Ys X: Nordics screenshots detail Mana Sense, Raven Stones, battle abilities; Systems Introduction Video released

Falcom has released new screenshots and information for Ys X: Nordics, detailing Mana Sense, Raven Stones, and Adol & Karja's battle abilities.

Concurrently, Asian publisher Clouded Leopard Entertainment has released a Systems Introduction Video, showcasing naval battles and character growth systems.

The video, details, and screenshots can be found below, via Falcom and Clouded Leopard Entertainment.

Ys X: Nordics is set to release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in Japan and Asian territories on September 28. An international release has not been announced. For more on the game, you can check out:

Mana Action: Mana Sense

  • By obtaining the antique item Druid Monocle, Adol and Karja will be able to use the special action Mana Sense.
  • Through the Druid Monocle, you can see things that are not normally visible
  • Other than grasping various gimmicks and detecting existences of nearby enemies, you can also discover items buried underground
  • Enhancing the Druid Monocle will further sharpen the Mana Sense, and time around you can temporarily slow down. You will be able to pass through doors or platforms that normally would close or fall quickly.

Raven Stones

  • Examining the Raven Stone placed in dungeons or other places will let you temporarily remove the Mana Shackles that connect Adol and Karja. (In most cases, Adol and Karja have to always move together)
  • While the Mana Shackles are removed, you can control Adol or Karja individually in the areas surrounding the stone.
  • Some places may require you to frequently switch between Adol and Karja as they solve puzzles in separate places.
  • Unlike the usual Solo Mode, AI Partner Support will not occur during separation. You cannot switch to Combi Mode either, so be very careful of enemies' Power Attacks that normally can only be blocked with Combination Guard.

Solo Skills

  • Skills can be used repeatedly to to increase their proficiency. Raising that to Max will increase the skill's power
  • Some skills also have advanced versions that can be learnt with additional requirements other than proficiency

Adol's Solo Skills


Raid Slash - Power 110

  • Slashes forward enemies while moving quickly
  • The power is rather low, but this skill is quick to unleash so you can connect it from normal attacks

Star Formation - Power 495

  • Advanced version of Raid Slash, exclusive to Adol
  • Adol draws trails of a star around him while beating any touched enemies
  • As a solo skill, this has very high power and also gives invincibility during the motion

Mana Shoot - Power 55

  • Shoots a Mana wave from the sword tip towards faraway enemies
  • Power and Break Damage are rather low, but the SP consumed is also low so you can use this to restrain enemies from closing in to you

Carmine Blast - Power 270

  • Advanced version of Mana Shoot, exclusive to Adol
  • Gathers a lot of Mana power to launch high-density heat rays for a while
  • You can move the ray's direction, and enemies hit by this will be inflicted with Burn effect

Karja's Solo Skills


Shield Bash - Power 145

  • Tackles forward by using the Round Shield
  • Karja cannot be controlled before this motion is over, but any enemy attacks that land here will be blocked as Perfect Guard

Skuld Strike - Power 530

  • Advanced version of Shield Bash
  • A combo attack that utilizes the Shield, Axe, and kicks
  • Perfect Guard will always occur during this motion, and enemies will also be blown away with Frostbite effect

Flip Axe - Power 85

  • Simply swings the axe upwards with much power
  • Power is rather low, but juggling enemies will force them to a defenseless state

Lost Cocytus - Power 285

  • Advanced version of Flip Axe, exclusive to Karja
  • Creates an ice block with freezing Mana power and then breaks it
  • Enemies around the ice block will be pulled in during the motion. After the explosion, they will be juggled with Frostbite effect


  • Combi-Skills will consume SP of both Adol & Karja
  • Blocking in Combi-Mode will fill Revenge Gauge. The gauge will show a multiplier that determine the bonus power for the Skill unleashed afterwards

Double Smasher - Power 310

  • Leap in succession to stomp enemies below
  • Has extremely high Break Damage, so you can knock down most enemies

Adamas Saber - Power 170

  • Use Mana power to block enemy attacks while instantly launching counter attack
  • Power is rather low for a Combination skill, but Adol & Karja will be invincible during this motion

Blazal Cross - Power 380

  • Adol & Karja move and slash together with a V shape
  • Other than immediately closing into the enemy, this attack will also blow them away

Zena Striker - Power 325

  • Throws one of the partners to land and deal damage to nearby enemies
  • Other than getting blown away, the damaged enemies will also get different ailments based on who was thrown (Adol: Burn, Karja: Frostbite)
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