Final Fantasy VII Remake Weapons: All Weapon Locations & Best Weapon for each character, including Intergrade

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Weapons list features a fair mix between weapons that'll be familiar to fans of the original FF7, plus some all-new weapons for FF7 Remake. Even familiar weapons are different this time outl however - as the way they work, how to get them, and their balance is completely different thanks to how differently the remake is structured. This page has you covered, however - and goes over the weapon abilities, weapon locations, and suggestions for the best weapons for each character.

FF7 Remake Weapons explained

Cloud with his Buster Sword equipped. As iconic as this weapon is, you won't be using it all game.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, your choice of weapon will have a major influence on how battles play out. Each of the available weapons offers stat upgrades, but also has a unique progression via a weapon upgrade skill tree, plus a unique ability. 

Weapon abilities can be permanently learned for use with any other weapon by equipping that weapon and using the skill several times, while battling will earn you SP that can be spent on any of your currently available weapons to power them up. 

If you learn every weapon’s ability you can have a range of useful and different moves at your disposal by the late game. The ‘proficiency bonus’ mentioned in the list below is all about learning those moves - you’ll gain a little proficiency by simply using the move, but fulfilling the bonus will help you to master it more quickly. Learning all weapon skills also gets you another FF7 Remake trophy. You don't get new Limit Breaks with weapons - they're obtained a different way. Some housekeeping on the guide:

  • The list below also details both the initial and maximum stats of each weapon. The max stats are what is achieved when a weapon upgrades have been completely maxed out by collecting manuscripts.
  • This list also features the initial and maximum materia slots for each of the FF7 Remake weapons. More materia slots are unlocked through weapon upgrades. The max slots are the same on every weapon - 3x2. 
    • If you're wondering what that means, for materia slots, 1x2 = 1 paired set. 2x1 = two single. 2x2 = 2 paired set, and so on. Hit up our FF7 Remake Materia guide for more help with what to equip in those slots. The number of slots doesn't impact your ability to equip summon materia - that is a dedicated slot, one for each character.

Some weapons are indeed missable, but you can pick them up in the postgame once you unlock chapter select. If you want the same sort of information on armor, good news - we've got a full armor list and locations too!

Weapons for Cloud

Cloud battles with the Hard Edge, one of his unlockable weapons.

Cloud, of course, fights with a sword so huge that it has become iconic, but just like in the original game there are a range of whackin’ great swords that are quite different to the Buster Sword:

Buster Sword: 

Cloud's iconic Buster Sword, remade in gorgeous modern graphics.

A large broadsword that has inherited the hopes of those who fight.

  • Base Stats: 22 Attack, 22 Magic
  • Max Stats: 91 Attack, 91 Magic, 11 Defense, 11 Magical Defense
  • Base Slots: 1x2
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Focused Thrust - “Lunge toward an enemy with a piercing strike that hits multiple times. Significantly increases stagger.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: None; the Buster Sword ability starts out mastered.
  • Location: Cloud’s starting weapon.

Iron Blade: 

Cloud's Iron Blade has a tip that seems designed for a more precise cut.

A greatsword cast from carefully selected iron ore.

  • Base Stats: 23 Attack, 31 Magic
  • Max Stats: 77 Attack, 105 Magic, 13 Physical Defense
  • Base Slots: 3x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Triple Slash - “Slash three enemies in quick succession, dealing more damage with each blow.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Strike three or more enemies.
  • Location: Receive automatically in Chapter 3 after the trip to the Scrap Boulevard

Nail Bat: 

Cloud's not all about swords - he can bust heads open with the Nail Bat weapon.

A crudely reinforced baseball bat. Designed to beat the living tar out of anything and everything.

  • Base Stats: 30 Attack, 30 Magic
  • Max Stats: 30 Attack, 30 Magic
  • Base Slots: none
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Disorder - “Deliver a devastating attack and switch modes in one fluid motion.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Strike with Attack or Strong Attack after switching modes.
  • Location: Reward for ‘Kids on Patrol’ sidequest (Chapter 8). If missed, this is sold in some shops in later chapters.


The Hard Edge featured on some iconic CG renders for the original FF7 - the only other sword to do so.

A mighty blade able to cleave in one stroke anything foolish enough to stand in the wielder's way.

