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Final Fantasy VII Remake Music Discs: The Power of Music and every disc location

One of the more unique collectables in Final Fantasy VII Remake are Music Discs that can be played at the Seventh Heaven bar, or anywhere else that you find a jukebox on your travels. You’ll encounter your first music disc in Chapter 3, either from the Seventh Heaven jukebox itself, or potentially from the Item Shop nearby. From here on, you’ll be able to collect tracks from either spending 50 gil at various shops or by completing other small quests.

While this doesn't feature music from right across the FF series like the car music available in FF15, the FF7 Remake Music Discs offer you a chance to listen to classic tracks from the original FF7 in a remixed form. Some of these tracks are from various arrangement CDs released over the years, while others are all new for FF7 Remake.

While there is no clear in-game reward for collecting every music disc, how many you collect will be tracked within the game’s Play Log, and you’ll also earn the trophy Disc Jockey for collecting all of them. So we’ll list them all here for you. Simply check your Music Disc list in the menu and grab whichever ones you happen to be missing, or play along from the start with this list open to help you.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Music Discs: all music unlocks and where to get them

A few notes before we get to the raw music list - generally speaking, you'll get music discs one of three ways. The first is by interacting with a jukebox or other item playing the music. The second, and most common, is to buy the music tracks from shops or vending machines scattered throughout FF7 Remake's world. The third method is that discs will crop up as a reward for side quests or interacting with certain NPCs. Simple, right?

Many of these music discs are technically 'missable' on your first playthrough, as they appear in areas or chapters you can't return to. Don't panic, though - once you get to the end of the game, you can use Chapter Select to grab any discs you might've missed.

There's also a quest that makes use of the music discs and will require you to have three specific discs in your possession. This chapter 14 quest, 'The Power of Music', has its discs noted in the list below - and we've added a little section at the bottom of the article explaining the quest.

  1. The Prelude: You can buy this at the first item shop Tifa takes you to get water filters from, in Chapter 3. 
  2. Bombing Mission: Buy from the Mako Reactor 5 venting machine in Chapter 7. The machine is found after the lever lock minigame to open the doors.
  3. Tifa’s Theme: Interact with jukebox in Seventh Heaven in Chapter 3. This will likely be the first disc that you get.
  4. Barret’s Theme: Buy from one of the shops near Sector 7 train station in Chapter 3 or at the very start of Chapter 4.
  5. Lurking In The Darkness: Buy from a vending machine while climbing the Sector 7 Plate in Chapter 15.
  6. Let the Battles Begin: Buy from the vending machine at the switchyard location in the Train Graveyard in Chapter 11.
  7. Turk’s Theme: Get free from Old Woman NPC near the lake north of Wall Market in Chapter 14. It may be possible to grab this earlier, but Chapter 14 will have you running all over anyways, so you’ll be able to grab it then.
  8. Under the Rotting Pizza: Follow the path southwest of the Inn (the regular inn with the vending machine inside, not the Honeybee Inn) at Wall Market, in any of the chapters where you visit there.
  9. The Oppressed: Purchase in from the vending machine in the Sewer system in Chapter 10, you’ll pass right by it.
  10. Honeybee Inn: Buy at the pharmacy near the entrance to Wall Market.
  11. Don of the Slums: Purchase in Don Corneo’s mansion after being reunited with Tifa before being called up to his bedroom in Chapter 9.
  12. Fight On: Buy at the Corneo Colosseum in Wall Market in Chapter 14. This is the shop right before the elevator heading down into the colosseum itself. This is part of the quest ‘The Power of Music’ for Betty. Remember the battles here help you to unlock more Limit Breaks while you're down there!
  13. The Chase: Buy from a vending machine in the sewers in Chapter 14. Again, it’s pretty much right along the main path.
  14. Main Theme of FFVII: Buy in the underground area of Sector 7 Slums post-collapse, so get it in Chapter 14.
  15. On Our Way: Found in the Sector 6 Slums, near the entrance to Sector 7 - in the playground after the evacuation. You can grab this in Chapter 14.
  16. Good Night, Until Tomorrow: Obtained as a freebie from an NPC in the Wall Market Inn in Chapter 14. This is part of the quest ‘The Power of Music’ for Betty.
  17. Farm Hand: Found in the NW area of wall market - an NPC up the stairs near the cowboy-themed bar.
  18. Electric de Chocobo: Can be found in Chapter 6 on the Sector 4 plates, in the area to the right of the main platform after turning off at least two lights. This is on the way to getting the missable Chocobo & Moogle summon materia.
  19. Costa del Sol: Purchase at the Sector 5 Slums Materia shop on any of your visits there - Chapter 8 at the earliest.
  20. Gold Saucer: Purchase at The Moogle Emporium shop in Sector 5 for 1 Moogle Medal.
  21. Cait Sith’s Theme: Found in the Sector 5 Slums, for sale from a vending machine near the train station.
  22. Cosmo Canyon: Found in Sector 6's Collapsed Expressway area, past the second robot-hand puzzle with Aerith.
  23. Descendant of Shinobi: Obtained from the Sector 5 Slums; talk to NPC at Undercity Station post-collapse - so in Chapter 14.
  24. Wutai: Get from an NPC in Wall Market’s Urban Advancement District. You’ll likely pass by this guy near the end of Chapter 14 before grappling up to the plate.
  25. Tango of Tears: Found in the Sector 5 Slums, south of Leaf House.
  26. Let the Battles Begin! -REMAKE-: One of the trickier music discs to get, and it's obtainable in Chapter 9. To get it, you need to get a perfect score on the dance practice before the main minigame with Andrea, so 10x 'Great' ratings. You can retry this if you need to, but once you progress past it the only way to do it again is via chapter select.
  27. Hip Hop de Chocobo: From an NPC near a pizza sign in Sector 7 slum to the right of Seventh Heaven, in Chapter 3. 
  28. Stamp: Found in a side room in Corkscrew Tunnel Section E in Chapter 5, after where you fight the Sentry Launchers.
  29. The Midgar Blues: Talk to the singer at the bar in Wall Market - your earliest chance is in Chapter 9.
  30. Stand Up: Talk to the NPC in the alley left of Honeybee Inn in Chapter 14. This is the last disc needed for the ‘The Power of Music’ quest for Betty.
  31. Scarlet’s Theme: Find on the upper balcony level in the recreation area of the 63rd floor of Shinra Tower in Chapter 16 - right near the VR simulator and Domino's inside man. Mayor - the best!

