Monster Hunter World Power Charm & Armor Charm: why you should buy & upgrade these items as a priority

Once the main story of Monster Hunter World is complete and the commission is well and truly established in the new world, you're given a whole new set of tasks: your work isn't done, with high rank quests now unlocked. 

With that comes some great new gear, and two items you shouldn't ignore are the Power Charm (written in-game as powercharm) and Armor Charm (armorcharm) - incredibly useful new items. These items are expensive, but boy, they're good. 

On this page we'll explain why the Powercharm and Armorcharm are so expensive, why they're worth every penny, and if you haven't yet found them exactly how to get them. So - let's get into that - including details of how they can become the even more powerful Powertalon and Armortalon.

If you're trying to get the best gear for Monster Hunter World's High Rank, you'll need some of this loot...


What the Power Charm & Armor Charm do, and why they're so good

Once you've defeated Zorah Magdaros and reached Hunter Rank 6, these two new items will crop up in the Provisions Vendor in your hub area of Astera. They're not cheap at all, with the Powercharm costing 36,000 Zenny and the Armorcharm costing 24,000 Zenny. But they're so expensive for good reason: they're poweful.

Basically, these items buff you significantly. The powercharm buffs your attack (ATK) and the armorcharm buffs your defense (DEF) - and these stat boosts can make a larger difference than you'd expect in Monster Hunter World's High Rank content.

The Powercharm offers a buff of eight points to your attack, while the armorcharm buffs your defense by twelve. Best of all is that you don't have to equip these items to benefit from their buffs - simply by having them in your inventory, you'll ge these improvements to your character.

These buffs are decent. When you combine the powercharm with a balanced affinity stat and good weapon you can be devastating, and if you pick high-defense gear from Monster Hunter World's armor list you can be really take a beating when using armorcharm. Combined with the rocksteady mantle it can turn you into a real hard-hitting tank.

But that's not all! These charms get even better: they can be upgraded...


Ugrading the Power Charm & Armor Charm to the Power Talon & Armor Talon

Once you've got them, the Powercharm and Armorcharm will eventually be outgrown by the treadmill of ever more powerful monsters to hunt. However, there's a solution, and it involves a drop from a high rank monster.

When you fight a high rank Bazelgeuse there's a chance it'll drop Bazel Talons. This loot item is very useful, since it can be combined with the a charm to make a new, even more powerful version of that same item.

A powercharm and a bazel talon will become a Powertalon. This buffs your attack by thirteen points - a buff of five points. The effect is the same; it's automatically applied when the item is in your inventory.

An armorcharm and a bazel talon will make an Armortalon, which is also a buff - raising your defense stat by eighteen. That's a buff of six over the armorcharm - even better. When added together, these can culminate in some huge ATK & DEF improvements.

All you need to do is get both in your inventory and combine them to create the new powerful item. To get them, head out on hunts for Bazelgeuse and keep trying until you get the right drops. Bringing along a Palcio equipped with the Plunderblade will be particularly helpful for this.

If the Bazelgeuse is giving you trouble, remember that it's weak to thunder element attacks. Keep trying - you'll get the drop.

As a bonus, the Powertalon & Armortalon are stackable with the Powercharm & Armorcharm

While you can't stack bonuses from the same item (so for instance even if you can afford them, you can't stack two or three powercharms together) what you can do is stack the upgraded item with the vanilla version.

So basically, once you have a Powertalon, you can go back to the provisions vendor on Astera and buy another Powercharm for a huge stack of Zenny. When you do, the two will combine and stack their stat boosts as long as both are in your inventory. 

The same goes for Armorcharm and Armortalon, and all of these will also stack with other different stat-improving items. 

These items are very pricey, but they're well worth every penny.