  • Base Stats: 57 Attack, 19 Magic
  • Max Stats: 137 Attack, 46 Magic
  • Base Slots: 1x2, 1x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Infinity’s End - “Wind up and unleash an overhead strike. Increased damage on stagger. Costs 2 ATB.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Strike a staggered enemy.
  • Location: Buy at Wall Market weapon shop (chapter 9).

Mythril Saber: 

The Mythril Saber is the thinnest of Cloud's swords in FF7 Remake, but no less deadly.

An immense sword made from magic-infused mythril ore.

  • Base Stats: 24 Attack, 72 Magic
  • Max Stats: 46 Attack, 138 Magic, 10 Magic Defense
  • Base Slots: 1x2, 2x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Blade Burst - “Unleash a wave of non-elemental mako energy at an enemy in front of you with a slash of your sword.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Finish off an enemy.
  • Location: Buy at Wall Market weapon shop (Chapter 14)

Twin Stinger: 

The Twin Stinger is the last of Cloud's weapons to unlock in FF7 Remake, and arguably the most powerful.

A sword forged from two existing blades. Well suited for materia.

  • Base Stats: 46 Attack, 46 Magic
  • Max Stats: 73 Attack, 73 Magic
  • Base Slots: 2x2
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Counterstance - “Brace for attacks and retaliate with a powerful slash.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Unleash a counterattack.
  • Location: Shinra Tower (Chapter 17) -  in The Drum after reuniting with Barret.

Weapons for Barret

Barret is both the natural burly tank of the fighters, but also the most natural ranged fighter, what with his FF7 Remake weapons primarily being guns. He does have a few melee options, however.

A gun for an arm isn’t the most inconspicuous of looks for an eco-warrior on a mission of revenge, but Barret makes it work anyway. His weapons are unique in that he actually has two types - ranged guns and a couple of melee weapons that swap hot lead for brute force.

Gatling Gun:

The Gatling Gun is Barret's iconic starting weapon.

A custom-order gun commissioned specifically to take down Shinra forces. Barret's longtime right-hand man.

  • Base Stats: 19 Attack, 19 Magic
  • Max Stats: 77 Attack, 77 Magic, 9 Physical Defense, 9 Magic Defense
  • Base Slots: 1x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Focused Shot - “Consume all ATB charges to unleash a concentrated burst of energy. Significantly increases stagger.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Stagger an enemy.
  • Location: Barret’s starting weapon.

Light Machine Gun: 

The second weapon option for Barret is the more traditional-looking machine gun.

A lethal, sturdy firearm with a large magazine.

  • Base Stats: 22 Attack, 33 Magic
  • Max Stats: 62 Attack, 93 Magic, 13 Physical Defense
  • Base Slots: 1x2
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Lifesaver - “Take damage intended for other party members.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Restore an ally’s HP.
  • Location: Automatically obtained after Chapter 6.

Big Bertha:

Big Bertha unlocks an absolutely vital ability for Barret - the powerful Maximum Fury, which lets rip it all.

A firearm that boasts unrivaled destructive force. Found in the slums' black market.

  • Base Stats: 45 Attack, 30 Magic
  • Max Stats: 93 Attack, 62 Magic
  • Base Slots: 1x2, 1x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Maximum Fury - “Consume all ATB charges to fire a long stream of bullets at an enemy.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Finish off an enemy.
  • Location: Buy in the Sector 6 Slums after the evacuation from Sector 7.

Steel Pincers:

If you want Barret to attack with melee, the Steel Pincers have blades to allow that.

A close-combat weapon with steel blades designed to slice enemies to ribbons.

[This is a Barret Melee Moveset weapon. Bullet-based special moves still work the same.]
  • Base Stats: 53 Attack, 39 Magic
  • Max Stats: 101 Attack, 73 Damage
  • Base Slots: 3x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Charging Uppercut - “Rush toward an enemy and launch them into the air with a furious blow. Increases charge.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Top of energy reserve
  • Location: Buy at The Moogle Emporium with Moogle Medals (Chapter 14, in the kids’ den)

Wrecking Ball: 

Barret's second melee weapon option, the Wrecking Ball lets him unleash the beatdown.

A close-combat weapon capable of pulverizing enemies with a sphere of solid steel.

  • Base Stats: 65 Attack, 17 Magic
  • Max Stats: 117 Attack, 31 Magic
  • Base Slots: 1x2, 2x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Smackdown - “Strike the ground and send nearby enemies flying.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Strike three or more enemies.
  • Location: Reward for ‘Subterranean Menace’ sidequest in Chapter 14, received from Wymer in the ruined playground that leads to Sector 7.