Music Discs per chapter: disc locations listed chronologically

For some reason, the music disc list in FF7 Remake is numbered in such a way that they're out of order to how you obtain them in the game. The 27th disc in the game, for instance, is only available in Chapter 3.

For the sake of your sanity, as well as the comprehensive list above, here's a list of music discs broken down by chapter, in order. This will help you to avoid missing any, though remember you can loop back using chapter select in the postgame if needed. We just list the disc names and numbers, so you can then cross-reference it with our location list above.

  • Chapter 1 Music Discs: none
  • Chapter 2 Music Discs: none
  • Chapter 3 Music Discs: #1 The Prelude, #3 Tifa's Theme, #4 Barret's Theme, #27 Hip Hop de Chocobo
  • Chapter 4 Music Discs: #4 Barret's Theme (second opportunity, before you take the train)
  • Chapter 5 Music Discs: #28 Stamp
  • Chapter 6 Music Discs: #18 Electric de Chocobo
  • Chapter 7 Music Discs: #2 Bombing Mission
  • Chapter 8 Music Discs: #19 Costa del Sol
  • Chapter 9 Music Discs: #11 Don of the Slums, #26 Let the Battles Begin! -REMAKE-, #29 The Midgar Blues
  • Chapter 10 Music Discs: #9 The Opressed
  • Chapter 11 Music Discs: #6 Let the Battles Begin
  • Chapter 12 Music Discs: #14 Main Theme of FFVII, #23 Descendant of Shinobi
  • Chapter 13 Music Discs: none
  • Chapter 14 Music Discs: #7 Turk's Theme, #12 Fight On, #15 On Our Way, #16 Good Night, Until Tomorrow, #24 Wutai, #30 Stand Up
  • Chapter 15 Music Discs: #5 Lurking in the Darkness
  • Chapter 16 Music Discs: #31 Scarlet's Theme
  • Chapter 17 Music Discs: none
  • Chapter 18 Music Discs: none

The Power of Music: the Music Disc based Quest

In Chapter 14, you'll receive a new side quest from Betty once she's moved to Wall Market. She'll be in a small area of the market where there's a Jukebox, surrounded by depressed and upset people.

Chatting to Betty triggers 'The Power of Music' quest and adds it to your log. She wants you to find music that might cheer these people up and make them feel better about their situation.

You require three different music discs to complete the Power of Music quest:

  • #12 Fight On
  • #16 Good Night, Until Tomorrow
  • #30 Stand Up

All three of these are readily available in and around the Wall Market area during the period this side quest takes place as described above if you haven't grabbed them already.

Just getting the discs isn't enough, however: you then need to interact with the Jukebox near Betty and use it to play each of these three songs. The songs are actually marked in the UI with the green quest marker once you interact with the jukebox. Each song cheers up a nearby NPC. Once you've played all three, everybody will be happy. That's the power of music! Completing this quest gets you the Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. III manuscript, which instantly gives Barret 10 SP extra to spend on weapon upgrades.

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