Monster Hunter World Guide: beginner's tips for new players plus advanced strategy & loot locations

Part of the charm of Monster Hunter of old was that it was pretty obtuse but in return it was enormously rewarding. While Monster Hunter World is without a doubt the most accessible entry in the series, it's still Monster Hunter at heart - and that means new players are going to have a thing or two to learn in order to really break into the world of hunters and make the most of it.

Given we've got some veteran hunters here on team RPG Site, it only seemed right to gather up some of our thoughts to provide some tips to potential newcomers - so here's our top ten things newcomers should keep in mind as they head into the new world with a sharp weapon in hand and their sights set on a monster.

Below you'll find links to our Beginner's Tips and Tricks for those of you new to the hunt - think of it as our Monster Hunter World new player guide! Below that, you'll find links to all of our other in-depth pages with far more advanced strategies. Let's get to it...


Monster Hunter World Beginner's Guide: Tips & Tricks for new players

Use the environment - it can make or break a difficult encounter

Ledges can be jumped off of for jumping attacks, slopes can be used for sliding attacks, and endemic life like toads can potentially stun a monster in a pinch. We said it in our review, but knowing an environment can be as helpful in a fight as knowing a monster's moveset.

Check out the training area - familiarity with your weapons is key

If you're not sure which of Monster Hunter World's weapons is best for you, the training area is a good place to test out each weapon's moveset and play around with how they control. You can find it when leaving on an expedition, choosing Astera, and then choosing to go to the Training Area. Spending time here can make a world of difference, and it can help you to graduate from the simpler weapons to the more complex and rewarding ones.

Try capturing monsters instead of killing them - it has benefits

Capturing monsters in Monster Hunter World requires some extra prep compared to just killing them, but the increase in rewards for “capping” a monster might be worth it. In order to capture a monster you'll need Tranq Bombs and either a Shock or Pitfall trap.

To craft Tranq Bombs you'll need both Parashrooms and Sleep Herbs, while to craft traps you'll need Trap Tools and a Thunderbug for a Shock Trap, whereas you'll need a Net and a Trap Tool for a Pitfall Trap. Nets can be crafted using a Spider Web and Ivy.

Once a monster is limping, catch them in one of the traps and hit them with a few Tranq Bombs to capture them. Elder Dragons cannot be captured.

Always gather when you can - the loot is always useful

Unlike in previous games, materials and consumable items have separate sections in your item pouch, meaning that there's no reason to not gather from every gathering point on the map while finishing up your quest. Honey, Bitterbugs, Herbs, Ivy... if you can grab it, make sure you do, since it'll all come in handy.

Carve up monster corpses - you'll need the materials

Killing a monster is all well and good, and will give you rewards in the quest completion screen, but don't forget to carve the monster's body for even more rewards. And this goes for small monsters too...!

Small monsters can be carved once, usually, while larger ones can be carved at least 3 times. Some especially large monsters can be carved even more. Always double check so you don't leave any valuable materials behind, as much of this material is used for crafting new armor.

Try chopping off tails for unique drops

Some monsters have tails that can be brutally chopped off after enough damage is dealt to them. Doing so will leave it behind in the world, and much like monster corpses, it can be carved - so show no mercy.

Tails even have unique drop tables - meaning they'll drop completely unique items to the rest of the monster's corpse when you defeat it properly. Many tails and other amputatable body parts also have a higher chance of giving players certain rare materials.

Basically: always cut the tail! Certain monsters have other body parts that can be knocked off as well.

Always eat at the Canteen before quests - cheap buffs are good buffs

Back in Astera or at Camp you'll find the canteen or a camp fire for cooking on. This thing isn't just there for show - as the game shows you early on, you can use it to eat before heading on a quest.

While the cutscenes of cooking and eating are cute and the food models are sublime, that novelty can quickly wear thin - but you should still keep cooking as a matter of course, since there's a lot of benefits in it for you as a hunter.

Food can give you a variety of skills that might make your life easier in the field, and depending on the number and freshness of the ingredients can even buff your max HP and Stamina values – at least until you faint! You can also eat during a quest, too, at base camps. You can even eat multiple times, if the quest takes long enough.

Mind your Sharpness - a good hit with a dull weapon is wasted

One aspect of Monster Hunter that can easily trip newcomers up is weapon sharpness - it's easy to remember early on in a mission but once you're in the thick of things it can be very easy indeed to forget yourself and end up using a dull weapon for ten minutes. That's no good.

Your weapons sharpness affects many things – your damage output, the ability to attack an enemy without having your weapon bounce off of their skin, important stuff.

Take note of your weapons sharpness meter underneath your stamina meter, and be sure to use a whetstone to sharpen your weapon when it starts to fall low. If you exhaust the meter, your sharpness will lose a level until you sharpen it again. If you need to sharpen, back off from your target and find a safe spot to do so.

Don't underestimate the Slinger - it's a powerful tool

Your default ranged weapon is the Slinger, and though a slignshot sounds pretty lame when you can also have a bow and arrow or a giant gun instead, don't underestimate it. It's a really, really useful tool.

The slinger is a versatile tool, and the sooner you come to grips with using it the better. Try hitting a Flashfly with it to stun a monster, or even knock down some boulders on top of an enemy. Experiment - it can do more and can have more of an impact on monsters than you'd think.

Don't be afraid to call for help - multiplayer is where Monster Hunter's heart is

If you're having any particular difficulty with a specific hunt, you can send out an SOS Flare to call for backup. One of the great advantages of Monster Hunter World compared to the other games is the assumed internet connection you'll have on your PS4, Xbox One or PC - so you may as well make use of it!

Send up a flare Other players will get a notification of the flare, and can join you mid-hunt to help give you a leg up. On the flipside, if you want to help others you can deliberately search for SOS Flares to respond to while choosing a quest - there's even a trophy/achievement or two in it for you if you do this.

We know that getting together with friends for online multiplayer can be a little confusing at first, so check out our guide to playing Monster Hunter World online with friends for more help with that. If you're struggling to get into an expedition in multiplayer, you're in luck - we've got a page for that too.


Now our Monster Hunter World beginner's tips for new players is done, it's time to advance into the deep, complex systems of Monster Hunter more in-depth - and this'll require some sections and links out to other pages!

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Using the Handicraft skill to extend your sharpness gauge

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Game Systems & Other Frequently Asked Questions

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Loot, Drops & Materials - where to get key items you'll need

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Finding Ancient Bone, Boulder Bone, Coral Bone & Warped Bone

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