EKG Cannon: 

A weapon for Barret with a high magic stat and an ability that's at its best up close and personal.

A firearm whose accuracy is dependent upon the wielder's emotional state.

  • Base Stats: 34 Attack, 65 Magic
  • Max Stats: 54 Attack, 105 Magic
  • Base Slots: 4x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Point Blank - “Consume all ATB charges to deliver a close-range attack and send enemies flying.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Finish off an enemy
  • Location: Give 10,000 gil to Hart for a hint after talking to Domino in Shinra Tower.

Weapons for Tifa

As a martial artist, Tifa uses gloves as her weapons of choice - and despite all looking similar, these weapons have quite different stats and abilities.

Tifa is a legendary martial artist, and has a range of gloves to fit that purpose. The abilities granted by her weapons give her a vastly improved amount of combat utility and turns her into a stagger machine, so you’ll want to collect them all.

Leather Gloves: 

Tifa's default leather gloves have that iconic look.

Well-worn leather gloves that have seen their fair share of fights.

  • Base Stats: 27 Attack, 22 Magic
  • Max Stats: 109 Attack, 74 Magic, 8 Physical Defense, 8 Magical Defense
  • Base Slots: 1x2
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Divekick - “Leap into the air and unleash a powerful kick.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Finish off an enemy.
  • Location: Tifa’s starting weapon.

Metal Knuckles: 

Tifa's first major weapon upgrade, the Metal Knuckles unlock the Overpower ability.

Gloves reinforced with metal to pack an extra punch.

  • Base Stats: 54 Attack, 12 Magic
  • Max Stats: 164 Attack, 36 Magic
  • Base Slots: 1x2
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Overpower - “Use in conjunction with basic attacks to more effectively pressure enemies.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Follow up with a basic attack combo after using the weapon ability.
  • Location: Dropped from Crab Warden boss in Chapter 5.

Sonic Strikers:

The Sonic Strikers come with handy linked Materia Slots, and a skill that raises Stagger.

Gloves with a sleek design. Well suited for setting materia.

  • Base Stats: 32 Attack, 21 Magic
  • Max Stats: 87 Attack, 58 Magic
  • Base Slots: 2x2
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Focused Strike - “Evade, then unleash a charging attack. Moderately increases stagger.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Stagger an Enemy
  • Location: Level B5 of Mako Reactor 5 in Chapter 7, inside a chest.

Feathered Gloves:

Adorned with Feathers, this weapon's ability lets you unleash many hits.

Lightweight gloves embellished with feathers.

  • Base Stats: 50 Attack, 33 Magic
  • Max Stats: 120 Attack, 80 Magic
  • Base Slots: 3x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Starshower - “Unleash a flurry of powerful strikes. Increases strength of the next command executed.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Follow up with an offensive ability or magic after using the weapon ability.
  • Location: In the Sewer System after defeating Apzu in Chapter 10; in the room with the first sluice gate.

Mythril Claws: 

Tifa's Mythril Claws weapon channels the Freddy with some nasty-looking blades.

Gloves with razor-sharp talons made of magic-infused mythril.

  • Base Stats: 28 Attack, 55 Magic
  • Max Stats: 55 Attack, 109 Magic
  • Base Slots: 1x2, 1x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Chi Trap - “Create an orb of materialized chi that deals damage on contact.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Strike an enemy
  • Location: Drop from Failed Experiment boss in Chapter 13.

Purple Pain: 

Colorful is the word for Tifa's final weapon unlock - but don't let the hue fool you. They're deadly.

Leather gloves made from the hide of a ferocious beast.

  • Bast Stats: 51 Attack, 41 Magic
  • Max Stats: 82 Attack, 66 Magic
  • Base Slots: 1x2, 2x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: True Strike - “Deliver a tremendous blow at close range. Increased stagger damage bonus.”
  • Proficiency Bonus: Strike a staggered enemy
  • Location: Shinra Tower lobby in Chapter 16. After Tifa falls, you’ll begin climbing on a car and then some monuments toward the next story objective. After you climb onto the car and the first set of monuments, but before you climb the first ladder, there are a set of overhead monkey bars you can use to cross a gap to a chest.

