Live A Live Bad End walkthrough: How to complete the Evil Final Scenario

If you're of a more evil disposition, or a completionist, you might want to aim to trigger the Bad End of Live A Live - but doing so requires you to take a different route through the game's final chapter and experience a different final chapter to the norm.

Consider this guide a companion to our main walkthrough to Live A Live's final chapter. That page covers the normal, standard-issue route to the 'good' endings of the game - while this walkthrough details the alternative route that leads to the ending where the bad guys win. 

None of this can be accessed or impacted in any way until you've unlocked the final chapter selection by completing all eight main stories. If you haven't yet done that, hop back to our Live A Live walkthrough guide hub, and then to the chapter you're currently on. 

Live A Live Bad Ending Walkthrough: The Evil Final Chapter

Upon completing The Middle Ages chapter you’ll unlock the final scenario, The Dominion of Hate. At the onset of this chapter, you'll be asked to choose one of the eight characters from the previous chapters. For story reasons that are obvious once you've played all eight chapters, if you choose seven of the cast, you'll be on the path for the Good Endign, as described in our standard final chapter walkthrough. But if you choose Oersted... things are different.

Oersted doesn't spend his final chapter fighting with the other characters, and recruiting them to make one big super team - he spends his finale wiping them out, in the name of evil and the end of everything.

To get started towards the bad end, choose Oersted. When the chapter starts, simply walk down from the Archon’s Roost into the Seat of the Betrayers whereupon Odio (formerly Oersted) will use his powers to ensure victory for those who were cheated out of their rightful path.

In this scenario you’ll be playing as the final bosses from each other chapter - this time working to win each fight. You can tackle this in any order but be sure to save between successes.

There's one hidden extra ending here - if you struggle in any fight, an ultimate move unlocks - replacing the battle command. Triggering that launch causes a game over, but also provides an alternate sort of finale.

Boss Fight: Gamahebi vs Oboromaru

Enemy HP  Oboromaru: 263, The Prisoner: 243

Player Abilities: 

  • Revolting Croak (Wind), Deals damage and applies defense down
  • Venomous Scourge (Blunt), Damages target and applies poison tiles over a large area, you absorb poison damage.
  • Bloodsucker (Void): Drains HP
  • Stomp (Thrusting): Damages target
To tackle this boss, I’d start with Venomous Scourge, then close in on Oboromaru, as he's likely to deal the most damage to you. Make sure to use bloodsucker if you’ve taken much damage, as you are pretty weak and it can be easy to get overwhelmed. When Oboromaru is down, then finish off the prisoner. 

Boss Fight: Odo vs Pogo

Enemy HP Pogo: 450, Gori: 360, Beru: 136, Zaki: 320

Player Abilities: 

  • Chew (Slashing) Deals damage.
  • Rend (Slashing) Deals damage.
  • Swoop (Thrusting) Deals damage, one of the stronger attacks.
  • Trample (Blunt) Deals damage and pushes the enemy away, also a strong attack.
The first order of business is taking out Beru, as she is the healer of the pack. If you move slightly to the right you can hit her with a swoop without getting blocked.

Once she’s down, Zaki will appear on the field. Use trample to interrupt Pogo’s attacks, and watch out for poison tiles as that’ll be where you take the most damage. 

Boss Fight: The Great Inko VS Steel Titan

Enemy HP Steel Titan: 2032

Player Abilities: :

  • Odeodeo Kick (Agile) Deals damage and pushes the enemy. 
  • Binding Unity (Water) Multihit, inflicts restraint.
  • Odeodeo Showa (Wind) Deals damage and inflicts snare, applies defense and attack down.
  • Divine Glory (Demonic) Counterattack, also applies defense and aim down.
The best thing to do in this fight is to be constantly using Binding Unity and Odeodeo Showa to inflict move restrictions on your enemy. Whenever The Steel Titan is charging, utilise the Odedeo Kick to interrupt.

Boss Fighter: Ou Di Wan Lee vs Master Shifu

Enemy HP Hong Hakka: 360, Lei Kugo: 282, Yun Jou: 203

Player Abilities:

  • Rabid Wolf’s Rage (Martial) Multihit and also a counterattack, pushes back the enemy.
  • Venom’s Scars (Projectile) Deals damage.
  • Inferno’s Roar (Fire) Deals damage.
  • Mad Dragon’s Vengeance (Thrusting) Multihit attack, pushes back the enemy.
This fight can play out a little differently depending on which apprentice succeeded back in the China chapter. All three of them are relatively weak in this scenario, however, so it should be easy - just keep the right distance to avoid falling foul their most deadly moves.

Boss Fight: Odie O’Bright vs Masaru

Enemy HP Masaru Takahara: 577

Player Abilities:

  • Diving DDO (Projectile) Deals damage but debuffs you with lowered attack, aim and speed.
  • Malevolent Shout (Spirit) Heals your HP and gives increased attack, aim and speed buffs.
  • Reaper’s Scythe (Agile) Multihit attack, pushes back the enemy.
  • Bonebreaker (Martial) Deals damage.
Diving DDO is one of your more powerful attacks and if need be useful buffs can be dealt with by applying Malevolent Shout. Heal yourself with Malevolent Shout when needed and lay on the pain otherwise.

Boss Fight: O. Dio vs The Sundown Kid

Enemy HP The Sundown Kid: 199, Mad Dog: 162

Player Abilities:

  • Gatling Barrage (Projectile) Multihit very strong attack, requires a charge.
  • Wolfsbane (Spirit) Deals damage and pushes back the enemy.
  • Flaming Cocktail (Fire) Deals damage.
  • Bugle Charge (Wind) Recovers HP and adds buffs.
Move in to deal damage. If you remember this fight on the other side, you know positioning is everything - largely because the boss - who you now play as - is so powerful.

Charging up Gatling Barrage is your best bet, as you may be able to knock out the Sundown Kid that easily, and then clean up Mad Dog afterwards. Make sure to use Bugle Charge to heal if needed.

Boss Fight: MUR-TH-UR Matrix vs Cube

Enemy HP Cube: 240

Player Abilities:

  • System Restore (Wind): Recover HP
  • Intrusion Protection (Wind): Deals damage
  • Threat Assessment (Demonic): Deals damage and applies a debuff.
  • Reformat Sector (Void): Deals damage and applies lightning tiles to the area.
This fight is pretty easy; both yourself and Cube will heavily emply counterattacks. Pop Reformat Sector on at least once and be sure to use System Restore to keep your HP up. 

Congratulations! You ruined everything. I hope you're very happy with yourself. 

Naturally, this isn't really the intended end of Live A Live... so go play the final chapter as the heroes if you haven’t already, or check out our endings guide for information on more ending permutations.

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