Final Fantasy XV Guide: Tips & Tricks for your Road Trip - Summoning, AP Farming, Best Weapons and beyond

Ten years in the making (sorta), Final Fantasy XV is something of a special project. It's a first attempt at an open world for Square Enix's tentpole RPG series - and in that it brings quite a lot of new and interesting ideas to the table.

We ultimately quite liked the game in spite of its flaws, as described in our review, and there's plenty to see and do. That includes a lot of secrets and some systems that aren't so secret but simply aren't so well explained - a frustration, but not the end of the world.

We've put together and are in the process of putting together even more pages that dive deep into various aspects of FF15, answering the burning questions we think you will need answering. This page is our central base - bookmark it, or return here, to find what we add over time. So... let's mosey.


Final Fantasy XV: Tips for Beginners

Just starting out? Gathered below you'll find myriad small tips that we think will help FF15 players get the most out of some of the game's early-game mechanics... or just advice on things we think are outright confusing - 'cos sadly, some of it is.

Fishing: how to fish properly to raise your fishing level and earn AP quickly

We explain how to get started with fishing early on in the game and keep it up to ensure Noctis' unique skill isn't neglected compared to the others, who'll largely level up more naturally. Catch some big ones!

Summons Explained: how summoning the astrals to your aid works

In the world of FF15 the summons are astrals, powerful beings that are essentially the gods of the world. Play your cards right and they'll join your cause and be able to be called in battle to do some serious, life-saving damage... but only when they feel like it. Here we explain when and where you get each astral, plus the conditions that determine when they'll come to help you.

Chocobo abilities, Chocobo Racing and more

From using Chocobos to get around areas of the game world your car can't reach to racing them against your friends, Final Fantasy's iconic feathered steed has quite a lot of use in FF15. They can even join you in combat! Here's how all that works, plus how to level the friendly beasts up.

Chapters, Umbra and understanding points of no return

The game warning you that you're about to hit a point of no return? Okay, but what does it really mean? And what about this Umbra mechanic, used to travel back in time to tackle old side quests? We explain.

AP Farming & Grinding: how to Farm AP & earn thousands quickly

Final Fantasy XV's latest update is hiding something of a special secret: it's made farming AP, ability points, a hell of a lot easier. Here, we show you how to break the game a little by earning a lot of AP very quickly indeed.

Trophy Guide: how to get every Trophy and Achievement

If you want to get the 'The World Wanderer' Platinum Trophy for completing FF15 100% or get all 1000 gamerscore from the game, we've got you covered. Here's our list guide to every trophy and achievement in the game - plus details on how to get the more tricky ones. Good luck!


Final Fantasy XV: Optional (but important) Collectables

There's a lot of stuff to nab in the world of FF15. Primarily there's the story-related Royal Arms - some optional, some not - but there's also music to listen to, outfits to find, weapon upgrades and more. Here's our pages on some of those collectibles.

Royal Arms Locations: how to locate all the Royal Arms in side dungeons

A major part of Noctis' quest to reclaim his throne comes in the form of collecting the Royal Arms - ancient and powerful weapons of long-dead kings. Several of these will be dropped into your path as part of the main story, but several more are optional and hidden away. Allow us to guide you through where to find them all.

Where to find all the classic FF music for your car

Final Fantasy XV has a car - I'm sure you've heard all about it. It's a pretty major part of the game, and a big part of the car is that it has a CD player built in - so if you want you can listen to some classic FF music while you drive around Lucis. Here's where to find all the CDs - plus what tracks are on each.

Costumes & Gear: all outfits in the game and how to get them

In lieu of armor, Noctis and his friends can dress up in fully-different outfits that count as one piece of equipment. There are a few of these in the game including some missable optional ones. We explain where to find them and what they do.

A Better Engine Blade: how to upgrade Noctis' Engine Blade to get the ultimate weapon

Noctis' signature weapon is the Engine Blade, a weapon you'll have when you start the game. It can be upgraded, however - and given this has been Noct's signature arm right since the Versus XIII days it's only appropriate that his ultimate weapon, Ultima Blade, is merely an upgraded Engine Blade. Let us guide you through how to get it.

Weapon Upgrades: where to find the weapon upgrade materials for Cid

There's a handful of weapons Cid can upgrade in the game, though each requires you to find certain items out in the world without a waypoint or any other assistance. Below we've listed all the upgrade materials needed for each weapon, plus where to find them.

Missables Guide: all the content you can miss in FF15

There are some minor bits of content you can miss out on in FF15 - but here's a list so you don't make that mistake.


Final Fantasy XV: Late and post-game tips and tricks

Once the main story is over FF15 is not. The game lingers on in a special post-story chapter where you can rock around its open world and complete new quests and gather new gear - there's even new post-game content you'll need to be an enormously high level to complete. We assist with some of that:

Regalia Type D: How to get the Regalia Type-D off-road monster truck car upgrade

The Regalia Type-D might look like a monster truck and be a little unsubtle, but it'll take you far. Here's how to get this monster upgrade for your car.

Regalia Type F: How to unlock FFXV's flying car airship

The empire has some more traditional-looking airships, but the airship you end up piloting is a little bit...different from the norm.  The opening segment of Final Fantasy XV has you pushing Noctis's car, the Regalia, down a deserted road. The Regalia is part of your journey the entire game, so of course it ends up becoming your means of aerial traversal as well.

Best Weapons: where to get the best weapons for the end game

FF15's post-game content is hard. A lot of it is going to require some solid weapons that you can really use to give the enemy a hard time. For that you'll need some of the game's ultimate weapons - and we're here to help you out. Here's some of the best you can get.

Armiger Unleashed - how to get the Founder King's Sigil to unlock Royal Edition's new powerful attack mode

By grabbing the Founder King's Sigil accessory you can unlock a powerful new mode, Armiger Unleashed. This is a game-breaking ability - so why not?

Dungeon Doors: how to unlock the sealed doors inside dungeons

So, you've probably been venturing into at least a few of Final Fantasy XV's dungeons even if you're only a couple of hours into the game. If you've done that, chances are you've discovered a little off-shoot from those dungeons that leads to a strange door. How do you unlock them? Well, it's a long story...


Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer Guides:

Comrades download: how to get comrades, the new multiplayer expansion

The multiplayer expansion is out now - here's how to get involved and become a Glaive in the World of Ruin.

Comrades Birthplace Guide: how your birthplace impacts your starting stats

Pick your character birthplace with care, as it impacts your starting stats. Here's what they all do, explained, and how to choose the best one for you.

Comrades Weapons Guide: all weapons, plus advice on remodeling and upgrading to get the best weapon

Here it is - every weapon in FF15: Comrades, plus how to obtain their remodeling upgrades. This is a big page, but getting the right weapon is important, since materials are scarce.

Comrades Weapon Skills Guide: bonus effects to power you up, explained

Be well prepared for what your weapons can do. In Comrades weapons can have very unique skills that change how they play a lot - so here's an explanation for what each and every one does.

Comrades Material Guide - the best items for upgrading weapons

What materials are best when upgrading weapons in FF15 Comrades? We've got you covered.

Final Fantasy XV: Limited Event, DLC & Timed Quest Guides

Timed Quest List, Locations & Rewards

This regularly-updated page will fill you in on all of FF15's limited-time quests - how to get them, where to locate the enemies you need to slay, and what rewards you'll get for doing so.

Moogle Chocobo Carnival

Have fun and relax at this limited-time Carnival, complete with special new quests.