Weapons for Aerith

Aerith acts as the mage of the party, which means many of her FF7 Remake weapons and associated skills are built for magic first.></tag:image></p>

<p>Aerith’s primary role is all about magic - she shoots little bits of magic from her staff as her standard attack without costing any MP. The staff she uses unlocks new abilities, many of which can buff the party, and makes her standard attacks more powerful - though she’s definitely always a long-range fighter.</p>

	<li><a href=
Guard Stick
  • Silver Staff
  • Arcane Scepter
  • Mythril Rod
  • Bladed Staff
  • Reinforced Staff
  • Guard Stick: 

    Aerith's classic and iconic FF7 weapon, the Guard Stick.

    A vintage and well-cared-for staff. Also happens to be eco-friendly.

    • Base Stats: 29 Attack, 43 Magic
    • Max Stats: 29 Attack, 109 Magic, 7 Defense, 7 Magic Defense
    • Base Slots: 2x1
    • Max Slots: 3x2
    • Ability: Arcane Ward - “Conjure a ward. Attack spells cast within the ward will automatically be cast twice.” 
    • Proficiency Bonus: Conjure a ward
    • Location: Aerith’s starting weapon.

    Silver Staff: 

    If you play Aerith often, the Silver Staff's ability works as a great protective move.

    An elegant staff treated with silver. Perfect for those proficient in magic.

    • Base Stats: 27 Attack, 50 Magic
    • Max Stats: 27 Attack, 120 Magic
    • Base Slots: 1x2
    • Max Slots: 3x2
    • Ability: Sorcerous Storm - “Deal magic damage to nearby enemies.”
    • Proficiency Bonus: Strike three or more enemies.
    • Location: Buy from The Moogle Emporium for 2 Moogle Medals.

    Arcane Scepter: 

    The most ornate of Aerith's weapons, the Arcane Scepter.

    A staff infused with precious gems the color of twilight. Well suited for materia.

    • Base Stats: 24 Attack, 36 Magic
    • Max Stats: 24 Attack, 87 Magic
    • Base Slots: 2x2
    • Max Slots: 3x2
    • Ability: Fleeting Familiar - “Summon a fairy that attacks your enemies periodically as well as after you use abilities and spells.”
    • Proficiency Bonus: Unleash a consecutive attack of an ability or spell.
    • Location: Reward for “A Dynamite Body” sidequest in Chapter 9.

    Mythril Rod: 

    Every character has a mythril weapon, and for Aerith it's this snazzy, circular-ended rod.

    A rod made of mythril. Said to be a fabled mage's weapon of choice.

    • Base Stats: 24 Attack, 92 Magic
    • Max Stats: 24 Attack, 164 Magic
    • Base Slots: 3x1
    • Max Slots: 3x2
    • Ability: Ray of Judgment - “Fire an energy burst that hits multiple times. Increased stagger damage bonus. Costs 2 ATB.”
    • Proficiency Bonus: Strike a staggered enemy.
    • Location: In the Train Graveyard in Chapter 11, north of the fences where you start out.

    Bladed Staff:

    While it doesn't change her move set, the Bladed Staff gives Aerith a melee-looking bladed weapon.

    A staff sporting deadly blades on either end. Handle with care.

    • Base Stats: 39 Attack, 34 Magic
    • Max Stats: 39 Attack, 76 Magic, 13 Physical Defense
    • Base Slots: 1x2, 2x1
    • Max Slots: 3x2
    • Ability: Lustrous Shield
    • Proficiency Bonus: Strike an enemy
    • Location: Steal from Eligor, the chariot-riding boss of Chapter 11. You will, of course, need the Steal Materia equipped.

    Reinforced Staff:

    The reinforced staff is basically just an improved version of the Guard Stick, but its ATB Ward skill is very powerful when used right.

    A solid and durable staff experimentally produced in Hojo's laboratory.

    • Base Stats: 50 Attack, 82 Magic
    • Max Stats: 50 Attack, 131 Magic, 13 Magic Defense
    • Base Slots: 1x2, 1x1
    • Max Slots: 3x2
    • Ability: ATB Ward - “Conjure a Madical Ward. Allies who use ATB within it regain partial ATB from your gauge. Costs 2 ATB.”
    • Proficiency Bonus: Conjure a ward
    • Location: A chest at the start of Chapter 17 - practically impossible to miss.

