Final Fantasy VII Remake guide: walkthrough info and detailed help for Cloud's reimagined adventure

It's here. It's real. Final Fantasy VII Remake is an actual video game you can get your hands on, and thanks to the ongoing crazy times, many of you probably have it already. Cloud's journey through Midgar is at last available in its reimagined form - and it brings with it systems, characters, quests and choices both old and new to worry about.

We're not going to do a full-blown FF7 Remake walkthrough, because frankly the game is linear and simple enough that you'll never get stuck with how to progress the greater story; there's always an objective marker on the map pointing you to where you want to go next, and there's some generous checkpoint systems in place to ensure that if you get stuck on a hard battle you can backtrack for a little grinding or at the very least change your materia and equipment setup to better prepare you for the fight. 

What we have done, however, is prepare a fabulous (if we do say so ourselves) suite of FF7 Remake guides that cover every aspect of the game you might want to dive a little deeper on. For battle, we've got a materia list so you can see all the skills you can get, plus how and where to get them. There's a weapon guide covering all 24 weapons that are available and their abilities. There's also guides to the Limit Breaks, Enemy Skills and Summons.

If story choices and side quests are more your thing, we've got you covered there too - like a Dresses guide for Wall Market and Don Corneo, a Music Disc list, information on Moogle Medals and locked doors, plus the deal with choice and consequence throughout the game in general.

All of these guides contain mild spoilers for the content of FF7 Remake - though what is spoiled varies from guide to guide, of course. If you just want to know if the game is good, be sure to check out our FF7 Remake review.

Final Fantasy VII Remake guide: quest walkthroughs, choice, consequence and story branches

Choices, Consequence and Story Branches in FF7 Remake explained

Final Fantasy VII Remake follows in the footsteps of the original FF7 by featuring a lot of different choices throughout the story - and pretty much every choice you make has a consequence. This guide features a list of all the major choices in the game and details how the story branches based on your answer, to help you make an informed decision. It also covers those elusive Chapter 14 resolutions...

Side Quest List: every side mission and all rewards

While the Midgar section of the original FF7 was an entirely linear affair, FF7 Remake has buffed out this section of the original story considerably. There's new story, new characters, and a whole slate of all-new side quests for Cloud to lean into that mercenary lifestyle. Here's a full list of side quests, what they reward you, and how to start and complete them.

Wall Market Dresses & Walkthrough for Don Corneo's bridal audition

One of the most famous and beloved sequences in the original Final Fantasy VII is when Cloud must dress in a rather specific way in order to make his way into Don Corneo's mansion - and just like in the original, there are multiple dresses Cloud can get depending on your actions and choices. This guide details them all and how to get them.

Music Disc List - all music tracks and how to complete the Power of Music quest

While you don't have a way to listen to them as frequent as using FF15's in-car stereo, FF7 Remake has music discs you can collect scattered throughout its world. Collecting them all lets you play them, of course, but also is key to completing a later side quest, 'The Power of Music'. So here's alll their locations, and how to complete that quest.

Conero's Secret Stash: how to unlike FF7 Remake's locked red doors to nab treasure

From as early as Chapter 8 you'll begin encountering some doors with red symbols on them that you can't access. How to open these doors doesn't become clear until a later chapter, and requires you complete a specific side quest. We've got all the info...

FF7 Remake's Moogle Medals Explained

Moogle Medals are a new currency that exists in FF7 remake, co-existing alongside gil as something special to spend in one specific shop. It's important to collect these, though, as they can be used to unlock some powerful and important things including some side quest items, new weapons and manuscripts.

Staggering Feat: how to increase stagger to 200% and 300%

One of the Battle Intel Reports in the game challenges you to massively increase the stagger of an enemy - which requires a very specific battle strategy. As well as helping you to make use of this strategy to complete that mission, it can also work to really make combat a breeze - so you should definitely familiarize yourself with that.

Mini Game Tips: Darts, Squats, Pull Ups, Bike Riding and more

FF7 Remake follows in the footsteps of the original Final Fantasy VII by having a wide range of little mini games with unique control methods and challenges for you to master. Many of these are only playable once or twice across the course of the game, but some of them still have unique and missable rewards for completing them. On this page we list the rewards to key mini-games, plus offer some tips for beating them.

Colosseum guide: rewards, enemies and strategy for Corneo Colosseum battles

You'll make a brief trip to Corneo Colosseum in Wall Market as part of the story, but you can also return there later for arena battles against enemies with some pretty great rewards. On this page we list the battles, the enemies, the rewards, and even strategies for winning in the colosseum to complete all the missions there.

Shinra Combat Simulator guide: how to beat the toughest battles and the secret boss

Later in the game another arena battle area similar to the colosseum shows itself - a virtual reality powered comabt simulator found in Shinra HQ. This is home to some of the very toughest battles in the game, all of which give experienced players a huge challenge and offer really cool rewards - if you can beat them. On this guide, we offer up strategies and tips.

