Monster Hunter Rise Meaty Hide location: where to farm Zamites for meaty hides

In our continued quest to track down some of the most useful upgrade materials available in Monster Hunter Rise, we now turn our gaze to the Meaty Hide, a thick hide/pelt from the underbelly of a specific small monster that you'll need to get to harvesting.

The Meaty Hide is a useful material that is used to upgrade a handful of totally worthwhile equipment including the Barioth, Goss Harag, Lagombi and Makluva armor sets. To do that, however, you'll first need to know how to farm Meaty Hide and a good location to do so. Which is what this guide is for!


Monster Hunter Rise Meaty Hide location: farming from Zamites

To farm Meaty Hide, you'll need to track down and kill Zamite, one of the cast of small monsters in MH Rise. As far as we've discovered so far, Zamites are the only monster that drops Meaty Hide in MH Rise.

Find Zamite monsters in the Frost Islands region, which you can reach early in the game as it's only a two-star zone. Zamites can appear throughout the Frost Islands, but the easiest place to quickly find them is up in Sector 10 of the Frost Islands Map - just north of the location of the Frost Islands' subcamp in Sector 8. 

You can see the exact location in the screenshots and video above and below. Down in this area, in the shallow water, you'll typically find two or three Zamites. They come in two different sizes - a larger size, and a smaller size.  

Despite being classified as a small monster, these are on the bigger size for Monster Hunter Rise's 'small monsters', so be careful when you take three of them on at once. With that said, Sector 10 of the Frost Islands is also large enough that you can catch the Zamites when they're far enough apart to only aggro them one at a time, which then lets you take them down and carve meaty hides more easily.

Meaty Hide Drop Rate when Farming

In Low Rank, you'll have an approximately 38% chance of carving a Meaty Hide from each time you carve a Zamite after defeating it - so you'll want to maximize the number of carves you get in order to max out how many of the Meaty Pelt you can gather.

In High Rank, the Meaty Hide carve drop rate is boosted to 40%, and the drop is instead a Meaty Hide +. That means the drop rate is slightly higher - though not really perceptibly so.

The larger Zamites will give you two carves each, while the smaller ones are only worth one carve. However, the Zamites are unique monsters that can latch onto and feed on hunters - and there's a trick here. If you let the smaller Zamite latch onto you and feed before using a Wirebug to help get free, the small Zamite will 'grow' to a bigger one and therefore also be worth 2 carves, which in turn gives you an extra shot at that Meaty Hide drop. 


Low Rank Zamite Carves:

  • Meaty Hide (38%)
  • Sharqskin Scale (27%)
  • Acute Fang (12%)
  • Monster Guts (23%)

High Rank Zamite Carves:

  • Meatry Hide + (40%)
  • Sharqskin Scale (30%)
  • Acute Fang (17%)
  • Monster Guts (13%)

Meaty Hide Crafting: what it's used in

This thick, meaty hide is a special sort of pelt that's particularly suitable for certain types of armor. Once you've got your hands on a stack of them, they can be used to craft the following, with a cost between 1 and 3 meaty hide for each set craft or upgrade:

  • Barioth Vambraces (2 required)
  • Goss Harag Mail (2 required)
  • Lagombi Mail (1 required)
  • Makluva Hood (2 required)
  • Makluva Pants (1 required)

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