    Yuffie Weapon List & Locations [Intermission only]

    Yuffie is of course only playable in Episode Intermission, which itself is only available on PS5 and PC as part of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. While this is a separate package to the rest of the game, the manner in which it features weapons is largely similar to the rest of the game. Yuffie has a range of weapons, each with unique abilities and stats. Here they all are, plus where and how to unlock them:

    4-Point Shuriken

    • Base Stats: 46 Attack, 46 Magic
    • Max Stats: 72 Attack, 72 Magic
    • Base Slots: 1x2, 2x1
    • Max Slots: 3x2
    • Ability: Elemental Ninjutsu 
    • Proficiency Bonus: Exploit an enemy weakness with an elemental nitjutsu attack. 
    • Location: Yuffie's starting weapon at the start of Episode Intermission.


    • Base Stats: 41 Attack, 56 Magic
    • Max Stats: 58 Attack, 82 Magic
    • Base Slots: 1x2, 1x1
    • Max Slots: 3x2
    • Ability: Brumal Form
    • Proficency Bonus: Evade an enemy attack.
    • Location: Can be looted from a chest inside Avalanche Headquarters, down the stairs. 

    Steel Reaper

    • Base Stats: 59 Attack, 44 Magic
    • Max Stats: 83 Attack, 62 Magic
    • Base Slots: 1x2
    • Max Slots: 3x2
    • Ability: Banishment
    • Proficency Bonus: Use the skill to hit an enemy while at maximum powered-up strength.
    • Location: When chasing Zhije towards the end of chapter 1, you can find it inside a chest.


    • Base Stats: 49 Attack, 49 Magic
    • Max Stats: 49 Attack, 49 Magic
    • Base Slots: 1x2, 2x1
    • Max Slots: 3x2
    • Ability: Cactuar Caper
    • Proficency Bonus: Hit 3 or more enemies with the skill.
    • Location: Initially a pre-order bonus, now available as DLC. 

    Sonon Weapon List & Locations [Intermission only]

    While he's not actually a playable character in FF7 Remake Intergrade, Sonon has a handful of weapons available to him, and upgrading and changing weapons will unlock more ATB abilities for you to trigger, making Yuffie's life easier. Here's how to get all of them throughout Episode Intermission:

    Marshalist's Staff

    • Base Stats: 59 Attack, 43 Magic
    • Max Stats: 86 Attack, 70 Magic
    • Base Slots: 1x2
    • Max Slots: 3x2
    • Ability: Swirling Storm 
    • Proficiency Bonus: Use the Swirling Storm ability to kill an enemy.  
    • Location: Sonon's starting weapon at the start of Episode Intermission.

    Indurate Staff

    • Base Stats: 71 Attack, 39 Magic
    • Max Stats: 105 Attack, 50 Magic
    • Base Slots: 4x1
    • Max Slots: 3x2
    • Ability: Fighting Spirit
    • Proficency Bonus: Defeat an enemy while Fighting Spirit is active.
    • Location: Can be looted from a chest during Chapter 1 of Intermission, in the dungeon where you're pursuing Zhije. 

    Djinn Staff

    • Base Stats: 52 Attack, 56 Magic
    • Max Stats: 74 Attack, 88 Magic
    • Base Slots: 3x1
    • Max Slots: 3x2
    • Ability: Incite
    • Proficency Bonus: Use Incite to draw the aggro of an enemy for three attacks.
    • Location: Obtained during your journey into the Shinra building.

    Best Weapon for each character in FF7 Remake

    Regardless of which weapon is equipped, each character's core skill set stays largely the same.

    So - here's where things get rather interesting - and quite unique, for an RPG of this kind. Is there a best weapon for each character in FF7 Remake? Well... not really. Not when you really get down to it. Let us explain.

    In the original Final Fantasy VII, the weapon progression was more like traditional Final Fantasy, meaning that as the game progresses, you discover gradually more powerful weapons. In FF7 Remake, not that much initially separates the weapons upon acquisition - and as you upgrade the weapons, the gap between them closes. For instance, a weapon that starts with higher stats but fewer materia slots will eventually even out by gaining more materia slots through the weapon upgrades. Since SP is granted to each character's weapons at the same rate, they all upgrade at the same pace, also. 

    Instead, weapons are about two key things: their inherent strengths and their native ability. The ability is a skill that you learn through using it a handful of times, which in turn encourages you to give each weapon at least a try. The natural strengths of each weapon remain even when all weapons are upgraded, however. 

    For instance, Cloud's Buster Sword is the best and most balanced all-rounder weapon when it's fully upgraded - but before upgrades, it's outpaced by the weapons you find later on. If you're a magic-heavy player, however, the Mythril Saber remains the best sword for magic when fully upgraded. These sorts of patterns are repeated across all of FF7 Remake's playable characters.

