Soul Hackers 2: Summoner's Guide Vol. 5 details the Soul Matrix

Atlus has broadcast the fifth volume in its Summoner's Guide video series for Soul Hackers 2, detailing the Soul Matrix, which houses dungeons released to your party member's Soul Levels. This follows previous entries on the game's combat systemdungeon exploration, factions, and the aforementioned Soul Levels.

The video from Atlus' Japanese YouTube channel can be found below - which offers English subtitles through the CC function - along with a transcript of the video.

The Soul Matrix

Far beneath the capitol city where humans live, is an area that functions as Aion's main base, called the "Axis". Here, you can talk to its representative, Flamma. Within the Axis is an expansive space called the Soul Matrix, where dungeons associated with your party members Arrow, Milady, and Saizo sprawl. This space represents you party member's mental states.

Through personal events at Bar Heidrun, Ringo can increase her soul level with others. In other words, the more you deepen your understanding of your party members, the deeper you can explore their respective dungeons. Enemies also appears withiin the Soul Matrix, so you can train your party here too.

Diving deeper into your teammates' Soul Matrixes will also give you glimpses into their past, unlocking "Vision Quests". Gaining a deeper understanding of your teammates will strengthen Ringo's party, so be sure to work your war through the Soul Matrix.

Quests that can be received in the Axis and performed in the Soul Matrix are called "Aion Order". There are many requirements, such as defeating enemies under specific conditions, or collection and submitting items, to name a few. Completing them will earn you different types of rewards, so be sure to accept them when you can.

When you Soul Level reaches a certain amount, you can obtain a Summoner Skill. They have various effects, such as strengthening your stats, or increasing the number of Sabbath stacks. Be sure to periodicially visit the Soul Matrix whenever your Soul Level increases.

Also lurking within the dungeons are dangerous enemies, different from your typical foes. They're called "Risky Enemies". Their strength is off the charts, so avoiding them altogether is recommended. You also can't immobilize these enemies with your sword, so keep this in mind whenever you encounter them, and prepare accordingly if confrontation is unavoidable. Again, be absolutely careful of Risky Enemies, and utilize your Summoner Skills to profress inside the Soul Matrix.

Soul Hackers 2 is set to release on August 26 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. For more information you can check out: