside space-time distortions, and have little use other than this and a late-game Crafting Recipe. So grab ‘em and hand them over.
  • Reward: New clothing items in the store

New Wares Yet Again - Request #71

  • Quest-giver: Choy / Jubilife Village
  • Oh my god, these guys are still at it. This is the worst. This time, you need 3x Sand Radish, which is found in the harsh area of the Alabaster Icelands. Some other quests, such as Mushroom Hunting with Swinub, also give these as a reward. As ever, return them to Tao Hua in the lower area of Galaxy HQ back in Jubilife, then report in to Choy. This completes the quest.
  • Reward: Even more items in the General Store.

Peselle’s Easy Errand - Request #72

  • Quest-giver: Peselle / Galaxy HQ
  • This one is a bit of a pain - just a standard fetch quest. Pesselle wants 100 Medicinal Leeks. You can either go out and gather these (or maybe you have them in your box already), or you can buy them from a store. Probably only a quest for completionists.
  • Reward: 1x Adamant Mint, 1x Modest Mint

Which is the Real Burmy? - Request #73

Proving that any Burmy is valid in Pokemon Legends Arceus Quest 73.
  • Quest-giver: Leif / Jubilife Village
  • Burmy is one of those Pokemon that has multiple different forms - and Leif, Duna, and Tarush don’t know that. Which is why they’re hanging out in the village fighting over what it looks like. You need to catch all three forms of Burmy and bring them together here, so that they can see that they’re actually all right. Burmy drops most commonly from rustling trees, and which form comes out depends on which of Pokemon Legends Arceus’ zones you’re in. Show them all three. Sadly, this still isn’t good enough - so you then need to complete Burmy’s Pokedex entry and show them that.
  • Reward: 1x Leaf Stone, 3x Exp. Candy M

A Bit of Help from Blissey - Request #74

  • Quest-giver: Pippa / Galaxy HQ
  • You’ll need to battle an Abomasnow (an Ice/Grass type, so bring a fire-type Pokemon to melt and burn it to nothing), and that’ll help Pippa and her Blissey out.
  • Reward: 1x Shiny Stone, 2x Max Revive

Kirlia the Hairstyle Muse - Request #75

  • Quest-giver: Arezu / Jubilife Village
  • Arezu the hair stylist wants more inspiration again - so it’s off to catch another Pokemon that can act as style inspiration. This time it’s Kirlia, evolved from Ralts or found in the Icelands at Snowpoint Temple and the Shrouded Ruins. Show it to Arezu to complete the request.
  • Reward: More hairstyle options unlocked

Mushroom Hunting with Swinub - Request #76

  • Quest-giver: Morel / Galaxy HQ
  • This is a nice simple one. Grab the quest from Morel in the Alabaster Icelands area. You’ll need a Swinub in your party; you can catch one in this biome if you don’t already have one. Then, head to the marked locations to have Swinub search for Mushrooms. Along the way you’ll have a battle or two. When you’ve searched all the locations, turn in the quest. 
  • Reward: 5x Sand Radish, 1x Exp. Candy L

Gone Astray… in the Fieldlands - Request #77

Finding Wanda one last time, in the Obsidian Fieldlands, where she's been attacked by Paras.
  • Quest-giver: Zeke / Galaxy HQ
  • And here we go - Wanda has got herself lost and in trouble again. This time it’s back to the Obsidian Fieldlands, the first area of Pokemon Legends Arceus. She’s found just south-east of the heights camp; use Ursaluna to track her scent again. She’s been accosted by three Pokemon - Paras. Defeat them all to rescue her.
  • Reward: 3x Star Piece

Setting Up the Icepeak Camp - Request #78

  • Quest-giver: Brice / Alabaster Icelands
  • If you want a second camp in the Alabaster Icelands, Craig is the guy you need to find - Brice will request you find him. He’s just over the river and to the right - on the other side of the base of the falls, basically. These guys need to learn to communicate. Talk to him to reunite them, then report back. 
  • Reward: New Base Camp site