    In short, the best weapon for each character in FF7 Remake is one that fits your play style - not the newest, shiniest one you've picked up. Which weapon that is will vary depending on where you are in the game, your play style, and how upgraded each weapon is - but that's the point of how this system is designed.

    It's built to encourage experimentation, and to encourage equal consideration of all weapons, rather than just equipping one 'ultimate' weapon and leaving it at that. With that said, we do break down the best weapons for various situations for each character below:

    Best Weapons for Cloud in FF7 Remake

    Given that it's so iconic you might be tempted, like us, to keep the Buster Sword equipped. However, which the best weapon option for Cloud depends a great deal on how you prefer to play him in FF7 Remake - there are a few options. Here are our thoughts, all based on when weapon upgrades are entirely maxed out - but they apply broadly all game.

    • For the best physical attack value, Hardedge is your best option. This naturally comes at the cost of your magical performance. The Infinity's End ability granted by this weapon will be Cloud's best natural damage dealer when an enemy is staggered right until the end of the game, too.
    • The Nail Bat has pretty poor stats even when fully upgraded, but it's a unique weapon with a unique move set and animations. It's good! It's just not what we'd recommend for most major battles. 
    • If you want Cloud to be part-mage, the Mythril Saber is the best weapon for magic. Its attack value is significantly lower than everything but the Nail Bat, mind.
    • This isn't true for every character, but the Twin Stinger, Cloud's final weapon is the best-of-both-worlds, with entirely even Attack and Magic stats. For our money this is the perfect balance - Cloud is a jack-of-all-trades, and that makes this the best weapon for him in FF7 Remake.

    Best Weapons for Barret in FF7 Remake

    Barret is unique in FF7 Remake in that he has two different types of attack. Four of his six weapons are guns - long-distance, range-based, bullet-firing. Two weapons swap his gun arm for a brute-force physical weapon instead. That slightly complicates our choice of best weapons for Barret once they're all fully upgraded:

    • For the best gun-based raw damage output, your best bet is Big Bertha. This also teaches the Maximum Fury ability, which is Barret's best damage-dealer and does a half-decent job of boosting stagger and interrupting enemies, too.
    • If you prefer melee, your best melee weapon for Barret is the Wrecking Ball, though this comes at the cost of an absolutely huge knock to your magical potential. 
    • The last weapon you obtain for Barret, the EKG Cannon, has his lowest attack stat - but don't underestimate it. Its huge magic stat can turn Barret into an insane tank-mage combination, while his general damage output remains respectable. For our money, this is Barret's best weapon in FF7 Remake. You will need to pep up Barret's MP with MP up, however.

    Best Weapons for Tifa in FF7 Remake

    Picking out the best weapon for Tifa depends on how you want her to play; she makes a perfectly viable mage but is also most at home as a glass cannon melee fighter. There's a few options, based on when weapon upgrades are maxed out:

    • The best weapon for Tifa in raw attack terms comes early on - her second weapon, the Metal Knuckles, as the best raw attack stat on offer for her when fully upgraded. However, their magical utility is poor.
    • The inverse of those are the Mythril Claws, which are Tifa's best weapon for magic. They have the highest magic stat available to Tifa.
    • The best balance for Tifa, which we recommend, comes with Purple Pain, which has a nice balance between attack and magical attack. Also, this weapon teaches True Strike, which is great for boosting stagger percentage to deal massive damage.

    Best Aerith Weapons in FF7 Remake

    As with much of the rest of the cast of FF7 Remake, the answer for which is the best weapon will very much depend on your play-style. With that said, we can recommend a few specific weapons of Aerith's for specific things:

    • For pure magic casting, the Mythril Rod will have the best Magic Attack stat in the game when fully upgraded. Remember even Aerith's basic attacks are magical and ranged.
    • The Mythril Rod also teaches you Ray of Judgment, which is by far and away Aerith's best and most useful weapon ability.
    • If you're struggling to keep Aerith away from harm's way, the Bladed Staff has a nice physical defense buff that can help.
    • On the flip side, the Reinforced Staff is the most balanced weapon of Aerith's in the game - you lose some of the attack of the Mythril Rod but get a nice magic defense buff instead - and played right, Aerith should be a good distance back from the action, spell-slinging and taking the odd spell in return.