Octopath Traveler II Secondary Job Unlocks: How to get all Secondary Jobs

Octopath Traveler II follows in the footsteps of its predecessor by being one of the most open-ended RPGs of its type. That means you can go anywhere and do anything you want, theoretically right from the start of the game. That includes unlocking secondary jobs for each of the eight members of the game’s cast. 

To unlock each secondary job, you'll need to track down the Job Guilds and grab yourself a Job License - and this guide will help with that with a complete map of Guild Locations to do so. While each character is initially limited to the skill set of their base job - which makes choosing the best starting character at the outset important - you can then augment those skills with secondary jobs that can blow each character’s potential wide open.

This system is as open-ended as the rest of the game, too, which means you can put together some truly wild setups, and the best job combinations in Octopath Traveler 2 are extremely powerful. This page details how & where to unlock the eight secondary jobs.

How to unlock Secondary Jobs with Guilds

Unlocking all of the secondary jobs will give you far more options for the combat of Octopath Traveler 2.

As mentioned before, Octopath Traveler 2 is sufficiently open-ended that you can basically go anywhere in its world from the moment you complete your first prologue chapter - though there is something standing in your way, that being the enemies out in the overworld.

This means that while you can make a mad dash to unlock a secondary job, you’ll probably find the enemies in your way are too difficult to get there. In real terms, the game’s progression is designed so that you’ll want to be around level thirty or above before you start unlocking second jobs - so get grinding.

Once you can reach their locations, unlocking secondary jobs requires a job license, which is obtained from a job guild associated with the job in question. Most of the guilds are in mid-game town locations, just buildings inside towns. A couple are out on the overworld itself - and one is low-key hidden.

Look out for the shield icon on your mini map, as it indicates a second job unlock is nearby.

Keep an eye out for a shield-style symbol that isn’t too dissimilar to the RPG Site logo on your mini-map, as in the screen above. This is the icon for Secondary Job unlocks and Guilds. The Guild Leaders who you have to speak to to unlock the job.

Initially, you’ll be given one license - meaning only one character can be that class at a time. However, by talking to the guild leader and completing certain tasks, you can get a further two, making for three licenses for each secondary job total. Pair this with the EX Skills and you've got some serious head-scratching to do when choosing the best party setup.

In addition to these eight unlocks, there are four secret jobs - the Inventor, Armsmaster, Arcanist, and Conjurer. These unlocks are more complicated - so hit the links for in-depth guides on unlocking those.

Secondary Job Guild Locations for Octopath Traveler 2

First off, let’s get visual. Here’s a map of Octopath Traveler 2’s world with each of the secondary job unlock locations shown, alongside a brief name of where you’ll find them. For most players, this will be sufficient:

This map reveals all of the Octopath Traveler 2 Secondary Job unlock locations.

If you need a little more help, however, here’s notes on where each guild and its corresponding secondary job unlock is located:

  • Warrior: In a Dojo building located at the most northern parts of the town of Sai in Hinoeuma.
  • Dancer: Go to the town of Wellgrove in the Leaflands area on the far West of the world. The Dancer’s guild is in town.
  • Merchant: In the rocky northernmost area of the Western continent, find this in the Western Crackridge Wilds. This is a small camp in the overworld - the nearest town is Crackridge, just to the east. 
  • Apothecary: Go to the southern reaches of the western continent on the map, in the Harborlands. The Apothecary secondary job unlock is in the town of Conning Creek.
  • Scholar: Out in the overworld, in the north-western part of the Western Winterbloom Snows area. The nearest town is Winterbloom; head west, then north to find the studious building.
  • Cleric: Find the Cleric Secondary Job in Borderfall, an area of the Crescentlands. Find this by heading West from the nearby town of Montwise - signposts point to it.
  • Thief: Cleverly hidden as you’d expect from the Thieves’ Guild, go to the town of Clockridge in the Brightlands. In the north-western part of the town, you’ll find a small stone archway half-obscured by wooden crates. If you go in here at night, you’ll find the thieves meeting.
  • Hunter: In between the Beasting Bay ship dock and the town of Tropu’hopu, you’ll be able to find a small camp of hunters hidden away out in the overworld - and they’ll welcome you to their guild.