Balloon Race in the Icelands - Request #79

  • Quest-giver: Balloon Race NPC / Alabaster Icelands
  • I can’t believe that this NPC has this many quests but they never give him a name in dialogue. I feel for you, Balloon Race guy. This time it’s a race across the icelands, making use of your rideable Pokemon. Pop 30 balloons to not only get mini-game rewards, but complete the quest, too. This is more difficult than the others as you have to ride, fly, and climb, but thankfully 30 is only a little over half the course. 
  • Reward: Mini-game rewards, 3x Nugget

The Perfect Pickle Recipe - Request #80

  • Quest-giver Radisa / Jubilife Village
  • Radisa wants to craft something beautiful - and powerful. You’ll need to hand over 2x Crunchy Salt, 2x Plump Beans, and 2x King’s Leaf. This will allow her to make the recipe - and teach you the recipe, also.
  • Reward: Twice-spcied Radish Recipe

In Search of a Fiery Pokemon - Request #81

  • Quest-giver: Brice / Alabaster Icelands 
  • Another bring-the-Pokemon quest, but not a hugely specific one. They just want a fire-type Pokemon that can provide fire and warmth at the camp; there’s many, many eligible creatures in Arceus Legends. I ended up giving them a Magmar that was caught back on the Cobalt Coat’s volcano area. You have to give up the Pokemon permanently, so don’t hand over any beloved or valuable ones.
  • Reward: 3x Full Restore, 1x Exp. Candy L

Traces of a Lost Village - Request #82

  • Quest-giver: Mani / Galaxy HQ
  • The waypoints will handle much of this quest for you; the challenge instead comes in navigating the area it points you to, which is full of Glalie and similar Pokemon at over level 60. Move from one waypoint to the next, uncovering information about the long-lost snow village. Bring a Pokemon with powerful fire-type moves. You’ll have an unavoidable encounter with a high-level Pokemon, too. When done, return to Mani in Jubilife Galaxy HQ. 
  • Reward: 1x Dawn Stone

Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow - Request #83

  • Quest-giver: Keaka / Galaxy HQ
  • Keaka is in Hisui, but actually hails from the Alola region, the setting of Pokemon Sun and Moon. He wants you to catch an Alolan Vulpix, which appears in the Alabaster Icelands, which is also where you’ll find Keaka. You’ll need to go to the Avalanche Slopes area and track down five Alolan Vulpix. You get to keep one at the end - and this Pokemon isn’t found anywhere else in Hisui. You only get one, from this request. If you get stuck finding the Vulpix, we've got an image-packed guide with Alolan Vulpix locations to assist.
  • Reward: 1x Exp. Candy L

The Bergmite Enthusiast - Request #84

  • Quest-giver: Dominia / Alabaster Icelands
  • Our favourite format of quest is back - fill in that Pokedex entry! You’ll need to complete a bunch of research tasks for Bergmite, and then show the completed Pokedex entry to Dominia. Simple.
  • Reward: 3x Grit Pebble

A Home Under the the Eaves - Request #85

  • Quest-giver: Ida / Galaxy HQ
  • Once you’ve caught a Chimecho, you can pick this request up from the notice board in Galaxy HQ. Go over to speak to Ida in the village and discover a Chimecho is living in the eaves of her house. Chat to her, and then investigate the locations the game points you to. It’s just a lot of walking around really - just follow the waypoint, interact, rinse, repeat.
  • Reward: 1x Rare Candy, 1x Sun Stone

Gone Astray… in the Icelands - Request #86

The location of Zeke in Pokemon Legends Arceus for Quest 86, Astray in the Icelands.
  • Quest-giver: Zeke & Wanda / Galaxy HQ
  • The tables turn! This time it’s Zeke that gets lost, but only because he runs off thinking that Wanda is missing. It’s now up to you to reunite the family again. He’s not far from Icepeak Arena, stuck in a hole. Come prepared, as you’ll need to do battle with a high-level Ice-type Pokemon. Consult our Type Chart if you need help. Remember you can catch this rather than kill it, if you desire.
  • Reward: Ice Stone, 5x Star Piece, 1x Peat Block

