Bravely Default II Walkthrough - Chapter 1 | Savalon, Sandswept Ruins & Bernard's Mansion

After your adventures and some sad events back in the prologue, RPG Site's Bravely Default II Walkthrough continues - now with a complete guide to Chapter 1 of your adventure, which has now kicked off proper. This guide features enemy lists, side quests, checklists of treasure to grab, boss strategies, and very useful area maps. Here's how Chapter 1 breaks down:

Naturally, this guide will contain spoilers for Chapter 1. If you need other chapters, hit up our walkthrough contents down the page to see the full index. 

Bravely Default 2 Walkthrough Guide - Chapter 1


Savalon - the Desert Oasis Town

Continuing where we previously left off in our guide to the BD2 Prologue, the Heroes will arrive in the desert fields of Savalon. Head to the town located southeast to reach the town of Savalon, the next major location in the world of Bravely Default 2.

In the town of Savalon, there are some new options available such as taking a wagon to quick travel to towns you have previously explored. If you happen to have the Divining Rod ability equipped, it will display 3 treasures on the map. However, not all of them can be acquired at this time.

Treasure List - Savalon

  • Spear - House beside the Gaming Hall
  • Antidote x3 - Inside Royal Palace
  • 740 pq - Inside Gaming Hall 2F
  • Clothespin - Gaming Hall Balcony, head south west from 2F
  • Feather Hat (Available Later) - Once you can access the Underground Reservoir

Continue the story by heading to the giant tent area, which is the Gaming Hall Balcony. After this event, visit the royal palace. When this event is over there are some new side quests available within town. Head inside the giant tent (Gaming Hall) for an event to trigger. With this done, pick up all the side quests within town and complete them at your own leisure. There are also new side quests to pick up back in Halcyonia as well, if you want to use that wagon fast travel/teleport system to revisit there. We recommend picking up Quest 12 and keeping that in mind, as it involves the next area you need to go to. So we list that quest here, and the rest a little later.

Side Quest #012: Always by Your Side

  • Location: Talk to the King of Halcyonia.
  • Reward: Wind Talisman
  • Objective: You will need to collect some Snow Lilies. This is found in the Hydrangea Hills. This location is in the north part of Halcyonia. Since there are a lot of grass in this area, you can cut the grass by pressing Y to obtain random loot. 

Hydrangea Hills

Your next destination will be the Hydrangea Hills, a winding area that's got many treasures. While navigating through the area, there is one treasure that is unattainable right now. This is the Oak Staff located at the northwest side of the map. You can get this treasure when you obtain the ability to cut trees later in the game. When you reach the end of the hill, you will encounter the Enormocrag boss.

Enemy List

  • Badbitt (Beast #018)
  • Sahagin Shaman (Aquatic #014)
  • Lotl (Aquatic #019)
  • Fallen Forkling (Plant #010)
  • Lost Souls (Undead #011)
  • Enormocrag *Quest Monster (Bosses #032)

Treasure List - Hydrangea Hills

  • Hi Potion
  • Magnifying Glass x4
  • Teleport Stone
  • Tent
  • 410 pq
  • Star Pendant
  • Wizard’s Rod
  • Bomb Fragment
  • Zeus Wrath
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Oak Staff (Monster Chest) - Available later once you can fell trees

Boss: Enormocrag

  • Enormocrag / HP (6864)
Enormocrag is an easy boss fight if you bring two well rounded damage dealers. The Monk can unleash a ton of damage at this point along with Black Mage using thunder attacks. The boss here is quite harmless, as its AOE attack doesn’t hit all that hard. 

Boss Loot: Acquire  EXP 1755  / JP 150 /  pg 920 

Side Quest tidy-up: Halcyonia & Savalon's Chapter 1 quests

Now that you've beaten Enormocrag, you can turn your attention to the quests - if you want. We do recommend you complete them. With the side quests all completed - or if you want to just continue the main story sooner -  leave town and head to the ruins southwest of town.

Side Quest #013: Gold in the Grass

  • Location: In Halcyonia, talk to an old man by the bridge.
  • Reward: 1300 pq
  • Objective: To complete this side quest, you need to find the Gold Dentures by cutting the grass to the east side of Halcyonia.

Side Quest #014: In the Dark

  • Location: Talk to the Man near the Outlaw’s Hideout. 
  • Reward: Booster Bun (Physical Def) x2
  • Objective: To finish this quest, simply head to Halcyonia Palace, and talk to the guard stationed to the right. He will lend you the Lantern to complete the request.

