Ys X: Nordics screenshots detail bosses, time attack mode, and recapture battles; Characters Introduction Video

Falcom has released new screenshots and information for Ys X: Nordics, detailing bosses, time attack mode, and recapture battles.

Concurrently, Asian publisher Clouded Leopard Entertainment has released a Characters Introduction Video.

The video, details, and screenshots can be found below, via Falcom and Clouded Leopard Entertainment.

Ys X: Nordics is set to release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in Japan and Asian territories on September 28. An international release has not been announced. For more on the game, you can check out:

The story unfolds in the northern sea Obelia Bay, a bay filled with countless islands of all sizes... Ys X: Nordics, the long-awaited latest installment commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Ys series, is coming to multiple platforms on September 28! Meet our heroes, Adol and Karja, and the members of the Free Karnack Boys' Club who journey with them!

Time Attack / Boss Rush Mode

Time Attack (fight against each boss separately) & Boss Rush (fight against all bosses in succession) will be unlocked after clearing the main story.

Before starting battle against each boss, you'll be able to change Adol & Karja's equipment, accessories, skills, and Mana Seeds. These settings will greatly alter Adol & Karja's stats and thus the stage's clear time as well.


  • Orcupete*: A strange bird-type Greeger that attacks humans from fogs. It confuses people with a female-like scream and curses them with a song. It'll work together with 2 other units to launch swift attacks from mid-air, so you'll need to constantly switch between Solo Mode's auto-evasion & Combi Mode's guard.

  • Magna Diga: A gigantic creature wholly covered in solid carapace, living at some regions in Obelia Bay. It swallows all nearby garbage like wood and rubble and use them against its enemies. It can also swing and slam its body to deal fatal wounds. You'll be forced to fight it in mortar-shaped fields, so Mana Ride will be the key in this fight.

  • Aigi: A colossus-type Greeger and Yolds' underling that persistently pursues Adol's team. Although it doesn't seem to have intellect like Yolds, its explosive power and wide-range attacks make up for it. Its health is also on a whole another level, so even Mana users like Adol and Karja will have a tough time beating it.

  • Blob Durion: A parasite-type Greeger that looks like a jellyfish. It weakens and stops its preys by using poison and paralysis attacks. Its movements aren't really quick, but it can confuse its enemies by splitting into countless small Greegers, so it'll be difficult to read its patterns.

  • Armed Biter: A ferocious beast-type Greeger that appeared at Obelia Bay. It attacks its preys in a frenzy by using its gigantic jaw, grown forearms, and the whip-like bendable tail. Its forearms are covered with armor and have high defense, so be careful when attacking it head-on.

Recapture Battle Skills

During the Naval Battle phase of Recapture Battle, crew members of the Sandras ship will activate their skills as support. Some of them will have their skills improved based on story progression.

  • Dogi: Fleet Breaker - Deals Break Damage to all enemies

  • Hugill: Stirring Neigh - Raises Tension Level by 1

  • Feria/Phylleia*: Twin-Jewel Encouragement - Damage received by Sandras ship decreases a lot for 30 seconds

  • Ezer: Selfless Devotion - Raises EX Weapon power for 40 seconds

  • Flare: Doctor's Backdoor - Decreases all enemy ships' HP & Defense for 40 seconds

  • Momina: Material Supply - Raises EX Weapon healing speed for 30 seconds (can be stacked)

  • Joel: First-Aid Treatment - Sandras' HP increases gradually for 40 seconds (can be stacked)

  • Romes: Inventory Release - Special Bullet ammo will not decrease for 30 seconds

  • Ashley: Don't Come Here! - Decreases all enemy ships' mobility for 10 seconds (can be stacked)

  • Galiber*: Vigilante Corps Soul - Increases Break Damage for 30 seconds (can be stacked)

  • Sash*: Lighthouse Keeper's Dignity - Decreases Barrier Pillar's defenses for 40 seconds

  • Milette*: Cold Gaze - Decreases all enemy ships' Attack for 40 seconds

  • Mandy*: Binding Spell of Sin - Decreases all enemy ships' mobility for 30 seconds (can be stacked)

  • Geera*: Inviting Misfortune - Decreases HP of (1~6) ships to 1

*approximate translations; some English name translations vary between Falcom and Clouded Leopard's websites

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