Rolling with Spheal - Request #87

  • Quest-giver: Senki / Coronet Highlands
  • In the Coronet Highlands, there’s a Spheal that’s gone missing. Find his owner near the Moonview Arena camp, and then do as he says - start from where he stands, and follow the long hill down. You’ll meet Spheal a few times along the way, and it’ll roll off again. Either battle or sneak your way down the hill to finally catch Spheal. Afterwards, return to the top of the hill to report in for your reward.
  • Reward: 5x Sticky Glob, 1x Rare Candy

Steely Lucario - Request #88

  • Quest-giver: Rye / Galaxy HQ
  • Back in Jubilife Village, you can encounter a Lucario in the HQ later in the game. Talk to it and then its trainer will appear. They ask for a battle. Accept, and meet them up near (but not actually inside) the training area. Battle, beat Lucario, and the request is complete.
  • Reward: 1x Grit Rock

The Diamond Clan’s Treasure - Request #89

Adaman hands over his treasure.
  • Quest-giver: Adaman / Crimson Mirelands
  • Simply find Adaman on the shores of Lake Valor, in the Crimson Mirelands area. You agree to undertake the quest, and the quest itself is simple - defeat him in battle. You’ll face a Leafeon, Vaporeon, and Umbreon all at once - Leafeon is the high-level heavy-hitter. After you win, you’ll get the Adamant Crystal, which can be used to change Dialga’s form.
  • Reward: Adamant Crystal, 3x Comet Shard

The Pearl Clan’s Treasure - Request #90

  • Quest-giver: Iridia / Alabaster Icelands
  • Go find Iridia in the Alabaster Icelands area; she’s at the Pearl Camp. This is a post-game quest, after doing all of the main quests except the very last one. Battle Iridia, and she’ll then hand over the Lustrous Globe, an item which lets Palkia change form.
  • Reward: Lustrous Globe, 3x Comet Shard

On the Trail of Giratina - Request #91

Battling to catch Giratina as part of Request 91.
  • Quest-giver: Adaman / Jubilife Village
  • This quest will be handed over to you by Adaman after you’ve completed the game and the lion’s share of the compulsory post-game in order to see the game’s main ending. Head to the Cobalt Coastlands to continue - and pack for a fight and catch scenario. Head to the Islespy Shore in the top-left of the map, and then up to where Turnback Cave lies. Inside, you’ll find your target. Once you catch Giratina, you’ll also get a Griseous Core, an item that can transform the form of the beast you just caught. Report back to Professor Laventon to tie off the loose ends. 
  • Reward: 1x Grit Rock, the chance to catch Giratina

A Token of Gratitude - Request #92

  • Quest-giver: Medi / Galaxy HQ
  • Note: This quest is only available if you have a Pokemon Sword or Shield save game on your Switch
  • This quest only appears in the post-game, and as noted above, only if you have content from another game on your switch. To complete this quest, you'll need to chat to Medi in the Obsidian Fieldlands base camp, then head to the Floaro Garddens area. Shaymin appears around here. Catch it to complete the quest.
  • Reward: 1x Grit Rock, the chance to catch Shaymin

The Darksome Nightmare - Request #93

  • Quest-giver: Cael / Galaxy HQ 
  • Note: This quest is only available if you have a Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl save game on your Switch
  • Another post-game quest, you’re asked to search for a Mysterious Black Pokemon that stalks around the Clamberclaw Cliffs area of the Coronet Highlands at night. The Pokemon you’ll be after is Darkrai, and as you approach the area at night, a cutscene introduces it. Be prepared for a fight to weaken it, then toss an Ultra Ball. Good hunting!
  • Reward: 1x Exp. Candy XL