Side Quest #015: Belle of the Ball

  • Location: In Halcyonia, talk to the woman near the bridge. 
  • Reward: Feather Hat
  • Objective: Collect 3x Roc Tail Feather. You can get this feather by defeating Rocs at the Vale of SIghs. When you have collected the feathers, travel to Savalon and talk to the man by the flea market. The man will craft the Feather Dress, give the dress to the client to complete the quest.

Side Quest #016: The Harbinger of Calamity

  • Location: In Savalon, talk to the man near the entrance of town.
  • Reward: 680 pq
  • Objective: This quest is completed by defeating the group of monsters on the westside of Savalon field, then returning.

Side Quest #017: Say it with Shells

  • Location: In Savalon, talk to the man inside the small house by the center of the map.
  • Reward: 520 pq
  • Objective: This is a simple quest, travel to the south side of Savalon field and collect 3x Pretty Seashell to complete the quest.

Side Quest #018: Target Practice

  • Location: Talk to the guard inside Savalon''s Royal Palace.
  • Reward: Iron Bow
  • Objective: Defeat 3 Goblin archers. 

Side Quest #019: Book Smarts

  • Location: In Savalon, talk to the old man, northeast of town.
  • Reward: Silver Glasses x2
  • Objective:  You can find the book by visiting Halcyonia and talk to the boy by the staircase. 

Side Quest #020: A Long Lunch

  • Location: Talk to the woman in the west part of Savalon.
  • Reward: Large JP Orb
  • Objective: Deliver Packed Lunch to the man in Sandswept Ruins. Then return to Savalon to get the Flask. Then repeat again with the Fork. This requires 3 trips of delivering items to the man to fully complete the quest. 

Savalon Field - the desert overworld

Enemy List 

  • Goblin Archer (Humanoid  #003)
  • Orc Leader (Humanoid  #012)
  • Grizzly (Beast #009)
  • Killer Ant (Insect #009)
  • Fresh Foliole  (Plant #011)
  • Sagahin Shieldbearer (Aquatic #015)
  • Toxolotl  (Aquatic #020)
  • Undine   (Spirit #017)
  • Evil Eye (Demon #012)
  • Antiphates (Undead #019)
  • Wiki-Wiki (Spirit #024)
  • Mushussu *Rare Monster (Bosses #007) - Exit north from the Underground Reservoir
  • Nightmare *Rare Monster (Bosses #018)

Treasures - Savalon Field 

  • Bronze Bangle
  • 390 pq
  • Flame Talisman
  • Mythril Staff (Monster Chest)
  • Doublet
  • Tent
  • Small Experience Orb (Monster Chest)

Treasures Available later

  • Power Bracers - After traveling through the Underground Reservoir
  • Force Amulet (Monster Chest) - After traveling through the Underground Reservoir
  • Ward Light x2 (Monster Chest) - After completing Side Quest #028: Human's Best Friend: Part II

Sandswept Ruins

As mentioned, once you're done with the side quests and loot gathering, your next step is to head to the ruins south-west of Town - that's the Sandswept Ruins, right towards the bottom-left corner of the map.

Enemy List

  • Sandworm (Insect #001)
  • Diatryma (Beast #014)
  • Terra Element (Spirit #012)
  • Restless Souls (Undead #012)
  • Daidarabocchi (Undead #020)

Treasure List - The Sandswept Ruins

  • Clothespin
  • Glaive
  • Antidote x5
  • Mini Ether x3
  • 1180 pq
  • Mythril Sword
  • Gaia Shield (Monster Chest)

When you reach the save point, you’re closed to the end of the dungeon. Be sure to have healers equipped with the Clothespin accessory, as the upcoming boss can counter magic attacks with sleep magic. 

Boss: Orpheus

  • Orpheus / HP (10640)
Orpheus might look like a pushover, but he is a completely different beast. If you come unprepared, this battle can be rough, be sure to have your healers equipped with the Clothespin accessory, as the more frequently you use magic, he will counter with sleep magic. This can be a real nuisance. For the boss fight itself, you want to get rid of the mobs that are aiding Orpheus as soon as possible, these mobs will hit extremely hard as the buffs from Orpheus keep stacking.  The Vanguard job class works great here, as it can draw aggro from the mobs.

[Note: Mobs have random amount of HP each fight, that range between 700 to 900 HP]

When Orpheus is all by himself, he will save 3 BP before launching a series of strikes, do not act recklessly as this can deal a fair amount of damage to your party. Be sure to stack some BP before performing your action, as will need your HP back to a healthy state, as Orpheus will most likely be able to act before you can move again.