FF7 Remake Trophy Guide: how to get the Platinum

FF7 Remake is a relatively easy Platinum Trophy - it just requires a good deal of time, but nothing on the trophy list is too taxing - especially not if you follow the various guide pages here and this general trophy guide, which details things you might want to look out for to make sure you get all the trophies in an economical manner. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake guide: combat, weapons, armor, items and more

Materia List & Locations

Just as in the original Final Fantasy VII, your abilities in the FF7 Remake are primarily driven and decided by the Materia you have equipped. There's a wide range of Materia in the game, and in this guide we list every single type, what spells and skills you unlock as materia levels up and most importantly where and how to get every piece of materia.

Summon Materia List & Locations

Separated out from the general materia page due to its importance, summons are back - all-powerful god-like creatures you can call to your aid in battle in certain circumstances. There's a range of summons in the game, but only one of them will be put into your hands on the story's 'critical path' - the others you have to go out of your way to get. Here's how to do that.

FF7 Remake Enemy Skills List & how to learn each one

One more returning skill from the original is Enemy Skill, which when equipped lets you learn a handful of new moves from enemies simply by being targeted and hit with them. On this page we list all of the enemy skills as well as which enemies in which chapters you can learn them from.

FF7 Remake Weapon Guide: all weapons, abilities and their locations

There's a total of 24 weapons in FF7 Remake, each bringing with it a unqiue ability for the character that can equip and use it. Some weapons are obviously thrown in your path as part of the main story, but others are hidden away in other locations. 

Limit Breaks & Level 2 Limit Break Unlocks in FF7 Remake

Just as in the original FF7, each playable character in the remake has a Limit Break - a powerful ultimate move that dishes out enormous damage. There's a second Limit Break hidden away for each character, but you need to know how to get it - thus this guide.

FF7 Remake Armor List: all armor in the game and how to get it

As well as weapons, there's a huge range of armor items in FF7 Remake that you equip to your specific, dedicated armor slot. These armor items all impact your defense and magic defense stats, plus offer you materia slots that can be used to build up elemental defense or to simply equip more skills and magic if you so desire. Here's every one and how to get every one.

Steal guide: key items that you can steal from enemies

Yuffie might not be in this first game in the FF7 Remake series, but you can at least pay tribute to her with the Steal ability. There's a handful of useful items you can steal from a selection of enemies, and one of the game's 24 weapons is locked behind stealing from a boss. All the info is here, in this handy page.

Manuscripts List & Locations for Weapon Upgrades

As well as materia and leveling up, characters in FF7 Remake can be upgraded through their weapons, each of which has a unique skill tree that powers up your stats, materia, the weapon itself and can even provide passive buffs and skills. You get Skill Points (SP) to spend on this from leveling up, but you can also obtain manuscript items to add extra SP. Here's how to get them all.

Accessory List: all accessories, effects and locations

While they're definitely not as important as weapons or armor, accessories are the final piece of your character equipment puzzle in FF7 Remake - and on this page we list them all alongside what they do and, of course, where you can get them in the game to equip them.

AP Farm guide: methods for farming lots of AP quickly

One system included in Final Fantasy VII Remake just as it was in the original FF7 is the materia system, including materia leveling up and opening up new spells in response to gaining AP. On this page we offer suggestions for how to get lots of AP quickly and how to AP farm to level up materia, if you're so inclined.

FF7 Remake guide: answering frequently asked questions

Genral Frequently Asked Questions about FF7 Remake

How big is the game install? How long is it? Is there a new game plus? How do you access hard mode? Are there points of no return? All these basic questions and more are covered in our general FF7 Remake FAQ, which aims to answer some burning questions people might have before starting (and in some cases during) the game in a nice, spoiler-free way.

How to get the Materia behind the fan and the Materia in the Church

Some collectable items in FF7 Remake are hidden in plain sight, like pieces of materia in the church in chapter 8 and trapped behind a moving fan in chapter 7. On this page, we explain how to get these items, since they're missable and we know a lot of you have been frustrated in trying to figure that out - so here's the answers.

Synergy Materia guide: how it works and if it's useful

One all-new type of materia in FF7 Remake is the Synergy Materia, which lets you take advantage of the real-time battles in FF7 Remake to queue up attacks. The skill basically allows you to enable follow-up attacks from AI-controlled party members, but its exact use isn't made very clear in game - so we break it down.


Magnify Materia guide: the closest thing to the All materia

There is no 'All' materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake. But there is Magnify, which works much in the same way. Attach Magnify to any green magic materia to allow the caster to target multiple allies or enemies. We talk about where to find it and how exactly it works.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Elemental Materia: Where to find Elemental and how to use it

As it was in the original, Elemental is an incredibly useful Materia to make a lot of tricky fights a heck of a lot easier. Here's where to find a couple copies and how to use it.


Final Fantasy VII Remake: How to earn The Johnny Experience trophy

Here's every place you'll need to interact with Johnny in order to earn one of Final Fantasy VII Remake's hidden trophies, ok bro?