Incarnate Forces of Hisui - Request #94

  • Quest-giver: Cogita / Galaxy HQ
  • We don’t know how Cogita knows all this, but in the post-game she’ll appear in Galaxy HQ and point you towards three more legendary Pokemon - Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. Catch all three and then use them in battle a little to complete their Pokedex entries, then show those entries to Cogita.
    • Landorus is found on Ramanas Island in the Obsidian Fieldlands.
    • Thundurus is found in the Cobalt Coastlands, and spawns during Heavy Rain Fall.
    • Tornadus is found in the Bonechill Wastes area of the Alabaster Icelands, but only during the Blizzard weather.
  • Reward: 4x Exp. Candy L

A New Anomaly - Request #95

  • Quest-giver: Mai / Obsidian Fieldlands Heights Camp
  • Investigate what Munchlax is curious about.
  • Reward: 30x Ultra Ball, 60x Tumblestone, 60x Apricorn

Massive Mass Outbreak in the Fieldlands - Request #96

  • Quest-giver: Mai / Jubilife Village
  • Investigate 3 Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Obsidian Fieldlands   
  • Reward: 20x Smoke Bomb, 40x Iron Chunk, 40x Tumblestone

Massive Mass Outbreak in the Mirelands - Request #97

  • Quest-giver: Mai / Jubilife Village
  • Investigate 3 Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Crimson Mirelands   
  • Reward: 15x Aguav Berries, 40x Black Tumblestone, 20x Apricorn

Massive Mass Outbreak in the Coastlands - Request #98

  • Quest-giver: Mai / Jubilife Village
  • Investigate 3 Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Cobalt Coastlands   
  • Reward: 30x Sticky Globs, 30x Sky Tumblestone, 30x Tumblestone, 30x Iron Chunk

Tricky Treat Strategy - Request #99

  • Quest-giver: Mai / Jubilife Village
  • Bring 10 Mushroom Cake to the Secret Hollow in Alabaster Icelands
  • Reward: 3x Star Piece, 30x Aguav Berries, 30x Iron Chunk

Massive Mass Outbreak in the Highlands - Request #100

  • Quest-giver: Mai / Jubilife Village
  • Investigate 3 Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Coronet Highlands   
  • Reward: 20x Mud, 30x Tumblestone, 30x Apricorn

Massive Mass Outbreak in the Icelands - Request #101

  • Quest-giver: Mai / Jubilife Village
  • Investigate 3 Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Alabaster Icelands   
  • Reward: 20x Caster Fern, 20x Mud, 30x Iron Chunk

Daybreak - Quest #102

  • Quest-giver: After completing Request #101
  • Automatically completed for you
  • Reward: 1x Dawn Stone, 1x Seed of Mastery, 3x EXP Candy XL, new unlocks in the Training Grounds

Digging for Tomorrow - Quest #103

  • Quest-giver: Kochika / Galaxy HQ
  • Defeat the Lv. 60 Alpha Onix that has spawned in Oreburrow Tunnel in the Obsidian Highlands
  • Reward: 1x Grit Rock, 20x Iron Chunk

Battling the Security Corps' Secret Weapon - Quest #104

  • Quest-giver: Zisu / Jubilife Village
  • Defeat the Trainer that has three high-level, unevolved Pokemon.
  • Reward: 3x Grit Rock, Training Ground Unlocks

The Ultimate Balloon Race - Quest #105

  • Quest-giver: Balloon Race man at the Summit Camp in the Coronet Highlands.
  • Pop 40 Balloons before time runs out
  • Reward: 5x Nugget

Adaman's Hope - Quest #106

  • Quest-giver: Adaman / Cobalt Coastlands
  • Fight & defeat Adaman with only the Origin Forme Dialga
  • Reward: 1x EXP Candy XL, 1x Leaf Stone

Irida's Wish - Quest #107

  • Quest-giver: Irida / Crimson Mirelands
  • Fight & defeat Irida with only the Origin Forme Palkia
  • Reward: 1x  EXP Candy XL, 1x Ice Stone

Path of Solitude - Final Quests

  • Quest-giver: Gared / Jubilife Village
  • Complete Gared's various requests at the training ground with the requested Pokemon.