Boss Loot: Acquire  EXP 2120  / JP 298 /  pg 1195

Return to Savalon, return to side quests

After the boss battle, return to Savalon. There are some new events including a new side quest or two you can tackle. Anyways, when you head near the inn area, an event scene will occur. 

Side Quest #021: Heart and Sole

  • Location: Speak to Adelle near Savalon's Inn.
  • Reward: Snug Scarf
  • Objective: This quest is done by talking to Elvis in the east side of town. Then look for the cat on the west side. The quest should be marked with an objective marker. 

Side Quest #022: Add Some Sparkle

  • Location: Inside the Gaming Hall, talk to the man in the top spot.
  • Reward: Teleport Stone x5
  • Objective: This quest can be completed by finding the Sparkling Sand located in the northeast part of the Savalon Field map.

When you're ready to continue with the main story, see the event with Anihal in the middle of the road. When this event occurs, you can talk to another NPC on the east side of town. After this event, you can enter the house to the bottom right corner of the map, grab the area's last chest, and then head downstairs to the Underground Reservoir.

Underground Reservoir

Enemy List

  • Silkmoth (Insect #001)
  • Lop-Eared Ratbitt  (Beast #019)
  • Gelaflan (Aquatic #002)
  • Dagon (Aquatic #016)
  • Roxolotl (Aquatic #021)

Treasure List - Underground Reservoir

  • Ice Talisman
  • Teleport Stone
  • 1340 pg
  • Iron Bangle
  • Echo Herbs x5
  • Ether x2
  • Pitchfork
  • Antarctic Wind x3
  • Bulwark Blade (Monster Chest)

Be sure to exit to the world map to the north of the dungeon to access some chests you couldn't reach before, along with a Rare Monster. 

Boss: Anihal

  • Anihal / HP (11150)
Fighting Anihal is similar to fighting Orpheus. Anihal has mobs supporting her and these mobs are super strong. Each mob with its own unique properties, the snake will counter attack if you use support abilities such as singing from the Bard job class. While Undine will everyone. The least dangerous mob is the Gelaflan which mostly does defense reduction. The best class to deal with this fight is the monk class as they won’t be affected by skills used by Anihal.

Anyways, the best recommendation is to leave one monster alive, if you have defeated all the monsters, Anihal will go on full offense and can quickly wipe out your team. Since the slime is the least dangerous, you probably want to skip attacking this mob. For Anihal herself, she mostly will stay on using default and a skill that will silence your party. If you attack her while she's guarding, there is a high chance of her countering with a Sandstorm attack, this can cause massive damage. 

Boss Loot: Acquire  EXP 1994 / JP 343 /  pg 1347

After defeating Anihal, you will get the Beastmaster Job Class. The Beastmaster is a really powerful class that can use abilities from monsters you have captured - just like the what Anihal and their monsters did to you in the previous battle. These abilities are really powerful for early game, as mentioned in our list of the best jobs & job combos.

Leave the dungeon. Don't forget that you can use a teleport stone to instantly warp to the entrance. Then meet Anihal in her house for an event scene.  With this event done, there will be new side quests in Savalon again. Complete them at your own leisure.

Savalon Side Quests continued: gambling and more

Side Quest #023 is not available until later in the chapter, despite what the numbering suggests.

Side Quest #024: Taking a Gamble

  • Location: Talk to the host (Shirley)  in the Gaming Hall. 
  • Reward: Medium JP Orb x2
  • Objective: This quest is triggered by talking to the host in the Gaming Hall, this will lead you to play a tutorial on the card game, B & D. Once you have cleared the tutorial, you'll be able to access the Card Binder in the Lore menu, and you will need to win against some bystanders in the gaming hall.  When you have won against them, you can face Shirley. Be sure to save your game. Because beating Shirley in the card game will trigger a boss battle. Winning this boss fight will also unlock the Gambler Job Class. For more in depth information, we have also created an article detailing everything about this side quest.

Boss: Shirley

  • Shirley  / HP (14608)
  • Orpheus / HP (12160)
  • Henchman / HP (1108)
  • Swordsman / HP (1022)
Shirley’s boss fight is similar to fighting Orpheus back in the ruins. This is by no means an easy fight, in fact it's actually much harder than Orpheus. If you’re struggling to win at the card game from earlier, losing this battle will force you to redo the card game against Shirley. Luckily you have more abilities by now, especially if you have captured monsters for use in the Beastmaster Job Class. As the abilities from this job are very potent. The heals are more effective than White Mages, if you have White Wind. While if you manage to capture a Toxolotl,using Venom, actually has a good chance of landing on bosses. This can deal a lot of damage each turn they take. Anyways, you want to get rid of everyone else first, the henchmen are really strong, and with a buff from Orpheus they can easily one shot a party member. They don’t have much HP so they should go down quickly.

