Ys X: Nordics screenshots detail Momina, Romes, Joel, Ashley, Urval, Runestones, Fishing, and the Sandras

Falcom, as well as Asian publisher Clouded Leopard Entertainment, have released new information and screenshots for Ys X: Nordics, detailing new characters Momina, Romes, Joel, Ashley, and Urval, as well Runestones and fishing,

The details and screenshots can be found below, via Clouded Leopard Entertainment.

Ys X: Nordics is set to release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 28. An international release has not been announced. For more on the game, you can check out:


Momina Yvelise


VA: Riko Kohara

“Leif... Don’t be reckless, okay?”

A strong woman who runs a street stall in the town of Karnack. She has a kind personality and a good reputation among her neighbors, but she is also rather pessimistic, at times causing concern to the people around her. She is always worried about her son, Leif, who keeps his distance from his family and does not come near his parents’ house.

Romes Carpent


VA: Masayuki Fujibuchi

“Ahahaha! Anyone who interferes with our business is evil!”

He is the chairman of the Carpent Company, the most prestigious trading company in Obelia Bay. His great business prowess has helped him build the most powerful company in Obelia Bay in just a single generation, and he intends to raise his son Cruz to one day take over the business. He tends to see trouble as a business opportunity, and sometimes gets into arguments with Cruz over how he should conduct himself as a businessman.

Joel Asrad


VA: Yoshito Yasuhara

“We are alive... That is one certainty in this uncertain world.” A doctor who runs the Asrad Clinic in the city. He has solid medical knowledge and skills, and with his daughter Mirabelle has been serving the people for many years. He seems to be an avid fisherman, and even goes fishing while on duty. He is often chastised by Mirabelle for this.



VA: Aguri Onishi

“...I’m not trying to get chummy with the Karnack locals.”

An innocent-looking boy who lives alone in the town of Karnack. He does not have a good impression of the town’s inhabitants, and is always grumpy when spoken to, complaining about Karnack. He seems to be more interested in marine life than most people, and for some reason, he offers to conduct a survey of the Obelia Bay area...



VA: Kenichi Mine

“Heheh, screw up once and your whole ship’ll go under without so much as a peep.”

A veteran shipwright in the Balta Navy. Though cynical and stern-looking, Urval is a skilled craftsman who is in charge of maintaining the Norman ships that are anchored at Balta Island. He also maintains the Sandras, captained by Adol and Karja, and eventually bonds with Cruz, who yearns to become a shipwright himself.



Huge stone monuments left behind by the ancestors of the maritime people, the Normans, depicting their achievements and major events. Runestones are scattered throughout Obelia Bay, and the stories they contain can be read by Adol and Karja using their Mana power. Discover more about Karja and the Balta Navy’s origins by taking a glimpse into Obelia Bay’s past, as told by the Normans who sought new lands, then plundered and invaded them.

Mana Seeds obtained via resonance with Runestones


When reading the stories within the Runestones in each location, Mana Seeds are obtained through the resonance of Mana power. Mana Seeds are needed to learn abilities in Adol & Karja's growth system, the Release Line, so you can boost your selected character’s traits by exploring Obelia Bay and discovering more Runestones.

Fishing & Tuna Fishing



Adol or Karja can fish in the field, in dungeons, etc.—wherever you see the shadow of a fish on the water’s surface. Select your bait and location, then get ready to land the big one! When you get a Hit!, the Fishing Gauge will appear at the top of the screen. Max it out to reel in your catch!

Tuna Fishing


During your voyage aboard the Sandras, fishing spots may randomly appear at various locations in Obelia Bay. By approaching these spots, you can try your hand at deep-sea tuna fishing onboard the ship, in addition to regular fishing from land.

Support increases your success rate!


While fishing and/or tuna fishing, the support gauge is filled by successfully completing actions displayed onscreen! Activating support when the gauge is at maximum will trigger a cooperative effect with your friends and greatly increase your success rate!

Earn fishing rewards!


Fish caught during fishing/tuna fishing events will be recorded in your adventure logbook. Report your catches to Joel, who loves fishing, and you might earn some new equipment for your efforts!

All Aboard the Sandras!


When a new member joins the Sandras’s crew, the ship’s basic performance is increased according to the character’s personality. In some cases, characters with certain special skills and knowledge will join the crew, which will add shop functions in place of town and merchant ships, and in other cases, special events and quests will occur by having them aboard the ship!

Momina & Romes


When Momina, who runs a street stall, and Romes, chairman of the Carpenter Company, become crew members, they open a temporary store onboard. At Momina’s shop, you can purchase various recovery medicines and recipes for making lunch boxes, which are indispensable for adventures. At the Carpent Company, you can purchase weapons, armor, and tactical tomes that boost cross action performance.



When Joel, who loves fishing, joins the crew, it unlocks the tuna fishing ability while at sea. In addition, by reporting Adol & Karja’s catches to Joel, you can earn various rewards.



Ashley, a young boy living alone in Karnack, has an uncanny interest in marine life. By making him a member of the ship’s crew, an exclusive quest will be unlocked, allowing him to investigate marine life throughout Obelia Bay. Completion of these quests will flesh out your nautical charts, which may lead to even more quests...?