As for Orpheus himself, he is still as annoying as before, if you attack him while he’s guarding, he will buff his allies. If you spam White Magic, he will also counter with sleep magic. A good way of dealing with him is to just land poison on him with the Beastmaster, so that you can play defensively. For Shirley herself, she is a gambler and all her damage is completely random. This can either hit you really hard or next to nothing at all. The roulette she spins will determine how many hits she will do and which element. Since the computer cheats, there is a good chance of her landing 10 back to back strikes, this will be an instant game over if you’re down to one party member left, so be sure to have everyone alive at all cost. 

Boss Loot: Acquire  EXP 1878  / JP 460 /  pg 1268 / People Pleasers

Side Quest #025: A Fragrant Lie

  • Location: Talk to the man by the bottom right side of town.
  • Reward: Booster Bun (Magical Attack)
  • Objective: When you have accepted the request,  you can clear the quest by heading down to the Underground Reservoir. Take the warp and take north exit to outside. There you will find a shiny spot for the Posh Perfume. 

Side Quest #026: A Fluttery Stomach

  • Location: Talk to the guard at the Royal Palace at night.
  • Reward: Mythril Shield
  • Objective: You just need to return to the Underground Reservoir and defeat two Silkmoths.

Side Quest #027: Rich Pickings

  • Location: Inside the Gaming Hall, talk to the man to the left side. 
  • Reward: Small JP Orb
  • Objective:  Head to the abandoned mansion and get the priceless vase. This mansion is located northeast of the field map.  You will need to examine a treasure on the second floor to trigger an empty chest event. Doing so will trigger a boss fight when you reach the exit of the mansion.

Abandoned Mansion - for side quest 27

Your next dungeon is the Abandoned Mansion, which happens to be where you need to go for Side Quest 27, 'Rich Pickings'. This is optional; you can skip ahead a section if you want. The place seems a bit of a maze but is actually somewhat straightforward. First, head up to the third level of the lobby and take the left-side door to reach a separated section of the third floor to grab the Star Corslet. Following that, head back to the entrance and head into the first-floor area to grab the chests there. Then follow the one way path through floors 2 (interact with the quest marker here), 3, 2, and back to 1 to meet the objective. 

Note that the Purge Pick rare drop or rare steal from Vishno is a pretty rare item that you can grab while you are here.

Enemy List

  • Lost Mageling (Humanoid #020)
  • Razor Vesp (Insect #020)
  • Cait Sith (Spirit  #005)
  • Electrica Element (Spirit  #011)
  • Vishno (Demon  #020)
  • Amphora *Quest Monster (Bosses #039)

Treasure List - Abandoned Mansion Level 1

  • Remedy x4 (Monster Chest)
  • Lü Bu's Spear (Monster Chest)

Treasure List - Abandoned Mansion Level 2

  • Staff of Life (Monster Chest)
  • Hi-Potion x3

Treasure List - Abandoned Mansion Level 3

  • Star Corslet
  • Mythril Shield
  • 950 pq

Boss: Amphora

  • Amphora  / HP (19448)
Amphora has a large HP pool compared to the bosses you have recently fought. If you rely too much on magic attacks, this boss is going to be a huge nuisance as it's immune to earth, thunder and wind attacks. The boss also has high magic resistance, so it's best to rely on physical attackers.

The boss isn’t all that deadly until it decides to hide in the vase. When it comes out, the boss will unleash 3 Brave Points and will most likely K.O. several of the party members. Other than that there isn’t much to this boss. If you happen to be using Beastmaster, taming the Razor Vesp, can give you a slight chance of paralyzing the boss with its unique skill. 

Boss Loot: Acquire  EXP 2340  / JP 190 /  pg 1580

Upon defeating the boss, you'll be placed next to a quick shortcut to exit back outside.

Bernard’s Mansion - back on the story path

With all the optional things completed and you want to move on with the main story. Head to the Bernard’s Mansion located southeast on the field map. You can get Mythril Sword, Mythril Axe, and Mythril Bow from the enemies here as a rare drop or rare steal.

Enemy List

  • Swordsman (Humanoid #023)
  • Axemaiden (Humanoid #024)
  • Henchman (Humanoid #025)
  • Bowmaiden (Humanoid #026)
  • Minotaur (Beast #005)
  • Peiste (Aquatic  #005)
  • Evil Eye (Demon #012)
  • Wiki-Wiki (Spirit  #024)

Treasure List - Bernard's Mansion Level 1

  • Bad Bone
  • Legion Helm
  • Stab & Grab

Treasure List - Bernard's Mansion B1

  • Remedy x2 
  • Medium JP Orb (Monster Chest)
  • Tent

Treasure List - Bernard's Mansion B2

  • 3000 pq
  • Holy Mitre
  • Teleport Stone
  • Hawkeye
  • Iron Bangle

Boss: Bernard

  • Bernard  / HP (17556)
  • Swordsman / HP (1022)
  • Axemaiden / HP (1022)
Bernard is a very speedy boss that has powerful single strikes. This can also allow him to drain and restore his health and MP. If you've been using the Beastmaster Job Class, this boss fight is actually extremely easy. As that job class can exploit abilities that will unleash massive damage on Bernard. Minotaur’s ability takes out a large chunk of its health. To make the situation even easier, ailments also work from this job class. Anyways, Benard shouldn’t be much of a threat, just be sure to take out the henchman supporting him first. 

Boss Loot: Acquire  EXP 2233  / JP 380 /  pg 1481

Savalon Dungeons

After the event scene, you will end up in Savalon Dungeons. You can grab some treasures here along with getting Quest #023 by talking to the prisoner.


Treasures -Savalon Dungeon

  • Well-Worn Muleta (Monster Chest)
  • Mini Ether x4
  • Phoenix Down x3

Leave the prison, use the town to make preparations. You can either complete that side quest now or after the next story battle.

Side Quest #023: Bond of Brothers

  • Location: Talk to the man in the Savalon Prison Cell
  • Reward: Peace Ring
  • Objective: Once you obtain the quest, talk to the guard marked in the palace. Then return to the prison to deliver the message to the client. Head back to the palace again and talk to the guard. Report back to complete the quest.

When you’re set, head to the Palace to Castor’s room to trigger a boss battle. Make sure to save ahead of time.

Boss: Castor

  • Castor  / HP (28140)
Castor will be all by himself for this fight, and he's an extremely hard hitter. Regardless of what ability he does, they can easily one-shot a party member. If he does do an area attack, everyone is going to be losing at least 500 to 800 HP.  There is literally no possible way to survive any of Castor’s attacks without relying on buffs from a Bard Class. The Evasion-boosting Bard ability Right Through Your Fingers will be good at neutralizing most of Castor's attacks.

Although as hard as he hits, Castor is still susceptible to status ailments. If you have tamed monsters, using Razor’s Vesp ability can actually paralyze Castor without allowing him to do anything in combat. Just be sure to have your healers use default, so they can save BP and use them when the situation is necessary.
Note: Castor is the ONLY story boss that has items to steal -- and this is your only chance to get them. He has both a common and rare steal, meaning you have to grind your recently acquired Thief job up all the way to Level 9 to learn Magpie to even have a chance at one of them. To make matters worse, you can't have acquired the Thief Gloves yet meaning your chance at success will be very low. I'm not sure why this boss is the only one to work this way or have items to steal at all, but it is what it is. You can also just wait until New Game+ if you'd like. His common steal is a Purge Pick and his rare steal is an Orichal Dagger. These items aren't unique to him, but if you're a completionist and want Castor's spoils listed in the Lore menu, you have to steal them here.

Boss Loot: Acquire  EXP 2310  / JP 420 /  pg  1400

After defeating Castor, complete the side quest from the prison if you haven't yet. Then leave town for a scene, then travel northwest to trigger a new side quest. 

Side Quest #028: Human’s Best Friend: Part II

  • Location: Meet Truff far north of Savalon, near the river at the top of the map, on the left side.
  • Reward: Medium Experience Orb x2
  • Objective: Return to Savalon, and talk to the man near the Gaming Hall Entrance. Then talk to the Innkeeper. Give the dish to Truff to complete the quest. Your characters will gain the ability to cut trees. 

Clear the tree. While you're doing this, you can also do a detour back to Hydrangea Hills to get that Oak Staff which you couldn't grab earlier. You'll be able to get the last chest from this side of the map past the now-cleared bridge. If you just continue further north, an event will trigger and will conclude the chapter. Onwards to Wiswald and Chapter 2.

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